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24 September 2014
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CBeebies Winter/Spring 2009

Programmes N-Z


Poetry Pie


Poetry Pie vividly brings to life the incredible poems of well known contemporary poets specially written for CBeebies, with an animated cast of creatures who act, dance and sing the words of the poems.


Charlie the Alien, Amber the hermit crab, Mischa the hamster, Evie the cow and Findlay the dragon read the funny and charming poems, all of which are chosen to reflect the lives of children watching at home.


Newly baked and fresh today, eat while hot or take away with a sprinkling of rhyme, lashings of laughter and heaps of imagination this is no ordinary pie – this is Poetry Pie.


Roger McGough's title poem starts the journey into this enchanting world.


The five segments of the Poetry Pie represent the different animated styles used across the series, with each poem voiced by a different child and accompanied by a magical music score to embellish this rhythmic world.


At the end of each episode, a Greek chorus of Liverpudlian worms recites a short funny poem created with children from schools around the UK.


Integral to this series is the Poetry Pie website, where the animation styles and characters extend the poetic environment.


It also includes the Pie Explosion game, which helps children learn about rhyme through play.


The Liverpudlian worms will also be worming their way onto CBeebies Radio to give recitals of the best of the series.


Poems are very immediate and easy to digest for the children, and the enjoyment of rhyme is important to a child's literacy development.


For more information visit the Poetry Pie website at




Show Me Show Me


Show Me Show Me brings together much loved CBeebies pair Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee in an all-new series, in which the two play, explore and investigate in their exciting new playroom with shouts of "show me, show me!"


This "fizzy factual" programme has been specially created to showcase the skills and talents of Chris and Pui, two of CBeebies' most popular presenters, who are moving on from their channel presentation roles.


Come and play! Enter the lift, press the button and count the floors from one-to-ten on a magical, musical journey to the top floor flat where Chris and Pui have a playroom in the sky.


The doors slide open to reveal a room bursting with colour and noise.


Chris and Pui's magical room has everything they need to have fun and learn new things. They can cook special recipes in the kitchen area; sit quietly for a story adventure in the cushioned corner; revel in the dressing-up box; find new flutes and recorders in the music cupboard; or get messy with paint and glue as they make and do.


Everywhere is a place to start a journey – and who knows who will be next to arrive in the lift?


Show Me Show Me offers children an indoor discovery of the world around them.


Each show has a different theme, in which the pair explore with energy, excitement and imagination through stories, art, music, humour and role-play as well as taking trips to look at the outside world. There's an adventure in every object.






Myths, legends and age-old tales from around the world jump off the pages and straight into a child's imagination in Tellytales, a brand new series for pre-schoolers.


An innovative mix of animation and live action, where children help create the artwork and play all the characters, Tellytales is a fantastic mix of multi-layered pop-up book and magical stage play.


Each story or legend comes from a different country, combining traditional lighting, props, humour, make-up and costumes with cutting-edge virtual studio technology to immerse the audience in some of the world's most exciting stories (some well-known, others less so), while exploring different cultures and landscapes.


Stories include: Jack And The Beanstalk from England; The Magic Porridge Pot from Russia; The Emperor And The Nightingale from China; King Midas from Greece; Snake Charmer from India; Muri On The Moon from Kenya; The "Bunyip" Baby from Australia; The Woodcarver And The Princess from Indonesia; and The Golden Duck from Poland.


A BBC Wales production for CBeebies.




Timmy Time


From the makers of the much-loved and critically acclaimed Shaun The Sheep, little lamb Timmy stars in his own TV series.


Triple Oscar-winning studio Aardman, the home of Wallace And Gromit, Creature Comforts and Shaun The Sheep, have produced a brand new animated series in which the lovable lamb, along with his friends, goes through an animal version of a child's nursery day in each episode.


Being an "only lamb in the flock" Timmy is used to getting his own way, but now he has a lot to learn. He can be a bit of a handful but only because he is eager and enthusiastic.


Timmy and his animal chums, including Yabba the duckling, Finlay the fox cub, Paxton the piglet and Mittens the kitten, learn how to make friends, create new things, paint, draw and generally learn those very important "life lessons" from their nursery teachers, Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl.


Presented with charm and humour, the stories are simple enough to be told without verbal dialogue, using a combination of animal noises in a stylised, bright and colourful environment.


An Aardman Animations production for CBeebies.






Waybuloo is not just a series, it's a philosophy for a happy life, and is like nothing children will have ever seen before.


The series transports children into a magical land called Nara – a real world, which is inhabited by adorable animated characters called Piplings.


Taking a completely original approach, Waybuloo focuses on children's feelings, and the Piplings embody a range of emotions including love, wisdom, happiness and harmony – all in search of "Waybuloo".


Piplings are joyful and gentle creatures who personify positive emotion through the natural ability to float when they're happy.


They have a childlike innocence and sense of wonder, making them inquisitive, impulsive and funny.


Naturally selfless, thoughtful and sweet-natured, they take care in their relationships with each other and the world.


When a Pipling is truly happy, does something good, or makes someone feel better they achieve "buloo" – a warm feeling of emotional harmony that is experienced by Piplings as floating.


So Waybuloo is a journey to happiness – floating, spinning, dancing and soaring above the clouds of Nara.


There are four Piplings.


Lau Lau is rabbit-like and her key characteristic is her imagination. She loves to paint and sculpt, especially if she can make presents for her friends.


Yo Jojo is monkey-like and represents happiness. He is clumsy, funny and cheeky. Just as Lau Lau loves to paint, Yo Jojo loves music and dancing. He even has a little stage carved from a tree stump on which to perform.


De Li is kitten-like and represents love. She's a bit shy but is nurturing and loves nature, be it gardening, flowers or gathering food for the group.


Nok Tok is bear-like and represents wisdom. He solves problems and comes up with creative, inventive solutions for fixing and mending things. He has a very colourful toolbox and a special Anything Machine which can solve a multitude of problems.


In each episode, six children visit Nara to play with the Piplings and explore their land, as real life interacts with the animated world, showing that every child can visit Nara and find their own Waybuloo.


Children will be able to play with the Piplings, learn yogo with their parents and experience Waybuloo moments for themselves through the magical world of Nara on the CBeebies website.


The Foundation (part of the RDF Media Group) production for CBeebies.







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