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24 September 2014
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Lead Balloon
Jack Dee in Lead Balloon

BBC Two unveils its Autumn 2008 highlights

Programmes L-P

Later... and Later Live... With Jools Holland


Later With Jools Holland returns in the autumn, continuing with the live version on Tuesdays at 10pm, which is a mouth-watering half-hour taster for Friday's traditional hour-long programme.


Music fans can expect an array of some of the finest acts in music. The last series saw TV debuts from The Last Shadow Puppets, Lykke Li, Santogold and Glasvegas, alongside performances from more established acts such as Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Paul Weller, Portishead and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.


Extra treats can be seen online at




Lead Balloon


Jack Dee returns in the critically acclaimed hit comedy Lead Balloon. In the third series, viewers learn a whole lot more about the world of Rick Spleen; Rick, on the other hand, appears to have learnt very little, as he suffers a near-death experience, is hit with a shock revelation about his family tree, and struggles to cope with yet more embarrassing episodes.


Meanwhile, tension mounts on the domestic front. When Rick's housekeeper Magda comes to stay while her boiler's being fixed, Rick is worried that it might turn into a more permanent arrangement. Ben and Sam's relationship hits the rocks – but can they summon up enough energy to get back together? Michael, the deranged café owner, discovers a secret that threatens to push him over the edge…


Magda is played by Anna Crilly, Ben by Rasmus Hardiker, Sam by Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Michael by Tony Gardner.


Front Desk


Louis Theroux - Philly PD
Louis Theroux - Philly PD

Louis Theroux - Philly PD


Louis Theroux joins the Philadelphia Police Department patrolling the most dangerous part of the city. There are around 400 homicides a year in an area of just over 100 square miles, there are drug dealers on every corner and it's considered part of normal life to carry a gun.


Embedded within the Philly rapid-response teams, Louis feels a palpable sense of adrenalin mixed with frustration as police and gangs take each other on night after night, but there's also a camaraderie which develops between officers under these hugely stressful conditions. Louis senses a society trying to contain a lawlessness born out of poverty, mistrust and segregation.


Over time, he sees a complex picture evolve – there are cops and robbers, guns and violence, but also tenderness and compassion in the most unexpected of places. By virtue of what they see day in, day out, this life inevitably takes its toll on the officers who, paradoxically just like those they are policing, find it very difficult to ever feel truly safe and to ever completely trust others.




Losing It: Griff Rhys Jones
Losing It: Griff Rhys Jones

Losing It: Griff Rhys Jones On Anger


Anger is an increasing problem in modern life. In homes and offices, on the road and in the air, frustration and rage are all around, yet very few people acknowledge their anger.


In this two-part series, Griff Rhys Jones takes a startlingly honest look at anger in himself and others.


"I do get angry sometimes, well we all get angry sometimes, don't we?" he comments. "But I do admit I can work myself up into a froth, or a tantrum. The demon can take over and I can find myself raging at someone. Not all the time, but enough to make me apologetic."


Griff believes that anger helps him in his life and can even be creative. But how do other people react when they are on the receiving end?


Griff investigates anger and the ways in which people seek to control it – from meditation to anger management. It's a bumpy ride...




JMy Zinc Bed
My Zinc Bed

My Zinc Bed


Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Uma Thurman is joined by Jonathan Pryce (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Leatherheads) and Paddy Considine (The Bourne Ultimatum, My Summer Of Love) in a film adaptation of David Hare's acclaimed stage play My Zinc Bed.


Penniless but gifted poet Paul Peplow (Considine) is a recovering alcoholic who is sent to interview wealthy internet entrepreneur Victor Quinn (Pryce).


Paul finds himself employed by Victor and subsequently encounters his employer's wife, Elsa (Thurman), herself a recovering alcoholic.


Elsa recognises a kindred spirit in Paul and the two embark on an affair, but the addictions that pull them together also serve to drive them apart.


Hare explores the nature of addiction, faith and friendship in this screen version of his critically acclaimed stage play.







The incredible hidden stories of the planet's oceans are told in a landmark new series for BBC Two.


More is known about the surface of Mars than the depths of the Earth's oceans. Hidden in these unknown waters are stories that reveal new truths about human past, the planet and life within it.


Presented by explorer Paul Rose (Meltdown, BBC Two; Voyages Of Discovery, BBC Four), environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue and marine biologist Tooni Mahto, the series unravels the oceans' mysteries.


It will tell fascinating stories from the world of underwater archaeology, geology, marine biology and anthropology; from seas including the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean.


There will also be an enhanced web presence at including exclusive content, games, discussion boards and 360° videos.


Oceans is a vital and timely understanding of our planet's biggest and least understood asset, its oceans.




Prescott On Class
Prescott On Class

Prescott On Class


Is there still such a thing as a class system and does John Prescott recognise it after 10 years at the heart of government as Deputy Prime Minister?


In this thought-provoking two-part documentary series, John Prescott goes on a very personal exploration of the current state of the British class system.


Investigating the dreams and aspirations of the richest and the poorest, Prescott grapples with political apathy, middle-class syntax snobbery and the wealth gap in modern Britain.


With "celebrity" as a career option and increased immigration a reality, what does Britain's class system look like after 11 years of New Labour? John's journey starts and ends in Hull, taking in a wide range of British people of all classes along the way.


With intimate access to John and his wife Pauline, the series also includes autobiographical material, some illustrated with personal family archive dating from the Fifties.







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