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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Nature's Great Events – Nature's Great Events TV firsts

Nature's Great Events

Nature's Great Events TV firsts include:

Aerial footage of the amazing migration of the mysterious Arctic narwhal whale, with its unicorn-like tusk

High definition footage of polar bears feeding on seals, struggling to survive as they hunt in broken ice and fall through

The sardine run filmed with three crews in full high definition – underwater, aerial and on the surface

Pioneering the boat stabilising mount to film the sardine run – previously only used in Hollywood feature films

A shoal of sardines 15 miles long surrounded by thousands of sharks; 10,000 gannets raining down on a shoal of fish and a super-pod of 5,000 common dolphins – all filmed using the high definition helicopter mount

Cape fur seals coming ashore to snatch gannet chicks from their colony

The eruption of the Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano in the Serengeti – the first eruption since 1967 – filmed in HD from the ground and the air

Revealing the epic scale of the wildebeest migration from the air

Grizzly bear families emerging from their dens, in snowy Alaska, filmed with gyro-stabilised cameras mounted on helicopters

A pack of wolves attacking an adult grizzly bear in North America

High speed cameras film grizzly bears chasing down salmon in shallow water, showing their power and grace

Underwater footage of bears catching salmon using their feet – filmed by producer Jeff Turner, who swam among them

High speed cameras filming up to 2,000 frames per second reveal how salmon leap over three metres through the air to clear waterfalls

Film of the Okavango Delta flood at every level – from macro to aerial photography

A young elephant attacked and killed by a pride of lions in broad daylight

Elephants using their trunks to siphon water from the top of dirty pools

Underwater crew capture humpback whales engulfing a whole herring bait ball in one giant gulp

A pod of killer whales attacking and killing a huge male sea lion

Bubble netting by humpback whales filmed from the air and on the surface, together with incredible sound to illustrate the co-operative fishing behaviour of these few select whales.

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