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24 September 2014
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CBeebies Winter/Spring 2009

Programmes A-F




Aimed at four-to-six-year-olds, this brand new commission, both online and on the CBeebies channel, explores what happens when letters come to life.


The game features innovative wordplay, short comedy clips and a world that children can create by joining letters together.


One day, a large cube falls from the sky and breaks into 26 blocks, each with its own letter and distinct personality.


The Alphablox have nothing, but they can make anything they can spell and, with the children's help, start creating their own world.


This series of 20 short-form animations combined with a playful online environment enables children to discover the joy and power of letters and words.


Alphablox offers a combination of great stories, laughter and the development of key literacy skills through collaborative game play between children and their carers.


A Magic Lantern production for CBeebies.


Front Desk


The BBC's best loved website, CBeebies is the number one online destination for pre-school children and their parents.


Regularly receiving more than one million unique users per week, the website lets the BBC's youngest users interact with all their favourite characters.


Offering a wide range of online and offline activities, all focused on key skills development for the under-sevens, the audience enjoys a fun and playful experience through immersive applications, including The Green Balloon Club, In The Night Garden and Big And Small.


Along with learning goals, the CBeebies Grown-Ups site offers advice and ideas for activities that parents and carers can do with their children.


The learning ethos doesn't come at the expense of innovation, children will experience the delight and excitement of sending a birthday card, testing their knowledge and skills in the Kerwhizz quiz and race game, or exploring their creativity with the Magic Paintbox.


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CBeebies Radio on BBC Radio 7


CBeebies Radio is made especially for the under-six-year-old audience and is broadcast on BBC Radio 7.


Highlights of the coming season include:


The Mudds – a new series about a funny family who get into all kinds of scrapes and learn about basic science themes along the way. Mark Benton plays Pyla the dog and Bernard Cribbins is Gramps.


Sugar Plum Story Time captures young children's thoughts in response to a selection of classical music. These become a musical story told by the children with the help of award-winning children's editor Elliott Davis. Children are the stars of the show and their voices alone will be heard in the programmes.


Madame Maestro (played by Jane Horrocks) is a musical mastermind. Every day she opens up her music box and inside is a new instrument. Each instrument then introduces its favourite musical story.


CBeebies Radio also goes on a special roadshow and records a programme from a school in Manchester.


Presenters Jez and Ruth join a class of children and together they create their own stories and become radio stars.


Complementing the television series, CBeebies Radio also serves up specially commissioned poems in Poetry Pie.


Sportacus and the Lazy Town gang feature in some new adventures, written specially for radio, and Floella Benjamin brings stories to life with the help of her Story Sack.


CBeebies Radio is also available via online streaming and through selected podcasts.


Front Desk




Dirtgirl is a fearless, fun-loving, gumboot-wearing girl who grows huge tomatoes, knows the names of clouds and drives a big, orange tractor.


Inspiring four-to-six-year-olds, Dirtgirlworld is an innovative series which mixes live action, animation and photo-collage to make its larger-than-life characters come alive.


This music-filled series explores nature and invites the young audience into a world where the real and unreal can be friends together.


Helping in Dirtgirl's backyard are her best friend, Scrapboy, a cowpunk who's a whiz with junk; Grubby, with her worm's eye view; Ken the Weevil, a super stunt star with an inferiority complex; Roger the Rooster and The Chicks; Hayman the monosyllabic scarecrow; and The Green Thumbs – real kids in real gardens having unreal fun.


Dirtgirlworld is full of bizarre insects, underground tunnels and performing stunt bugs.


Funky pop songs, guitars with attitude, beats, grooves and loops are all blended with a tractor to make up the infectiously cool music in Dirtgirlworld.


A mememe/decode entertainment production.







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