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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC Three Winter/Spring 2009 press pack – Danny Cohen

Danny Cohen

Welcome to the Winter/Spring season 2009 on BBC Three.

We've got a rich range of new programmes to announce which I hope will build on the successes of the last year.

Since the revamp in 2008, roughly a year ago, BBC Three has been awarded Digital Channel Of The Year at the Edinburgh TV Festival and our share of 16 to 34 viewers grew by 16%. We believe this means that we managed to combine original, high-quality output with high audiences.

But we're acutely aware that we need to keep building and forever refreshing our output on television and online. There's a new media phrase I heard recently in relation to creative and successful websites: "continuous beta". The best websites, the argument goes, are in a state of constant iterative change – always improving and always responding to the needs and interests of their audience.

I like to think of BBC Three in this way. We have strong foundations but are determined to keep improving and refreshing, to keep taking creative risks and producing thought-provoking programmes.

I believe our programme highlights for the first half of 2009 deliver on these values.

The BBC Three Drama slate will be enriched by two new series – Being Human and P.A.s. And adding to the channel's reputation as the home of new comedy will be two major new talent-led projects: Horne And Corden and We Are Klang. I'm thrilled to have young writers and performers of this calibre on the channel.

In current affairs and factual BBC Three will continue to cover a range of thought-provoking and important subjects that would find no other place in the youth digital landscape. Programmes this season will look at themes including the ethics of globalised food production, the opium trade in Afghanistan, anorexia, drug addiction, evangelical religious belief, and alcohol abuse by young teenagers.

Alongside these programmes our commitment to multiplatform content continues to build momentum – from Born Survivors' online current affairs output to the rich online content to accompany our new drama and comedy.

I hope you find lots to enjoy on BBC Three in the coming months – and thanks again for taking the time to find out what we are doing.

Danny Cohen,
Controller, BBC Three

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