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26 July 2014
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Summer Heights High
Chris Lilley as Mr G in Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High




Mr G

Greg Gregson – 'Mr G' – has been teaching drama at Summer Heights High for nine years. Mr G is passionate about his innovative drama and dance teaching methods. He believes his dedication to his students has been changing lives for many years.


When we meet Mr G he is a senior drama teacher. However when the Head of Drama takes sudden leave and Mr G is asked to act in her position, his world alters.


He appoints himself as the "Director of Performing Arts", restructures the department and causes much friction among the staff and school.


Mr G's circle of friends include Rodney, a science teacher with a love of musical theatre; Toby, a young student with Down's Syndrome, and Celine, his elderly pet chihuahua.


He also takes the opportunity to make his mark in his new role, cancelling the traditional school musical so that he can write his own original "Arena Spectacular". A school tragedy inspires the theme. In the face of relentless opposition, will the curtain rise on opening night and how will Mr G cope with the unexpected obstacles?


Ja'mie King

Ja'mie King is the most accomplished Year 11 student at Hillford Girls Grammar, an exclusive private school for girls.


Ja'mie has been given an incredible opportunity to participate in the "It's All About Education" campaign, a state-sponsored programme designed to bridge the divide between state and private schools.


Keen to push the boundaries, Ja'mie swaps schools with a student from Summer Heights High, embracing the idea of being an ambassador for her private school.


It is a journey of discovery for Ja'mie. She is out of her comfort zone, going through many of the traumas that teenage girls face but in a foreign environment.


Outside her privileged and sheltered world she is faced with a harsh reality. Ja'mie wants to change Summer Heights High.


How will the staff and students cope with her na´ve opinions and forceful personality? And will Ja'mie be able to claw her way to the top of a school world where boys, lesbians, emos and hot teachers are all experiencing new things themselves?


Jonah Takalua

Jonah Takalua is a Year 8 student from Tonga. Summer Heights High is the third school he has attended in the last year and a half, after being expelled for setting fire to a student's locker and defacing a principal's car.


Jonah is physically more mature than most boys his age. He is charismatic and well-known around the school by both students and staff.


He has a close gang of Tongan friends and a reputation as the best breakdancer in the school. The class clown and a smart-a**e, he is obsessed with defacing school property.


The head of student welfare at Summer Heights High has made it his personal mission to keep Jonah on the right track. Throughout the term he presents Jonah with a variety of carefully crafted programmes, designed to teach him the value of responsibility and social acceptability. However, Jonah just wants to have fun.


Jonah's father has threatened to send him back to Tonga if he's expelled from one more school.


Will Jonah make it through a term at Summer Heights High without being expelled, when tormenting young students, drawing obscene pictures, harassing teachers and entertaining fellow students during class is so much fun?







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