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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC brings winter sports fans best of both worlds

The BBC winter ski season brings sports fans the best of both worlds this January with the return of Ski Sunday and a brand new, all action winter sports show, called High Altitude.

Presented by former GB Olympic skier, Graham Bell, and snowboard expert, Ed Leigh, High Altitude begins an eight week run on Sunday 25 January 2009 at 10.00pm on BBC Two and will see Graham and Ed explore and witness the most beautiful, awe inspiring and challenging environments on Planet Earth.

Their adventures traverse the mountains and ski slopes across the globe from the Andes to the Alps, with each episode focusing on a particular theme or aspect of mountain adventure including survival, endurance, cold and altitude.

Joining Ed and Graham as they explore some of the most stunning locations in the world, taking in the history, geology and wildlife along the way, will be some familiar and admired celebrity figures: former model, Jodie Kidd; Royle Family actor, Ralf Little; ex-England rugby aces, Jeremy Guscott and Brian Moore; 2006 Winter Olympic skeleton silver medallist, Shelley Rudman; violinist, Vanessa Mae; and impressionist and comedian, Rory Bremner.

But it will be no walk in the park for their guests as they experience the spectacular and unpredictable mountain terrain, for Ed and Graham will be out to test them to the limit and push them way beyond their comfort zones.

Highlights of Graham and Ed's adventures include our intrepid, daring duo attempting a Tyrolean Traverse – a 100m crossing between two mountain peaks – on a single piece of rope; Graham aiming to reach 200kph speed skiing on a world championship course; and Ed and Graham attempting to climb a 125ft glacier wall using just ice picks and crampons.

Ski Sunday returns for its 32nd season to BBC Two on Sunday 18 January with a half-hour programme back in its traditional Sunday teatime slot.

Over eight weeks the team will bring viewers highlights from the resorts hosting the Skiing World Cup and the Skiing World Championships.


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