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29 October 2014
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BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008 
Phoo Action

BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008

Drama Pilot Season

A combination of hot new talent and established names has produced six diverse one-off dramas. The films – a set of maverick tales from the present and the future – are the first of a new generation of youthful, fresh dramas on BBC Three.


Phoo Action


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonderfully warped world of Phoo Action. The year is 2012 and London is in the grip of mutant criminals. Only Terry Phoo, a hapless Buddhist kung-fu cop, and Whitey Action, an unruly teenage heroine, can save the nation.


They form an unlikely but effective crime-fighting team who bring together chaos and comedy with mischief and mayhem to become heroes for a future generation.


This action drama is based on characters created by Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz, Tank Girl) for the comic strip Get The Freebies, which first appeared in The Face magazine.


Jaime Winstone (Kidulthood) stars as teenage anarchist Whitey Action, with Eddie Shin (ER) as martial arts sweetheart Terry Phoo. Rocky legend Carl Weathers is Benjamin Benson, Chief of Police and long-suffering father to the rebellious Whitey.


Phoo Action is written by Matthew Enriquez Wakeham, Peter Martin and Jessica Hynes.




Being Human


This is the story of a house share with a difference; a tale of three twenty-somethings, each of them outsiders with unusual afflictions: one is a vampire, one a werewolf and one a ghost.


Mitchell is a hospital cleaner. He's good-looking, laid-back and a hit with the ladies, but also something of a blood-sucker. George works in the same hospital as a porter. He's an awkward but loveable geek who, every full moon, sprouts a snout and grows a very hairy back.


Having had enough of sleeping in hostels and temporary accommodation, Mitchell and George decide to get a house together. They just want to have a go at being normal; being human. But, as soon as they move in, they discover an unwanted lodger – Annie – a ghost with a distinct lack of self-esteem.


Mitchell is played by Guy Flanagan (Totally Frank), George by Russell Tovey (The History Boys) and Annie by Andrea Riseborough (Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk To Finchley). Being Human is written by Toby Whithouse.




The Things I Haven't Told You


Everyone has secrets – the things they don't want anyone else to know... Aisling Hunter is ordinary. Not beautiful, not special – just another girl in the crowd who wishes she was anyone else, anywhere else.


Geri West is the opposite – glamorous, confident, popular and a malicious bitch. So, when the two strike up a friendship, it's a mystery to everyone. But blackmail can be very bonding and, if Aisling is to keep Geri's secret, she wants something in return.


Geri might just have the key to Aisling's own mystery – the whereabouts of her missing mum. Just as it looks like she might be close to the truth, however, Aisling is run over in a bizarre car crash. A stolen car, a mysterious stranger and an unlit road – was it deliberate or accidental?


The Things I Haven't Told You is written by young writer Lisa McGee and stars newcomer Elizabeth Day as Aisling, Nathalie Lunghi (Layer Cake) as Geri and Andrew Lincoln (This Life, Teachers) as DC Rae.




West 10 LDN


Starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, West 10 LDN is a vibrant new drama that delves into the intense and passionate lives of the teenagers who live on West London's Greenside estate.


Love, danger, drugs, families, violence and tenderness power a story that opens the door into a world only ever seen on TV when a shooting makes the news.


Eighteen-year-old Elisha arrives at Greenside and runs straight into trouble. When her belongings are stolen, she risks everything to get them back because she has a secret to hide. Youth-club worker Lacey and aspiring writer Michael are legends in their own neighbourhood, whereas Orin finds himself in more danger than he's ever known...


Elisha is played by Ashley Madekwe (Drop Dead Gorgeous), Lacey by Ashley Walters (Hustle), Michael by Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) and Orin by Duane Henry (Jericho). West 10 LDN is directed by Menhaj Huda and written by Noel Clarke, the team behind Kidulthood.






Sharp, pacey and acutely observed, this new drama follows the complicated lives of a group of disconnected teenagers from very different backgrounds who are thrown together after the suicide of a mutual friend, Jenny Summers. This life-changing experience bonds them all and forces them to examine who they really are.


The teenagers are: Sophie, who dropped Jenny when she got in with the in-crowd; Anthony, the kid from the wrong side of the tracks who called the ambulance that fateful night; Ben, Jenny's ex who cheated on her, twice; Emily, who was too busy partying to bother with Jenny and her moods; Paula, the mysterious beauty with something to hide; and Josh, a geek who has his own personal tragedy to deal with.


A stylish and aspirational exploration of what it's like to be a teenager in 21st century Britain, Dis/Connected is a drama in which lives connect and unique friendships form.


It's written by Howard Overman (Hotel Babylon), and features a host of new and upcoming talent both on and off screen including Aml Ameen (Kidulthood) as Anthony. It is directed by Tom Harper, winner of the BBC Three New Filmmaker Award 2006.




Mrs In-Betweeny


Co-created by Paul Abbott (Shameless, State Of Play) and Caleb Ranson (The Outsiders), Mrs In-Betweeny takes a darkly comic look at modern British family life in all its guises.


The Winslow kids think life sucks. Their parents are dead, but still manage to embarrass them – how could they have parked in the exact spot where a lump of frozen urine would land from a passing plane?


Then there's Uncle Neil, who's just plain hopeless – too knackered from meeting his sex-mad girlfriend's demands and keeping their grandmother away from her newly developed passion for erotic toys and vodka.


Then their saviour, Uncle Brendan, arrives to make it all better – but now he's "Aunt" Emma and has more attitude than they could ever imagine. Now, that really is embarrassing…


Written by Caleb Ranson, Mrs In-Betweeny stars Amelia Bullmore as Aunt Emma.






Welcome to college life at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University in the USA, and the social minefield that is the Greek system of fraternities and sororities. Rusty (Jacob Zachar) is determined to make his college experience more exciting than his high-school years, which he spent with his head buried in books.


The solution: no more geek, he's going Greek. But Rusty faces one small obstacle – his sister, Casey (Spencer Grammer). Casey has already established herself as a college siren and is not keen on having her younger brother invade her world.


She is a high achiever and already at the top of her sorority game. Next in line to become the president of Zeta Beta Zeta, she's seen around campus with fraternity hottie Evan – they're the perfect couple. The last thing Casey needs is her nerdy younger brother messing it all up, but isn't that what younger brothers are for?


Greek is about young people looking for freedom, love, sex and friendship, whilst dealing with cheating boyfriends, nerdy younger brothers and girls obsessed with beauty and popularity. So, are you ready to go Greek?






With a first chance to view on BBC Three, the second series explores the heroes' lives four months after the explosive events of the first season's finale.


While the various heroes are forced to find a new direction, The Company seeks to control the new stage in evolution. As new characters emerge, the previous generation of heroes are being murdered.


Maya and her twin, Alejandro, are introduced; Maya has the ability to cry a deadly disease while her brother is the cure. They attempt to make a dangerous trip to America in search of help. Monica, another young woman with new-found special abilities, would give up everything to help the people around her. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world...


Heroes stars Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh, Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli, Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet, Jack Coleman as Mr Bennet, Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman, James Kyson Lee as Ando Masahashi, Ali Larter as Niki Sanders, Noah Gray-Cabey as Micah Sanders, Dania Ramirez as Maya, Shalim Ortiz as Alejandro, Dana Davis as Monica and Zachary Quinto as Sylar.








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