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22 August 2014
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Ben, Bethan, Jac, Hannah, Quincy, Jonathan Dimbleby, Angellica Bell, Reem, Hazel, Armadeep, Tudor and Izzie

Let the battle for No 10 commence in CBBC's Election

The candidates



Age: 14

County: Staffordshire

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Make tackling bullying a top priority in schools and eradicate it forever.


Amardeep studies the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, and hopes to one day get his black belt, but failing that he'd be happy if he could chop through a plank of wood with his bare hands.


Amardeep is a triplet so has two twin sisters and a big sister, making him the only boy in the family.


He has a passion for English, loves to read and play card games and makes a mean beans on toast.



Age: 14

County: Greater London

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Make every Friday fitness Friday, offering lots of different sports to kids and encouraging everyone to stay fit and healthy.


Ben is a massive football fan, he loves watching his favourite team play and he is a dedicated player for his local team.


Ben loves all sports, football, skiing, and tennis, cross country running and many more. You name it, he's probably played it.


As well as captaining his school football team, Ben has also been an assistant coach at his local youth tennis club.


It is Ben's dream to work in the sports industry, coaching, teaching or ideally playing football professionally for his favourite team.



Age: 12

County: South Wales

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Ban smoking everywhere, even in people's homes so no more people will suffer from smoking-related diseases.


Bethan is a keen musician, playing the saxophone and the euphonium for her county band. She has only been playing the saxophone for a year but has already reached Grade 2 standard with a merit.


Bethan is a real animal lover and has all sorts of different animals - a dog, cats and even chinchillas. She also loves horses and goes horse-riding every week whatever the weather.


Bethan's other interests include studying the self defence art of Krav Maga and after three years' hard work she is now a brown belt.



Age: 11

County: East Sussex

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Make sure troubled children and young carers get extra help and teenage vandals are given special graffiti spaces.


Hannah is a keen artist and loves painting abstract art using lots of colour. She even painted her artwork all over her parent's kitchen walls.


Hannah also loves to read and has two huge bookcases filled with her favourite books. She loves reading fictional books, classics and vampire stories the most.


Hannah also likes to fill her time with other activities such as gym club, scouts and ice-skating.


Hannah is passionate about the environment and believes everyone can help save the earth.



Age: 14

County: Hampshire

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Reducing speed limits in villages.


Hazel is very keen on fitness and loves to go running and cycling to stay fit and healthy, and she also plays for her school netball team.


She absolutely loves vegetables and hates junk food.


Hazel loves to perform and has played Cinderella and Snow White in school productions. She's also a keen singer and often sings and dances around the house.


As well as enjoying performing she also likes learning French and this year took her French GCSE two years early and was awarded an A* grade.



Age: 13

County: Yorkshire

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Stop young people being stereotyped and give them a chance to express their individual identities.


Izzie loves getting involved in sports and especially loves doing flips on her trampoline. She has been involved in lots of her school teams including rounders and netball and has been captain of the school athletics and hockey teams.


As well as staying active at school, Izzie also enjoys going on sailing trips with her family at weekends.


Izzie likes to spend lots of time hanging out with all of her friends and she especially loves going shopping.


She's a big fan of clothes and she and her mates often go to town and check out all the latest fashions.



Age: 14

County: Hertfordshire

Policy to make Britain better for kids: To start up lots of youth theatre groups to include everyone and give everyone a chance to be involved in something fun and constructive.


Jac is the life and soul of the party and makes it his mission to bring fun to even the most mundane of moments.


He has passion for dance and drama and has been involved in street dance from a young age.


After coming third in an annual dance competition it is his mission to bag the gold medal next year.


To go with his cool street dance style, Jac has a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes to complete his look.



Age: 14

County: Buckinghamshire

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Implement a Youth Award Scheme to encourage kids to do extra-curricular activities.


Quincy was born and brought up in Sweden, and speaks Swedish as his first language.


Six years ago Quincy moved to England to start a new school with new friends and a new language. Quincy is not just talented at languages though; he's also an ace basketball player.


After many years playing successfully for his school teams he now plays with the local town team and is no stranger to being on the winning side.



Age: 13

County: Greater Manchester

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Make sure all children are educated about different cultures around the world, and put an end to racism.


Reem loves everything to do with animals, all shapes and sizes. Her favourite animal is the Bengal tiger.


Reem would love to have a pet dog but as her Mum is allergic she has to stick to the cuddly toy variety for now.


As well as raising money for animal charities, Reem also likes to research current affairs and stay up-to-date on what is going on in the world.


Her other hobbies include horse-riding, reading, cooking and debating.



Age: 14

County: South Wales

Policy to make Britain better for kids: Make adrenaline sports available to all kids, so they have a fun way to burn off their energy rather than getting bored and getting into trouble.


Tudor is extremely proud to be Welsh and, as a keen rugby player, he is a big fan of his national team. Currently playing rugby for schools, Tudor has ambitions to play rugby for Wales.


Tudor really enjoys adrenaline sports and classes himself as a bit of an "adrenaline junkie", having tried white water rafting, dune bashing, quad biking and army assault courses.


Tudor loves his home town but has lived as far a field as Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.


While living abroad he still managed to play for a local rugby team and he also learnt to speak a little bit of Arabic.







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