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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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BBC Three Winter/Spring 2009 press pack – entertainment

The Undercover Princes

The Undercover Princes

Three bona fide royal princes are coming to the UK in search of true love. But, to ensure that the people they meet will love them for themselves and not just their wealth and status, they are going undercover, living and working as ordinary people for the first time in their lives.

The three princes must share a "normal" home, without their trusty servants, and try to cope on their own.

Many people find love at work, so the princes each take a job – as a barman, a waiter and a hotel house keeper – in the hope of finding romance.

They also hit the singles scene, trawling bars and clubs, joining internet dating sites and even trying their hand at speed-dating in a bid to find princesses among the "commoners".

And one of the princes has his heart set on quite a different kind of "princess".

At the end of their time in the UK, the princes surprise their chosen ones by revealing their true identity and whisking them back to their kingdoms, where they must decide whether their new-found love can be everlasting.

The Undercover Princes follows the hilarious and compelling antics of three very different royals on one extraordinary mission.

Objective North and Kalel Productions.


Daddy's Little Princess, Mummy's Best Soldier (Title TBC)

Daddy's Little Princess, Mummy's Best Soldier is a fresh and bold new series in which indulgent parents aim to push their inept and spoilt offspring into the real world.

Eight young people who have enjoyed a pampered lifestyle will move into basic London rented accommodation and learn to live on a tight budget, from which they must pay for food, bills and living expenses.

They will have no access to their parents or the luxuries to which they've become accustomed – including their phones.

The youngsters will compete against each other in tough challenges set by their parents in a bid to make them wise up and grow up.

Following each weekly challenge, their parents will argue, plead and vote for the young person they believe should stay and who should leave the series.

The overall winner at the end of the series will be offered the opportunity to continue their venture into adulthood by heading off on a round-the-world trip.

Viewers will join the competitors and their families on this entertaining and eye-opening journey of discovery and watch as the spoilt youngsters are transformed into fully fledged, independent adults.

A Monkey production.

Entertainment Publicity

Young Butcher Of The Year 2009

The search is on for the UK's top young butcher in this ambitious new format which celebrates the millions of young British workers whose skills aren't the kind to win them a million-pound recording contract.

Borrowing from the conventions of glossy TV talent shows, the series aims to find the best the UK has to offer by staging big entertaining events that home in on one industry or profession in each episode.

Along with Young Butcher, other episodes will include the hunt for Britain's Young Hairdresser and Young Chef of the year.

The hopefuls are put through a series of tough elimination rounds designed to test their skills to the limit – until the final two go head-to-head in one last, brutally hard challenge to claim the title of Young ... of the Year 2009.

A BBC Vision Production.

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