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16 April 2014
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BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008 
Gavin & Stacey: (L-R) Smithy (James Corden), Stacey (Joanna Page), Gavin (Mathew Horne) and Nessa (Ruth Jones)

BBC Three Winter/Spring 2008


Gavin & Stacey


The critically acclaimed comedy makes a welcome return after triple success at the British Comedy Awards. The honeymoon's over for newlyweds Gavin and Stacey, and their married life begins in earnest at the Shipman family home in Essex.


But, as the reality of living so far away sinks in, Stacey starts missing her home in Barry Island along with her mum and her Uncle Bryn. Meanwhile, Gavin and Stacey's best friends, Smithy and Nessa, are coming to terms with their own stark reality: they're not even friends and yet they're having a baby together.


Gavin & Stacey stars Mathew Horne as Gavin, Joanna Page as Stacey, James Corden as Smithy and Ruth Jones as Nessa, with Alison Steadman, Rob Brydon, Larry Lamb and Melanie Walters. Julia Davis (Nighty Night) and Sheridan Smith (Grownups, Two Pints Of Lager) guest star, and the series is written by Ruth Jones and James Corden.




The Wrong Door


This is a daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe; a fantastic world governed by the laws of comedy – not nature – and where special effects seen in the movies and on TV are part of everyday life.


In this parallel universe, herds of space hoppers and shopping trolleys roam the countryside; robots play tennis; mini-bars come with a helpful mini-barman; magazines come with a free, blow-up boyfriend; and mp3 players generate 3-D popstar holograms and monsters under the bed.


In this world, viewers can meet the Booze Fairies, the Wizard of Oswestry, the World's Most Annoying Creature and a love-struck dinosaur called Phillip. Here, superheroes, wizards, dinosaurs and monsters casually go about their business amongst the daily irritations of explosions, disasters, battles, chases and driving lessons.


With its genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects, The Wrong Door heralds a brave new world of comic possibility.




Coming Of Age


This brand-new sitcom, written by 19-year-old Tim Dawson, takes viewers into the outrageous and scatological world of a group of sixth-form students living in Abingdon. Jas, Ollie, Matt, Chloe and DK are regular teenagers – their lives revolve around college, their bedrooms and, because they are always getting thrown out of the local pub, Ollie's garden shed.


Coming Of Age shows life from a teenage perspective. It talks about being young openly, honestly and truthfully – loving for the first time, fancying your history teacher and dealing with those pesky, unwanted erections-in-public-places.


The series is a celebration of youth and, as well as being written by a teenager, stars five of the UK's top up-and-coming young comedy actors. Some buzzwords: college, parents, love, drink, music, teachers, drugs, woks, sex, teddy bears, sheds, swimming pools and... er... mud.






Welcome to Scallywagga – a spanking-new sketch show straight out of the north of England. It's fast paced and innovatively immature enough to appeal to the subversive adolescent in everyone.


Its cast of characters include Asbo PIN, who has an uncanny knack of predicting people's PIN numbers; pastry-obsessed Gregs Girl; and Adrian, whose parents resort to increasingly bizarre measures to disown him. Plus, there's always a party on the go and plenty of trips to Scallywagga High.


The series features rising young comedy stars Carl Rice, Jessica Hall, Luke Gell, Joanna Higson, Stefan Gumbs, Lena Kaur, Scott Taylor and Curtis Cole. They are aided and abetted by the slightly more grown-up Sally Lindsay (Coronation Street), Steve Edge (The Visit) and Neil Fitzmaurice (Phoenix Nights).


Front Desk




The Bafta-nominated and acutely observed comedy about the loneliness of having fun is back. Pulling follows the lives and loves of three friends as they endure the exhilarating highs – and devastating lows – of being young(ish), free and single.


Featuring a cast of talented British comedy actors and a sparkling script, it takes a long, hard look at sex, love and friendship – not to mention what you do when you don't recognise the person you've woken up with.


The series has again been co-written by Sharon Horgan (Monkey Dust, Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive) – who also returns as Donna – and the playwright Dennis Kelly.


The cast includes Tanya Franks (EastEnders) as Karen, Rebekah Staton (Jane Eyre, State Of Play) as Louise, Cavan Clerkin (Smack The Pony) as Karl, and Paul Kaye (Match Point, Dennis Pennis) who guest stars as Karen's boyfriend, Danny.




Trexx And Flipside


Introducing new writers and actors, hip hop and urban poetry come together in the form of Trexx And Flipside, a fresh, multi-platform sitcom. Trexx and Flipside are wannabe hip hop stars but their music label – Wu Hah Records – is run by Mr Brilliance who is more in tune with crooning than rap.


Fortunately, his so-called assistant, Ollie, knows what she is doing and loves the boys' work. But even she worries that their enthusiasm is doing more harm than good – when they crashed the British Rap Awards (Bras) in a borrowed strip limo shared with a hen party, for instance.


And, when it comes to using a little muscle, the hip hop world is inhabited by the uninhibited, and gangsta rapper B-Ice has sworn to keep the boys exactly where he put them – in the gutter. Pitted against their rap rivals and backed by a no-hoper of a manager, will Trexx and Flipside ever make it?


BBC Entertainment Publicity


Marc Wootton Exposed


Marc Wootton presents a gallery of delusional characters in this new comedy series. Using the power of monologue and the motif of a photographer's studio, Marc Wootton Exposed takes the viewer behind the moment of a posed portrait and into the lives of the characters behind the façade.


Among the many new characters are Paul, the loner documenting his mistaken belief that he's transforming into a vampire; Prudence, the housewife who's in denial about her husband's overt affair with their Mexican houseguest; and Ian, the psychotic schoolboy who is every bully's worst nightmare… The series is written by Marc Wootton and Liam Woodman, with Jeremy Dyson (The League Of Gentlemen) as script editor.




Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps


The seventh series of the popular comedy has returned and opened with a bang – a live first episode. In the series, Janet (Sheridan Smith) and her mates – Donna (Natalie Casey), Gaz (Will Mellor) and Louise (Kathryn Drysdale) – cope with a series of personal challenges before facing the biggest shock of their lives: Jonny (Ralf Little) is dead.


How will Janet, and her baby, Corinthian, survive without her hapless husband? How will newly engaged Donna and Gaz react when Donna gets her dream job? What will pretentious Louise do when she discovers that she's pregnant? The series also features the arrival of hilarious new talent Luke Gell as pub manager Tim and the mysterious return of cult character Munch (Lee Oakes)…


Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps is written by creator Susan Nickson (Grownups) alongside a team of the UK's freshest young comedy writers, including BBC Talent winner Jon Brown and Kate Wincup, recipient of a BBC writer-in-residence bursary.


Front Desk


Family Guy


The Emmy-nominated, animated series continues to follow the twisted trials and tribulations of Peter Griffin and his not-quite-so-average family of middle-class New Englanders.


Lois is Peter's loving wife, who struggles to maintain a modicum of normality in their home life. Then there are their kids: angst-ridden, 16-year-old Meg, who only really wants to get noticed; 13-year-old Chris, a sweet-natured slacker; and one-year-old Stewie, a diabolically clever baby who's already bent on world domination. Rounding out the Griffin household is Brian, the family dog, who has a penchant for dry Martinis and classic jazz.


The opening episode features a Star Wars homage, typically receiving the full Family Guy treatment, and, during the season, there are guest vocal appearances from Carrie Fisher, Hugh Hefner, Rob Lowe, Chevy Chase and Simon Cowell. Seth MacFarlane is Peter Griffin, Stewie and Brian; Alex Borstein is Lois; Mila Kunis is Meg; and Seth Green is Chris.


Front Desk






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