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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Radio 4's The Bottom Line goes global in new multi-media initiative with BBC News and BBC World News

Evan Davis

The Bottom Line, BBC Radio 4's regular insight into the world of business, presented by Evan Davis, is set to reach brand new global audiences for six weeks from mid-February.

For the first time, The Bottom Line will welcome television cameras into the recording studio to film the programme for broadcast on the BBC News channel and to international audiences on BBC World News.

The programme in a reversioned form will also go out on BBC World Service radio.

The programme will be the first Radio 4 programme to be available on radio, two television networks, online and as a podcast.

This new initiative means that The Bottom Line will reach an ever wider audience at a time when the business world is under the global spotlight.

The Bottom Line cuts through statistics and spin to give listeners and viewers a clearer view of the business world.

Each week, Evan Davis is joined by a panel of guests who run leading and emerging companies to share their insight into the world of business.

The new television version is produced in association with the Open University.

The Bottom Line goes out on Radio 4 on Saturdays at 5.30pm and on BBC World Service at just after 7.00pm in Europe and then at various other times in the rest of the world.

From Saturday 14 February, audiences will also be able to watch the programme on the BBC News channel at 9.30pm and on BBC World News at 7.30pm. The programme is also available as a podcast.

Upcoming discussion topics on The Bottom Line include decision-making in an economic downturn and the ongoing difficulties of trying to achieve a healthy balance between a personal life, a family life and a career.

Mark Damazer, Controller, Radio 4, says: "I am pleased that The Bottom Line is spreading its wings. I had long wanted a programme on Radio 4 which brought together leading business men and women to discuss a broad range of serious – and less serious – issues. It is very gratifying that its approach will now be available to many others."

Kevin Bakhurst, Controller, BBC News Channel, says: "I'm delighted to bring The Bottom Line to the BBC News channel at a time when intelligent and well-informed discussion of business has never been more important. Evan Davis manages to make business engaging and interesting for a wider audience."

Paul Gibbs, Head of Programming, BBC World News, says: "Delivering a radio show to a TV and online audience is an exciting venture. The Bottom Line has a great format and high-profile guest list which we envisage will be of real interest to our international audiences."

Notes to Editors

The Bottom Line started on Radio 4 in 2006. The programme currently goes out on Saturdays on Radio 4 at 5.30pm, with a repeat on Mondays at 8.30pm, and in a reversioned form on BBC World Service at just after 7.00pm the same day. The programme is also available as a podcast.

Evan Davis has presented the programme since its start in 2006.

Previous guests on the programme include: Nicola Horlick, Chief Executive, Bramdean Asset Management; Simon Woodroffe, Founder, Yo! Sushi; Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Owner of EasyGroup; Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group; Sir Christopher Gent Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline; and Fiona Reynolds, Director-General, The National Trust.


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