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29 October 2014
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Hotel Babylon: (L-R) The American guest (Paula Abdul) and Tony (Dexter Fletcher)

Hotel Babylon

Guest artist profiles

Oliver Chris – David Duncan: European manager of a leading designer clothes label who decides to whistleblow on the company for unethical practices.


Paula Abdul – American guest who checks in and is enamoured with Tony's English turn of phrase.


Jeremy Sheffield – Adam Price: Babylon's long-serving and loyal chef whose job is threatened following a damning restaurant review. Can he compete with a Michelin-starred celebrity?


Nicola Stephenson – Justine: A member of a jury sequestered at the hotel who, when offered cash to swing the jury vote, tries to tempt Tony to run away with her.


Alan Davies – Otto Clark: Michelin-starred celebrity chef drafted in when a damning restaurant review threatens closure.


Paul Freeman – Christopher Price: CEO of a leading designer clothes label which is practicing unethically.


Terence Harvey – Sir Ralph Hamilton: Con artist, posing as aristocracy, arrives with his "wife" and "son" and tricks Anna into helping them steal thousands from the hotel.


Anita Dobson – Lady Amelia Hamilton: Con artist, posing as aristocracy, tricks Anna into helping her spend a fortune on the hotel's account before doing a runner with her "family".


Travis Oliver – Giles Hamilton: Posing as Sir Ralph and Lady Amelia's eligible son, he schmoozes Anna, making Charlie desperately jealous. Later revealed to be "Lady Amelia's" lover.


Nathaniel Parker – Alexander Crawfield: A feared restaurant critic who can close a restaurant with a bad review. Returns to the hotel to cast verdict on new celebrity chef Otto Clark.


Don Gilet – Brad Shelford: Winner of weight-watcher of the year, Brad arrives at the hotel to meet his press and promote his book. He's found happiness now the weight has shifted – or has he? Gino discovers the truth behind James's empathy for Brad.


Katie McGuiness – Naomi Stern: Donald Stern's daughter, who is about to marry wealthy American Earl Archer. It's revealed she and Helena are old school friends of Emily's and they invite her to join their hen party.


Gary Waldhorn – Donald Stern: Hotel tycoon who wants his daughter Naomi to have the best wedding possible at the hotel. But can he pay? How does the hotel keep him on side while not being left out of pocket?


Emma Campbell-Jones – Helena: Friend of Naomi and, it's revealed, ex-school pal/drinking partner of Emily's.


Michael Landes – Earl Archer: Wealthy American Earl, set to marry Naomi Stern.


Bonnie Langford – Scarlett Adams Snr: Controlling mother of precocious child star Scarlett Adams Jr. They arrive at the hotel to secure the much coveted role of Princess Scrunchie – she will stop at nothing to get her daughter to the top.


Paul Kaye – Maxwell Anderson: Camp director of upcoming movie Princess Scrunchie – auditions for which are taking place at the hotel. Tony takes umbrage when he realises Maxwell knows his own daughter better than he does.


John Marquez – Ginelli Primirola: Gino's nomadic brother. Arrives at the hotel looking for work, but childhood demons resurface as Ginelli manages to usurp everything that Gino holds dear.


Jon Culshaw – Mr Delaney: The notorious nightmare guest – demands everything from bedtime story reading to full Japanese tea parties in his suite. Used to test newcomer Jack's capabilities.


Charlotte Spencer – Liz Casemore: Tony's teenage daughter – arrives at the hotel for the Princess Scrunchie auditions, much to Tony's surprise and resentment when he realises he doesn't know his daughter at all.


Lauren Humphries – Scarlett Jr: Precocious child "star" who has designs on the Scrunchie role and will stop at nothing to get it.


Sarah Greene – News reporter: Reports on the Scrunchie auditions while battling with her own failed career in the arts...tragic.


Daniel LaPaine – Ned: Arriving out of the blue, Ned comes to Anna's rescue and they fall in love. Is he the one...?


Kwame Kwei-Armah – Hutch: Regular guest, diamond dealer and old friend of Charlie's returns to the hotel to secure a diamond at auction which will help forge his dream. As everything collapses around Charlie's shoulders, Hutch offers him a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Jason Watkins – Murray: Bullish auction house manager who threatens to pull a jewellery auction at the last minute as a result of Charlie's lax security. Charlie manages to do a deal out of loyalty to Hutch.


Daisy Beaumont – Nadine: Glamorous confidence trickster posing as wine trader, manages to steal vast amounts of vintage wine from the hotel by wheedling her way into James's affections.


Laurence Edney – Mike: Nadine's sidekick con-artist.


David Partridge – Warnock: Obnoxious city boy on a weekend bonus spending mission. With his pal, Whelan, they upset the staff, who ultimately seek revenge.


Oliver Chopping – Whelan: Obnoxious city boy on a weekend bonus spending mission. With his pal, Warnock, they upset the staff, who ultimately seek revenge.


Alan Ford – Terry McCaffrey: Ex-convict turned loan-shark whom Charlie calls upon to help him out of a financial fix.


Marc Bannerman – Sparks: Evil low-life – one of Terry's henchmen – who prowls the hotel when Charlie doesn't pay Terry back on time. He assaults Tanya, then tries the same with Jackie – with disastrous consequences.


Megan Dodds – Katie: Narcissistic movie star intent on getting the best of everything. Becomes distraught when she believes Tom is perceived as the real star. Jack is forced to appease her or the movie they're filming at the hotel might collapse.


James Lance – Tom: Press-hungry movie star with a taste for exotic hookers. Jack has to keep him happy to prevent the movie they're filming at the hotel from collapsing.


John Barrowman – Simon: The director of the movie being shot at the hotel. Has the difficult task of managing the competing egos of the stars who have no on-screen chemistry. He requires "tits" and Katie won't oblige. Jack has to sort it out.


Donna Air – Rachel: Anna is appalled by Rachel's double standards – she seemed so cool! But when she discovers Rachel is dying and just trying to have some fun while she can, Anna tries to do the right thing – but it backfires.


Dominik Kracmar – Sam: Dying Rachel's ex-boyfriend whom Anna attempts to reunite with Rachel in order to forge a happy ending.


Sophie Wu – Mei: 15-year-old sex trafficking victim, helped to escape by Tony when her horrific situation is revealed.


Loo Brealy – Chloe: New ingénue waitress who clearly has the hots for James. He can't avoid her advances and the two go on a date. But she's not as innocent as she first appears.


Dan Li – Jiang: Posing as Mei's brother, but actually a pimp, Jiang tries to take Mei back. Tony and Emily pay him off in order to help Mei.


Ronan Vibert – Harkness: Manager of rival hotel The Burlington. Manages to steal Babylon's new menu before it goes live and everyone (wrongly) accuses Gino of being the mole.


David Schneider – Dan Black: David-Blaine-style illusionist, staying at the hotel in preparation for his latest stunt. Anna and Ben reveal a penchant for magic and try to steal the method behind the trick. But Dan gets the last laugh.


Steven Pinder – Eddie Palmer: Out-of-touch chat show host looking for "company" who asks Tony for help – but he wants to use one of his regular contacts, which Tony becomes unhappy about when the girl (Mei) reveals she's a victim of sex-trafficking and longs to return home.


Nicholas Rowe – Jonah Slaughter: Provincial preacher turned soon-to-be-famous faith healer comes a cropper when relatives of his followers show up for revenge – claiming he's nothing but a charlatan. Things turn nasty and Emily manages to force him to come clean.


Adam Kotz – Nathan: Jonah's loyal but put-upon assistant who's had enough and orchestrates his downfall, but he doesn't expect things to get quite so messy.


Peter Wight – Martin: Vengeful relative who blames Jonah for his son's death. Brings a gun to the hotel to get his revenge. It backfires (literally).


Samantha Bond – Caroline: Actress pretending to be vengeful relative of a follower of Jonah whom Nathan enlists to get his own back on his boss.


Bob Goody – Spencer: All Spencer wants to do is read his book, Catch 22 – he's come to the hotel especially to do that, but the gang get in the way of his enjoyment.







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