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23 September 2014
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TV Licensing

TV Licensing unveils new communications campaign and trademark

TV Licensing today announces the launch of a new integrated communications campaign, Circuit City, which will be rolled out from next month (April).


It highlights the power of technology in making it easier for people to pay for their TV Licence and harder for them to evade.


The campaign will feature a new trademark and visual identity, incorporating the name TV Licensing and a new symbol.


The new trademark and visual identity will appear from Tuesday 1 April 2008 on the TV Licensing website and in direct mail.


The communications campaign comprises BBC TV and radio trails, advertising on commercial television, online banners and posters. It replaces the Sofa campaign which has been running for two years.


Online banners will run from Tuesday 1 April, followed by TV from Monday 14, radio from Saturday 19 and posters from Monday 21 April.


TV Licensing's aims are to ensure that everyone who needs a licence buys one, and to reduce the cost of collection to put more money into BBC programmes and services. The effective use of computer technology is at the heart of both these aims.


The creative approach for the Circuit City campaign brings to life how TV Licensing uses technology to make it easier for people to pay their licence online and how its database of more than 29 million addresses plays a key role in detecting licence fee evaders.


The campaign was developed in partnership with AMV BBDO, PHD and Proximity London, with TV production by Red Bee.


Circuit City will be the first campaign featuring the new TV Licensing trademark and visual identity.


It is the first time the trademark has been revised since it was registered almost 20 years ago.


The old trademark did not work well electronically (eg, online) and research showed that people did not regard it as reflecting a modern organisation.


The new TV Licensing trademark is based on the power button design seen on many electrical devices. Many of these, such as laptop computers and mobile phones, are now able to receive TV signals and therefore their use may need to be covered by a TV Licence.


In the new trademark, the power button is combined with a tick to convey the positive connotations of being properly licensed.


The new trademark and visual identity has been designed by The Partners.


Peter Kirk, Marketing Manager for TV Licensing, said: "TV Licensing has come a long way since 1990, when the old trademark was registered. We've more than halved the estimated evasion rate and significantly reduced collection costs*.


"In 1991, many people queued to pay their TV Licence in cash. You can now pay in many more ways, including setting up a direct debit online and receiving an e-licence.


"TV Licensing is a modern, efficient organisation making effective use of technology. It's now easier to pay then ever before and harder to hide if you are an evader. Our new campaign and trademark are important tools in conveying these messages."


Notes to Editors

  • *TV Licensing then and now: evasion has fallen from 12.7% in 1991/2 to 5.1% in 2006/7.
  • In 1991, collection costs (as a proportion of income) were 6.2%. By March 2006 costs had fallen to 4.1%, despite the volume of licences rising by 25% over the same period from 19.6 million to 24.5 million.
  • Dates: the new trademark and visual identity will be introduced from Tuesday 1 April 2008 on the website and in direct mail. Online banners run from 1 April and BBC trails and commercial TV adverts launch in the week commencing Monday 14 April, radio on Saturday 19 April and poster advertising from Monday 21 April.
  • Images available: stills of TV ads, new trademark artwork, sample TV Licence.
  • Typeface: a clean and clear typeface, Foundry Bold, has been chosen for the words "TV Licensing" and the design always appears in a box of contrasting colour. The rationale is to add authority to the design and also ensure better legibility for visually impaired audiences. The main brand colours are black, white and blue.
  • Cost: the cost of the new trademark and visual identity, including design, research and implementation across all communication channels, is 323,000. Every effort has been made to minimise costs in implementation: new documents (such as TV Licences and direct mail letters) will be introduced at the same time as the licence fee increase (April) when reprinting would already be taking place.
  • Development: the campaign was developed by TV Licensing in partnership with: AMV BBDO (creative agency); Red Bee (TV production); PHD (media strategy and commercial media buying); BBC Marketing, Communications & Audiences (media planning for BBC trails); Proximity London (online advertising); The Partners (new trademark and visual identity).


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Category: BBC
Date: 26.03.2008
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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

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