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24 September 2014
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Summer into Autumn on BBC Three


The Spring season on BBC Three has seen young audiences coming to the channel, with a growth of 21% year-on-year and a schedule jam-packed with new and innovative shows, including award-winning comedy (Gavin And Stacey, Summer Heights High), thought-provoking and critically-acclaimed factual programming (Blood Sweat And T-Shirts, The Beauty Season including Britain's Missing Top Model) and stripped events (Young Mum's Mansion).


The next six months on BBC Three maintain this momentum as the channel continues to host the best in brand new comedy, drama, and factual series for a young audience.


Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three, said: "The young audiences we target have responded really positively to the changes we've made to BBC Three this year.


"The Autumn season is about maintaining this momentum through high-quality home-grown comedy, drama, factual and current affairs."


Highlights on the channel include:




Spooks: Code 9


From the makers of BBC One's critically acclaimed Spooks and Life On Mars comes Spooks: Code 9.


The year is 2013. Thames House has gone and regional MI5 Field Offices have sprung up in its place. Are six young, new recruits, who make up MI5's new Field Office 19, tough, moral and clever enough to protect Britain's future after London is evacuated following a nuclear bomb and the country's power base has shifted north?


Led by experienced spook Hannah (Joanne Froggatt, Life On Mars), the rookie team is made up of Charlie (Liam Boyle, Drop Dead Gorgeous), a mathematician and genius problem solver, Rachel (Ruta Gedmintas, The Tudors), an ex-police officer with ambitions to be a leader, and Jez (Heshima Thompson, Prime Suspect: The Final Act), a new breed of spook altogether – a former criminal gone straight.


Vik (Christopher Simpson, Brick Lane) chose MI5 over a career in his family's business, while Rob (Andrew Knott, The History Boys) was a junior doctor at the time of the bomb and Kylie (Georgia Moffett, Doctor Who) was a psychology student just back from her gap year.


Spooks: Code 9 will be supported by a raft of groundbreaking interactive elements to enable viewers to get even closer to the world of conspiracy and espionage. A viral marketing campaign uses new face-mapping technology which allows people to place themselves in the action and feature in a video of a high-pressured undercover operation.


Liberty News at is a fictional future news agency which forms the central point of the cutting-edge multi-platform experience. An advanced online news site with a twist, it will update with breaking news stories containing extra information, photos and videos, just seconds after events happen as the episode transmits.






The Wrong Door


This is a daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe – a fantastic world governed by the laws of comedy (not nature), where special effects seen in the movies and on TV are part of everyday life.


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In this world herds of space hoppers and shopping trolleys roam the countryside; robots play tennis; mini-bars come with a helpful mini-barman; magazines come with a free, blow-up boyfriend; and mp3 players generate 3-D popstar holograms and monsters under the bed.


Viewers can meet the Booze Fairies, the Wizard of Oswestry, the World's Most Annoying Creature and a love-struck dinosaur called Phillip. Here superheroes, wizards, dinosaurs and monsters casually go about their business amongst the daily irritations of explosions, disasters, battles, chases and driving lessons.


The Wrong Door boasts a company cast and a genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos – look out for Brian Blessed, Dom Joly and Dr Fox. With unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects, The Wrong Door heralds a brave new world of comic possibility.




Coming Of Age


This brand new sitcom, written by 19-year-old Tim Dawson, takes a candid look into the outrageous world of a group of sixth-form students living in Abingdon as they enjoy a final romp with adolescence.


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Chloe, Matt, Jas, Ollie and DK are regular teenagers – their lives revolve around college, their bedrooms and Ollie's garden shed.


Coming of Age shows life from a teenage perspective. It talks about being young openly, honestly and truthfully – loving for the first time, fancying your history teacher, and dealing with those pesky, unwanted erections in public places.


The series is a celebration of youth and, as well as being written by a teenager, stars five of the UK's top young comedy actors: Anabel Barnston (The New Worst Witch) as Chloe; Tony Bignell (Tittybangbang, That Mitchell And Webb Look) as Matt; Hannah Job (Saturday Night Fever) as Jas; Ceri Phillips (Casualty) as Ollie; and Joe Tracini (My Spy Family) as DK.


The production team have joined forces with new music strand BBC Introducing to find the perfect original theme tune for the show. Kate Goes, a young, unsigned band, has been chosen to work with experienced composer Richie Webb – whose credits include That Mitchell And Webb Look and Comedy Shuffle – to create a brand new theme tune to capture the essence of the show.






This brand new comedy series sees the launch of Manchester's hottest new record label – Shady Records.


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Starring Ralf Little (Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps and The Royle Family), Carl Rice (Scallywagga) and Johnny Vegas (Ideal, Benidorm), Massive follows Danny and Shay as they call time on their dreary temping jobs to follow their dream and bring their music obsession to the masses.


Danny's from Didsbury (posh), Shay is from Gorton (not) and they both work for the council. Bored with their lives, they're brought together by their love of music. Neither of them could pick out a G chord on a guitar, but they're musical in the only sense that matters – music is their life.


After a timely family bereavement provides Danny with the means, they decide to do what they've always wanted: set up a record company and Shady Records is born. All they need now is talent!


The series follows their attempts to get the label up and running – signing bands, losing them again, always on the lookout for the next big thing. En route they pluck a girl band from the obscurity of Superb'uns cake shop, get sued by Eminem, get lost in the Pennines – where they find the new Oasis – and get involved in a scam involving a Macedonian prostitute called Zora who has a revolutionary way of making shish kebabs...


The cast includes Paul Kaye, Philip Jackson, Christine Bottomley, Lorraine Cheshire, Joel Fry, Steve Furst, Beverley Rudd, Faye McKeever, Joanne King and Craig Parkinson.




Current affairs


Jack: A Soldier's Story


When award-winning reporter Ben Anderson spent two months with a unit of Grenadier Guards in the Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan in 2007, he met some extraordinary men. This one-off programme, catches up with one of them – Lance Corporal Jack Mizon, a brave 24-year-old who has seen and experienced more than most men of his age. On his journey, Ben accompanies Jack as he faces an eight-hour battle with the Taleban.


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Over three weeks, Jack lost one of his friends in a roadside bomb attack, then a suicide bomber hit the convoy he was travelling in, killing another of his friends. Jack was sent to a psychiatrist to make sure he was alright. The only way forward for him, though, was to try and stop thinking about the incidents and keep going.


After an incredible 81 days out on operations, Jack is back in the UK where he serves in the Queen's Company of the Grenadier Guards. But Jack finds it hard to re-adjust to the routine of Army life back in the barracks. Within weeks he's on punishment duty and gets involved in fights. He is then absent without leave and flees the country, only to come back to the UK a few weeks later and hand himself into the police. Despite getting a Mention in Dispatches for bravery, Jack is demoted back to the ranks.






World's Strictest Parents


British teenagers who think they have it rough at home are taken out of their comfort zones to live with parents who rule with an iron rod. Not only do they have to deal with vastly different expectations, rules and discipline, they also have to spend 10 days adapting to life in a foreign culture: India, Ghana and Jamaica are some of the locations visited to film this unique social experiment.


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As tempers flare and tears flow, the teens grapple with a new, much more regimented life. A final update episode revisits the graduates of the programme to see how they're faring in their normal lives back at home.




Last Man Standing


Ten new tribes, six new athletes, only one victor – Last Man Standing is back. The ultimate test of strength, stamina, and skill returns as six intrepid athletes face their biggest challenge yet – taking part in ancient tribal sporting festivals in remote locations around the world.


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Athletes from Britain and the United States embark on a 10-part global journey that will take them Suri stick-fighting in Ethiopia, Waura canoe racing in Brazil, high-altitude climbing in Nepal, and endurance foot racing in Siberia, among other challenges that will test them to their physical and emotional limits and beyond.






Bryony Makes A Zombie Movie


BBC Three has commissioned Hat Trick Productions to tell the story of YouTube sensation Bryony Matthewman's attempts to pull together a user-generated zombie movie. Bryony Makes a Zombie Movie is an exciting new cross-platform summer event which went live on Tuesday 8 July at 3.33 pm.


Bryony Matthewman is a YouTube heavyweight with over 12 million hits and a legion of dedicated fans. But they don't just watch, they join in. Bryony posted a video on her Paperlilies profile on Monday 2 June.



She became the most viewed Londoner on YouTube in 2007. A month later and Bryony's call to arms has attracted some 140 video responses, more than 3,500 message board comments, and almost 280,000 views.


But not only does Bryony have to make the film a reality, she also has a deadline to meet – Halloween 2008, when she'll throw a huge premiere party involving as many contributors as can make it, all dressed in their finest zombie clobber. The clock is ticking.


Hat Trick and BBC Three will follow all aspects of Bryony's production with online documentary coverage consisting of two webisodes per week over a 17-week period. These will be available at Content will include coverage of shoot days, potential interviews with the luminaries of the undead world, make-up testing (exploding heads), and responding to the demands of the community (the film must feature a flying zombie – how?!). Bryony will also report back on the weirdest, worst and most wicked suggestions, video responses and volunteers, from all over the world.


With this wealth of documentary footage on what will be a big summer event in realities both virtual and actual, Hat Trick will also deliver a 30-minute TV programme telling the full story of Bryony's journey from initial video post to red carpet premiere.






Since BBC Three's revamp in February 2008, share amongst 16-34s (for the hours the channel is on air) is now 4%, which is year-on-year growth of 21%.


Weekly reach amongst 16-34s is now 4.4 million, an increase of 21% year-on-year.


More information is available on these programmes in Notes to Editors.




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Date: 18.08.2008
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