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29 October 2014
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BBC Two: Charley Boorman
Charley Boorman: Ireland To Sydney By Any Means

BBC Two unveils its Autumn 2008 highlights

Programmes C-F

Charley Boorman: Ireland To Sydney By Any Means


Gritty adventurer Charley Boorman returns to BBC Two for his most daring journey so far. In Ireland To Sydney – By Any Means, Charley gets off his bike and on to local forms of transport to cover the vast distance between the two cities. From sliding across the deck of a trawler on the North Sea to travelling in Vietnam on a dugout canoe, this is the trip – and challenge – of a lifetime.


Accompanied by a small crew made up of producer Russ Malkin and cameraman Mungo, Charley meets the local people and personalities in each place he visits and experiences their way of life first-hand.


Along the way he shares his insights into the culture and religion of the various regions with viewers, while the stunning camera work vividly brings his journey to life.





The Conspiracy Files


The Conspiracy Files turns the spotlight on Lockerbie and 7/7 as it returns to investigate the facts behind more conspiracy theories that have entered the mainstream.


Each programme in the series explores the inconsistencies in official accounts, and asks where the truth really lies.


There will be clips from the programmes and information at The site will also feature an Editor's Blog and visitors will also be able to take their own "conspiracy test".


Just before Christmas 1988 Britain's worst terrorist attack left 270 people dead. A Libyan intelligence officer was later convicted of mass murder, but he's now appealing against his sentence. So what wasn't revealed at his trial about the conspiracy to blow up a Pan Am jumbo jet en route from London to New York? The Conspiracy Files follows the trail of evidence from the Middle East, through Europe and on to North America, investigating the tangled web of claims and counterclaims surrounding the Lockerbie bombing.


On 7 July 2005 four explosions tore apart the London morning rush hour, killing 53 people and injuring hundreds more. Within days police identified four British Muslim men as the suicide bombers responsible for the attacks. But with seeming discrepancies in the information provided to the public, a growing number of 7/7 sceptics questioned what people were being told about the bombings. The Conspiracy Files examines whether we really know what happened on that day.




The Culture Show
The Culture Show

The Culture Show


This autumn The Culture Show returns to BBC Two in its prime-time slot on Tuesday evenings. Lauren Laverne and Mark Kermode co-present the programme which, every week, covers a wide and surprising range of culture in Britain today – reporting on the new, the now and the next "big things".


Covering every kind of culture including film, TV, music, literature, theatre, art, architecture, fashion and more, the show eschews the clichéd view of High and Low art.


Previous series have attracted names ranging from The Coen Brothers to Radiohead, and from Cate Blanchett to Oscar Niemeyer.


Exclusive content from the show is available on the website,




The Cup
The Cup

The Cup


The Cup, a new comedy series shot in mockumentary style about Bolton-based Ashburn United Football Club and their quest to win the North and Midlands Under 11s Cup in Birmingham, stars Steve Edge (The Visit, Phoenix Nights), Jennifer Hennessy (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Lilies), Tanya Franks (Pulling), Dominic Coleman (Ruby In The Smoke), Samantha Power (Little Britain), Billy Geraghty (The Last Detective), Pal Aron (Casualty) and Emmanuel Leconte (The Tudors).


It rapidly becomes apparent that the real story is the appalling behaviour of the kids' parents as they try to live their own dreams through their children. The Cup is based on the Canadian series The Tournament, which was set in the world of junior ice hockey.




Dr Alice Roberts: Don't Die Young;
Dr Alice Roberts: Don't Die Young

Dr Alice Roberts: Don't Die Young


Trusted doctor and anatomist Alice Roberts returns to BBC Two for a second helping of her friendly and informative guide to healthy living, taking viewers on a tour of the human body.


Over eight episodes Dr Alice explores the male and female reproductive organs; the immune system; stomach and intestines; the liver; the bones, muscles and joints; ear, nose and throat; and "the whole body".


She undertakes dissections in the lab, conducts daring experiments on herself and follows some compelling personal stories using a range of real-life case studies.


Filled with Dr Alice’s trademark common-sense advice, the series demonstrates how the body works and how to best look after oneself.




Einstein and Eddington
David Tennant in Einstein And Eddington

Einstein And Eddington


David Tennant and Andy Serkis star in this drama set amid the chaos and uncertainty of the First World War. Einstein And Eddington chronicles the interlinked stories of two extraordinary men striving for a greater truth while refusing to be constrained by national boundaries.


Albert Einstein (Serkis) spent years working on his General Theory of Relativity, which threatened to overturn two centuries of Newtonian certainty and the foundations of British science.


Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was a prominent British astrophysicist who, as a Quaker, believed that "truth knows no boundaries" and bravely championed Einstein’s theories while Britain rejected anything German.


In 1919, Eddington undertook an expedition to Africa to photograph light bending round the sun during an eclipse. These photographs not only proved the theory to be correct, but turned Einstein into a worldwide superstar.


Directed by Philip Martin (Prime Suspect – The Final Act) and written by Peter Moffat (Hawking), Einstein And Eddington co-stars Jim Broadbent, Lucy Cohu, Jodhi May and Rebecca Hall.




The Fallen


This feature-length documentary remembers every single serviceman and woman who has died while serving with the British Armed Forces in the current conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Spanning seven years of war, this landmark event for BBC Two focuses in detail on the stories of a significant number of those who have died, while looking at the impact on the people who have been left behind.


With intimate testimonies from families and loved ones, combined with compelling archive from the conflicts, the film acknowledges these individuals' sacrifices and the effects of grief on those who loved them.


Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Matthews and produced by Elodie Gornall, The Fallen is a powerful memorial to all the men and women who have lost their lives while serving their country.







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