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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Arts, Music and Culture 2009 – children and the arts

Bamzooki – CBBC

Bamzooki returns to CBBC TV in a new format later this year. Using downloadable software, children are encouraged to design the best virtual creatures to compete in different tv trials. The Bamzooki website provides a fun, entry-level approach to 3D design.

Blue Peter – CBBC

Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, Blue Peter, one of CBBC's most treasured programmes, continues to enrich children's lives, entertaining and informing them about the world in which they live. Arts and culture are central to this, from guest performers in the studio to its online book club to inspiring creativity with many things to make and do.

Clash – CBBC

Two champions of classical music go head-to-head to prove that their choice of musical piece is the best. Clash will encourage children to take an active interest in classical music.

Discovering Music – Radio 3

A weekly exploration of major works of music and styles of composition, which also provides detailed online notes for teachers and music students, with a listening guide based around the school curriculum.

Get Squiggling – CBeebies

Based around the life of a monster called Squiglet, who lives in a white world, Get Squiggling teaches under-sixes how to draw magical characters, which leap off the page and come to life.

Let's Celebrate – CBeebies

Promoting a sense of belonging, this series looks at the diverse array of cultural and religious festivals across the UK as seen through the eyes of children. To bring these celebrations to life, the series is accompanied by an online interactive calendar.

Me And My Movie – CBBC

An innovative collaboration between BBC Learning, CBBC and Bafta that develops children’s film-making and storytelling skills through exciting programming, free hands-on workshops, an inspirational website and the chance for children to win a special award in association with Bafta.

Mister Maker – CBeebies

Children under six can expect the unexpected as objects made by Mister Maker come to life. This arts and crafts show aims to inspire and stimulate creativity in fun and imaginative ways.

Planet Ajay – CBBC

A Bollywood-inspired entertainment show featuring song, dance, games and comedy with a British-Asian fusion. This full-on entertainment show starring Ajay Chaabra will help children lose themselves in a stress-free world of colour and spectacle.

Ratatata – CBeebies Radio

Jessie Klass and her young friend Quaver aim to inspire a child’s interest in the world of classical music by showing them how a flute can giggle or teaching them to play follow the leader with a violin.

SMart – CBBC

A fast-paced, inspirational art series, presented by Kirsten O'Brien and Mike Fischetti, squeezed, squirted and splashed into 60 entertaining minutes of addictive films and features to teach children about things like recycled art and "artists I like".

Sugar Plum Fairytime – CBeebies Radio

Capturing children's reactions to a wide selection of classical music, their feedback forms the basis of a musical story written by children’s editor Elliott Davis and is narrated by children.

Tronji – CBBC

The crazy world of Tronji has been thrown into confusion – its colour has been drained away and chaos ensues. It's up to children to get involved and restore happiness to Tronji. The original animation and live action television series is supported by an online game, that encourages children to develop their own creative imagination by designing their personal avatar and exploring the surreal fantasy landscape.


The BBC has begun a project exploring ways to increase the number of young people directly participating in arts activities.

Working in partnership with the arts sector, the BBC is looking at how it can support existing provision, connect its on-air arts output to participatory opportunities off-air, and inspire young people and their parents to seek out activities in their locality.

Research has been undertaken to discover what factors encourage parents to help their children take part in some activities and not others.

These findings formed the basis of a workshop in October 2008 between the BBC and partner organisations, the first of a series of meetings to design a programme of activity for 2009 and beyond.

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