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24 September 2014
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M.I. High 
M.I. High

CBBC Winter/Spring 2009

Programmes G-M


Game Builder


Game Builder is an innovative new application which gives children the unique chance to create their very own online games using different shapes, materials, CBBC brands and characters.


Children will be able to fully personalise their game and make it their own.


Not only is each game unique, but once it is being played, the application uses a sophisticated 2-D Physics Engine, which enables it to create movement and detect collisions dynamically.


Children will also be able to fully interact with the site – which will allow them to create, play, send and rate each other's games, while developing core media literacy and problem-solving skills.


Game Builder brings the games offering on CBBC alive with user-generated content and builds a new creative community around a child's favourite thing to do... play games!


An Attic Media production for CBBC.


Front Desk


Half Moon Investigations


Schoolboy-turned-private-detective Fletcher "Half" Moon gets to work solving mysteries and fighting for justice, in a new 13-part comedy drama series for CBBC, based on Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer's best-selling book.


In Half Moon Investigations, Fletcher (Rory Elrick) sees things that his school friends don't.


Since graduating as a fully qualified private detective from the Bernstein Online Detective Academy, he has solved all sorts of minor mysteries at school and at home, from lunchboxes stripped of everything but fruit to counterfeit homework networks, from corruption and lunch money extortion to theft of school property and even blackmail in the playground.


Every detective needs a partner and Half Moon, not being the tallest or the most confident 13-year-old, finds an unlikely ally in former bad guy Red Sharkey (Seb Charles). While Moon sticks to the rules, Red knows how to bend them.


Helping the boys with their investigations is sassy, straight-talking journalist Mia Stone (Olivia Grant). Mia likes to tag along on investigations, hoping to get a scoop for the school's gossip-packed newspaper.


Their nemesis is teacher's pet April Devereaux (Nicola Duffell), leader of "The Pinks" and an aspiring criminal mastermind.


April is often behind many of the crimes committed at school, framing her enemies and attempting to capitalise on their weaknesses. She is frequently – but not always – thwarted by Moon.


For Half Moon, detecting is everything. He is determined to discover the truth and is willing to battle for the kids who can't fight for themselves, which isn't always easy when there are enemies around every corner in the jungle that is the playground.


Half Moon Investigations is also being shown on the BBC HD channel.




Horrible Histories


Featuring some of the UK's top comic talent, Horrible Histories introduces children to fascinating events and characters from British and international history.


Strange facts, astonishing traditions, rotten rulers, gory battles, crazy inventions and countless weird and wonderful moments from the past all feature in the mix of live action sketches from an ensemble cast and the show's host – a talking rat.


Starting out in the Savage Stone Age, Horrible Histories progresses through the Awful Egyptians, Rotten Romans, Vicious Vikings, Measly Middle Ages, Terrible Tudors, Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians, right up to the Second World War.


The series includes pastiches of familiar television formats, adverts and returning sketches such as Historical Wife Swap, Horrible Hospitals, Stupid Deaths, HHTV News, Twisted Fairytales, read by Meera Syal, and The Bob Reports.


It also features numerous songs, including the highly memorable "Four Georges" song – a romp through 18th century British history in the style of a Westlife ballad.


Horrible Histories includes lots of black humour and blood, while giving children a sense of the connections, continuities and layers of history.


Sketches will reveal the lengths to which men and women would go for beauty through the ages, where democracy comes from, what we owe to the Greeks, how the Roman Empire rose and fell and how the British Empire was built and lost.


The series is based on the best selling books by Terry Deary, who features in cameo roles as a Roman Emperor and a grave robber among others, and is illustrated by Martin Brown.


The show boasts some of Britain's finest adult comedy talent.


Writers include Steve Punt (Mock The Week), John Holmes (Dead Ringers) and Giles Pilbrow (Have I Got News For You), while on-screen stars include Jim Howick (Peep Show), Simon Farnaby (Jam And Jerusalem, The Mighty Boosh), Sarah Hadland (Mitchell And Webb), Ben Willbond (The Thick Of It) and Ben Ward (Dead Ringers, Jon Culshaw).


A Lion TV production for CBBC.




M.I. High


St Hope's School may look like an ordinary comprehensive, but its unconventional pupils and ineffective staff are oblivious to a big secret.


Deep beneath the school lies the headquarters of M.I. High – M.I.9's division of highly-trained teen spies. The teenage secret agents are back working undercover on a third series of highly-classified adventures.


To keep ahead of the threat from the Secret Kriminal Underground League (S.K.U.L.), there's a host of fresh faces joining the team.


Young actress Rachel Petladwala returns as the gorgeous and brilliant spy Rose.


She is joined by new sidekicks Charlene Osuagwu, as wise cracking, high-kicking gymnast Carrie, and Ben Kerfoot as master-of-disguise Oscar, who is harbouring a dark and mysterious secret.


Masterminding the teen spies from M.I.9's headquarters, deep beneath an innocuous comprehensive, is handsome and quirky new team leader Frank London (Jonny Freeman).


With his wealth of espionage experience from his dual roles in training and gadgets at M.I.9, Frank commands the spies' mission to protect Britain from criminals and threats to national security from the evil Grand Master and S.K.U.L.


As ever, there will be guest appearances from some familiar faces.


In this series the threats are even deadlier and sneakier than before.


There's a graffiti artist defacing the world's most famous monuments in a bid to whip up anti-British feeling; a sinister plot to suck out the brain power of the country's smartest kids; an infiltration of M.I.9's top secret tunnel network by a mystery "mole"; and the Grand Master's most audacious plan yet, which could see the spies literally jet-propelled out of this world.


The young agents need all their training to keep the baddies at bay. Can they protect Britain, escape detection and still submit their homework on time?


A Kudos Film and Television production for CBBC.







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