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24 September 2014
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Being Human – just a regular flatshare… for a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost


Adrian Lester plays Herrick


A vampire is quite a departure from Mickey Bricks in Hustle, what attracted you to this role?


I'm a big fan of graphic novels and the worlds they depict. I very much like the darker sides of everyday realities that exist in Hellblazer, Gotham Central and the Marvel Civil War series. I also really enjoy the work of Neil Gaiman and I felt that Being Human was in the same vein.


It's a great script with wonderful characters. It takes real skill to put a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost in the same drama and not only make it believable, but also have humour and a real sense of menace. I took to Herrick immediately as he was so different to anything I had done before. I will always try something new.


How does Herrick fit into the story?


Herrick is a very slippery character. He is someone who believes that vampires, not humans, should be the dominant species on the planet. He is a self-appointed leader with many followers and is very eloquent as he puts his ideas forth. Herrick represents the dark half of the vampire's psyche. Hence his disapproval of Mitchell and his friendship with a werewolf, a much lesser species.


Did you have to do any research to get into character?


I thought about it. But, everything I came up with involved either drinking blood or getting arrested. Sometimes, both. So I thought it best to just do a bit of reading instead!


Did you spend much time being made up for the role?


Apart from shaving my head bald, there wasn't much make-up for my character.


Viewers won't have seen much of you since Hustle. What have you been up to?


Well I've certainly been busy since my last series of Hustle; I went to LA to shoot Beyond, a pilot for FOX, then on to Jamaica to shoot Empire's Children for Channel 4. I filmed Ballet Shoes in London which went out on Boxing Day on BBC One. I filmed in Vancouver for Case 39, a film which will be released Spring '08 and then went on to South Africa for Doomsday, a film which will be released Autumn '08.


At the moment I'm back in the arms of the BBC shooting a series called Bonekickers, which will be shown on BBC One in the Spring of '08. There is talk of a fifth series of Hustle, but we'll see...







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