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29 October 2014
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BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008 
Pramface Mansion: Robyn Sanderson and baby Kelci

BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008


Making The Clothes I Wear


Six High Street fashion fans embark on an ambitious journey to discover how the clothes they wear are really made. In this compelling new series, the group travels to a developing country to work in clothing factories, live in workers' homes and try to survive on their wages, providing a genuine insight into a side of life most Westerners never encounter.


In addition, the fashion lovers are set challenges to see if they can meet the kind of targets that the local workers meet on a daily basis to fulfil the increasing demand for cut-price fashion. From large factories with endless production lines, the group move on to cramped backstreet cabins – where they are paid for each piece they make, and sleep on the floor next to their machines.


They also explore rural life and the back-breaking job of picking raw cotton. Making The Clothes I Wear follows the six participants' lives back in the UK, too, and explores their current shopping habits. As events unfold, viewers see if the fashionistas eventually choose to re-evaluate their lives and attitudes towards clothes.




Pramface Mansion


From the makers of the acclaimed Baby Borrowers comes this radical new social experiment. The series follows ten single mums and their children, who are given the opportunity to live together for one month so they can try and change their lives for the better.


Whether they want to find a job, sort out their relationship or get back into education, during their time living together the mums are responsible for creating a home and building a mutually supportive environment for themselves so they can make positive changes to their lives.


There are certain to be highs and lows – as well as a few laughs – as the mums endeavour to make this unique environment a workable reality for the month ahead and, hopefully, a beneficial experience for the future.




Jack's Story


When award-winning reporter Ben Anderson spent two months with a unit of Grenadier Guards in the Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, he met some extraordinary men. One of them was Lance Corporal Jack Mizon, an unbelievably brave 23-year-old who has seen and experienced more than most men of his age.


Over three weeks, Jack lost one of his friends in a roadside-bomb attack, then a suicide bomber hit the convoy he was travelling in, killing another of his friends. After narrowly avoiding being killed in an accidental explosion in a building, Jack was sent to a psychiatrist to make sure he was alright. The only way forward for him, though, was to stop thinking about the incidents and keep going. Back in the UK, Jack is in The Queen's Company of the Grenadier Guards, guarding Buckingham Palace in his red coat and bearskin hat. Ben catches up with him at home where he meets his family and friends, and discovers some of Jack's preferred places and activities.




Filthy Gorgeous


Filthy Gorgeous is the world's first "make-under" show. Each week, a number of over-styled and over-the-top girls and boys are scrubbed down to discover what's underneath – their fabulous natural beauty. The selected candidates are scrutinised by a straight-talking computer that analyses their look and asks the public to comment on their appearance.


The computer then strips the participants of their fake hair, mahogany tans and inappropriate clothes and instructs them to make more natural and flattering fashion choices via hi-tech, touch-screen graphics. After a complete beauty reboot, the contributor's new look is revealed and the public comment once more on the make-under transformation.




The Real Hustle – Las Vegas


In this new series, filmed exclusively in Las Vegas, the three Real Hustlers – confidence trickster Alexis Conran, scam artist Paul Wilson and sexy swindler Jessica Clement – pull off some of the biggest and most outrageous scams ever.


They are all carried out on unsuspecting members of the American public and captured with hidden cameras, so the viewers know what to look out for and learn how to avoid being scammed themselves.


The lure of Las Vegas is obvious. It's one of the world's leading tourist destinations and possibly its cheating capital. It's a city built on gambling and, wherever there are fortunes to be won on the turn of a card, there will always be hustlers. They've been caught working in every area of Vegas – from casinos and businesses to street vendors and tourist attractions.


Las Vegas attracts thousands of opportunists and conmen looking to exploit its vulnerabilities. It's the ideal place to demonstrate the tricks of the scam artists and show viewers how to avoid them.


Front Desk


Dr In The House


Young boozers, bingers and party animals get a wake-up call before it's too late in Dr In The House, presented by George Lamb. Each week, the over-the-top lifestyle of a contributor is examined: what damage are their excesses doing to their insides?


A "living autopsy" is performed using state-of-the-art technology, revealing the real impact that bad food, drink, drugs and cigarettes are having on their organs. But can the damage be reversed? A hand-picked medic spends several weeks with each contributor to help them try to suppress their addiction to excess.


Will the young ravers be able to cut out their toxic vices and curb a lifetime of harmful habits? All will be revealed when they return for the internal tune up – because the autopsy table doesn't lie...




Dawn Gets...


There's no such thing as a taboo subject when journalist Dawn Porter gets on the case. In a series of four films, Dawn tackles the questions viewers were afraid to ask on "all things female".


To investigate society's attitude to the female body, she gets her kit off to host a naked flashmob in central London and models at a life-drawing class. Dawn explores her lesbian side for a month, moving into a lesbian flatshare and pledging to undertake a "man ban". But how far will she go?


Then, she faces up to the business end of giving birth as she finds out if those who are "too posh to push" have got the right idea. Dawn also delves into the world of 21st century dating to see if the perfect relationship really does exist.






The channel's innovative 60-second news bulletin relaunches with a fresh look, new presenters and special editions on subjects that best reflect young viewers' interests.


Whilst continuing to deliver instant hits of information throughout the night, 60seconds launches a nightly World News bulletin, with global events seen through the eyes of news stations around the world.


And, in line with the audience's interest in the world around them, there is also a weekly commitment to environmental news along with special bulletins on everything from technology to entertainment and weekend sport.




Find Me The Face


Model scouting hits the High Street as two top model scouts go head to head to discover the UK's hidden modelling talent.


Revealing what it takes to be a scout, two of the hottest bookers in the business put their reputations on the line by trying to find a brand-new face in just one month, and offer them a life-changing contract with a top agency.


Ditching the size-zero stereotype and going for a different look every week, they want to find real people who can succeed in the ferociously competitive world of modelling. The scouts are Becky Southwick, who works for Donald Trump's high-profile model agency in New York, and Jody Furlong, who specialises in picking faces from obscurity.


Each week, they scour the UK to find a potential model who may never have realised they had a look that could take them to the top. Once Becky and Jody have worked their magic and signed their finds with an agency, will the rookie catwalk stars be able to get any work?




Baby Borrowers On Holiday


Baby Borrowers returns and this time they're off on holiday.


For most teenagers holidays are fun, but the Baby Borrowers' holiday won't involve lazing around and topping up tans. Five teenage couples – all craving independence – will live with their partners. But, over four weeks, they are fast tracked through adult life from pregnancy to parenting babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens to caring for the elderly.


Melting ice cream, collapsing tents and muddy pets are thrown in for good measure. How will they cope with childcare and, more importantly, each other? Will they take to parenthood and the reality of adult life like a duck to water or run home to mum?








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