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24 September 2014
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History Of Climate Change
Dr Iain Stewart presents History Of Climate Change

BBC Two unveils its Autumn 2008 highlights

Programmes G-K

Heroes 3


The hotly anticipated season three of Heroes will start on BBC Two shortly after its première in the US.


As season two reached its dramatic climax, some of the Heroes' lives are left hanging in the balance. With The Company's secrets about to be exposed, Sylar escapes with a sample of Claire's blood – but could this result in his powers being restored to their full force and his ultimate invincibility?


Created by Tim Kring, season three combines volumes three (13 episodes) and four (12 episodes). Villains, the third volume, concentrates on the core group of original Heroes while introducing new villains. Good will battle evil, because in every hero there could be a villain…





History Of Climate Change


History Of Climate Change is a thorough and definitive guide to the subject of climate change, over three hour-long programmes on BBC Two.


Charting the issue of how we know what we know about climate change, its aim is to show how scientists went from thinking the world was tipping into an ice age in the Seventies, to being sure that we are now heading towards global warming. It asks the question: if we were so wrong then, how can we be so sure now?


Presented by Dr Iain Stewart (Earth – The Power Of The Planet), the series looks at how climate science has developed over the last 30 years, and studies the evidence for anthropogenic climate change.


It considers the position taken by sceptics and engages with their arguments in detail, and looks at the interaction between scientists, politics and big business.


Examining what we do know, what we don't know, what we can only speculate about and what we can never know about climate change, the series offers a comprehensive guide to the subject.




Danny Wallace looks at robotics in Horizon



Horizon – BBC Two's flagship science documentary strand – returns to screens this autumn with a new series of cutting-edge films.


Following his exploration of the science of execution for Horizon earlier this year, former MP Michael Portillo investigates violence in humans on a journey which pushes him to his psychological limits.


Horizon also explores attitudes to being naked as 10 volunteers expose their inhibitions to help unravel one of the greatest mysteries in human evolution: to understand what triggered our ancestors to lose their fur.


Physicist Professor Brian Cox delves into the bizarre and complex world of time as he asks "what time is it?", and Danny Wallace presents a film looking at robotics.


There is also a series of films investigating 21st-century plagues, including the rise of allergies, obesity and mental illness, which ultimately asks: how mad are you?


The website at delves deeper into the programme topics.




Indian Food Made Easy
Anjum Anand presents Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made Easy


Indian Food Made Easy is back to tantalise the taste buds in a second series featuring chef and food writer Anjum Anand.

Anjum continues in her mission to prove that anybody can cook Indian food simply and easily.


The series gives an insight into traditional cooking secrets to create delicious meals as part of a healthy lifestyle. As Anjum travels across the UK she learns from Gujaratis in Leicester to Kashmiris in Bradford, and from Bengalis in East London to Punjabis in Scotland.


With these time-honoured tips Anjum invites a new set of novices to discover the ease of cooking these authentic dishes. Anjum's mouth-watering recipes show that traditional Indian food is a healthy and convenient option that everyone can enjoy.




James May's Big Ideas
James May's Big Ideas

James May's Big Ideas


James May travels the world seeking answers to questions that perplex him – such as: can scientists make a double of me, so I don't have to work so hard?; I'm sick of sitting in traffic jams, isn't it about time someone invented a flying car?; and why is it so difficult to create a perpetual motion machine to solve the world's energy problems?


Each question delves into the realms of cutting-edge science – but in unexpected ways. From meeting a humanoid robot in Japan to visiting US scientists who are hoping to build an elevator to the stars, James discovers just how close his technological dreams are to becoming a reality.




Jimmy Doherty's Farming Heroes


In this timely series, Jimmy Doherty (Jimmy's Farm) takes viewers on a revealing and entertaining journey around the UK to discover and celebrate the best of one of Britain's most diverse industries – farming.


From the highlands of Scotland to Northern Ireland, Wales and across England, Jimmy takes the temperature of UK farming at a time when the future of the industry has never mattered more.


He looks at whether farmers can deliver food people can trust at a price they can afford, and how they are responding to the challenges of the 21st century.


Rooted firmly in the here and now, he'll meet the innovators and forward-thinkers. From high-tech agribusiness to organics and remote family farms, he's on a search for those striking out in new and original ways to keep Britain at the forefront of agricultural innovation.


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