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24 September 2014
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The Sarah Jane Adventures 
l-r: Daniel Anthony (Clyde), Thomas Knight (Luke) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane)

The Sarah Jane Adventures series two


Sarah Jane Smith played by Elisabeth Sladen


Sarah Jane Smith is well acquainted with saving the world. An old friend and companion of the Doctor, Sarah Jane has travelled the universe, solving mysteries, tackling monsters and fighting alien foe all the way. Her travelling days may be behind her but, as a journalist with a nose for trouble, Sarah Jane often finds herself on amazing adventures closer to home. With the help of her adopted son, Luke, his best mate Clyde and their new neighbour Rani, along with her sonic lipstick, and the alien computer Mr Smith, she must defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats and monsters.


Luke Smith played by Thomas Knight


14-year-old Luke Smith looks just like any other normal teenage boy, but look closer and you'll see that he's very, very special. Grown by the alien Bane as The Archetype in their plan for world domination, Luke has the brain power of 10,000 people but, as he's only really a year or so old, his understanding of the world around him is sometimes lacking. But he's a fast learner, and his intelligence often proves key in saving the day.


Clyde Langer played by Daniel Anthony


Clyde Langer is 15, confident and the team joker, happiest when taking on aliens and monsters to save the planet. He lives with his mum, loves football, has a flair for art (which he keeps quiet cos it's not always seen as that cool) and has a healthy disrespect for authority. When teamed with Luke's intelligence, Rani's instincts and Sarah Jane's experience, the friends are a force to be reckoned with.


Rani Chandra played by Anjli Mohindra


Fifteen, inquisitive, smart and sassy. Wants to be a journalist, a sort of junior Sarah Jane, and thus idolises Sarah Jane just a little and, in return, Sarah Jane takes her happily on her investigations. Gets on well with her parents, although she's always embarrassed that her dad is the new Head Teacher at Park Vale. Rani enjoys Luke's company because they're both quite bright and eager to learn. However, she's equally fond of Clyde because he's cool and a bit rebellious, and has charm.


Gita Chandra played by Mina Anwar


Rani's mum is a strong-willed, independent businesswoman, who runs her own flower shop called Bloomin' Lovely. Gita really likes Sarah Jane - she appreciates the fact she wants to help Rani be a journalist. Gita is a lovely person, although she can occasionally be a little overpowering and tends to burst into things uninvited and not take the hint that it's time to leave.


Haresh Chandra played by Ace Bhatti


The new Head Teacher of Park Vale and Rani's dad, he can be prone to slight pomposity, due to the authority at the school. A great cook, he adores Rani and is very pleased that she has befriended Luke Smith, whose intelligence he respects. He's decidedly less impressed by her friendship with Clyde, who he sees as trouble and so always has one watchful eye on his daughter and the other on Clyde.




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