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24 September 2014
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BBC Scotland 2007 
Reported Scotland: 50 Years Of TV News

BBC Scotland Autumn 2007

TV programmes K-R

BBC Two Scotland


Tackling burning issues affecting those who live, work and play in the Scottish countryside, Landward maintains its position at the cutting edge of rural affairs.


Featuring the presenting line-up of Nick Nairn, Ken Rundle, Euan MacIlwraith and Sara Mack, each week Landward explores the environmental, political and technical issues which impact on Scotland's countryside as well as meeting the people who make rural Scotland tick.


Viewers can also interact with the programme through the new Outdoors Scotland website at




BBC One Scotland


Chancers Sammy Fox and Danny live in a world populated by oddballs, rogues and losers, monkeys and Lionel Richie clay heads. It's a world where anything can – and probably will – happen.


Fox and Danny are good guys but their friendship often finds them embroiled in outrageous scenarios, with hilarious consequences. Happy-go-lucky Danny has zero responsibilities – his favourite pastime is bedding any woman he meets, whether they're sophisticated women of the world or wee mad hairies. Fox is one of life's losers with the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Estranged from his partner, Kelly-Anne, and his two kids, Fox lives in an old caravan at the bottom of Danny's garden. It's little wonder he's so miserable. Clare Grogan plays Danny's highly-sexed mum, May – a woman who knows how to have a good time. A comedic buddy series, Legit is about friendship and family and the things you'll do to find your own road to happiness. Steven McNicoll plays Sammy Fox and Jordan Young plays Danny. Legit is a Comedy Unit Production for BBC Scotland.






In this new series, Lenny takes viewers through the best of the best comedy shorts available on the worldwide internet. As inboxes across the land are crammed full of "funny" clips, Lenny guides the audience through the truly unmissable and assigns the rest to the shredder.


From the most outrageous CCTV to exclusive online TV via the weird, the wonderful and the just plain strange, Lenny and guests – including Harry Enfield, Patrick Kielty, Ruby Wax, Chris Tarrant, Jon Culshaw and Tim Vine – are on hand to cherry pick the very best laugh out loud entertainment. LennyHenry.TV. Log on.


Front Desk


MacMusical (A Highland Quest)
BBC One Scotland


Sir Cameron Mackintosh may have bitten off more than he can chew this time. In 2005, one of the world's top theatrical impresarios teamed up with the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness to launch a competition to find a musical worthy of being part of the Highland 2007 celebrations.


After, ploughing through proposals from all over the world, submitted by amateurs and professionals alike, they have finally found their musical, and the winning show will debut later this year.


Over the last two years MacMusical (A Highland Quest) has followed the process in intimate detail, capturing the thrills and disappointments of the would-be writers as they attempt to win the ultimate prize.


The three-part series follows the entire journey from the judging to rehearsals, culminating in the final opening performance on November 29. MacMusical (A Highland Quest) is an Endemol production for BBC Scotland.




Mod 2007
BBC Two Alba


The Royal National Mod, Scotland's premier festival celebrating the Gaelic language, arts and culture, takes place this year in Lochaber from 12-20 October.


BBC Alba will once again offer the best performances from the festival with coverage running from the 15-19 October on TV, radio and online. At the beginning of the week, young people are to the fore as they participate in the singing and poetry competitions.


Later in the week, the leading adult performers battle it out for the sought after solo Gold medals while on Friday the event comes to an end with the principal choral competition – The Lovat and Tullibardine Shield. Gaelic with English subtitles.




The Most Extreme Race On Earth? (working title)
BBC Two Scotland


In the summer of 2007, 30 world-class athletes began the most dangerous race of their lives – 850 kilometres across the length of the Alps travelling only by air, using a paraglider, or on foot.


Facing extreme weather and massive feats of endurance, the competitors crossed some of the most treacherous terrain in the world. Running, climbing and literally jumping off mountains, the event was probably one of the most extreme competitions ever staged.


For the first time a Scot gained entry to this amazing race. Ulric Jessop, originally from Edinburgh, faced danger, massive physical exertion and sleep deprivation all along the route. BBC Scotland gained exclusive access to Ulric's race. Cameras followed him day and night to witness this ultimate test of character which became as much a personal battle of determination and courage as a race against other competitors.




Movie Connections


It's a case of lights, camera, action as Movie Connections reveals the tales behind some of the world's best-loved movies.


The eight-part series tells the behind-the-scenes stories and features interviews with famous name cast and movie insiders. Featured films falling under the Movie Connections spotlight include Four Weddings And A Funeral, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Bend It Like Beckham, The Commitments, Brassed Off, Billy Elliot, Gregory's Girl and Shakespeare In Love.


Featuring interviews with Hugh Grant, Sophie Thompson, Guy Ritchie, Vinnie Jones, Parminder Nagra, Andrew Strong, Alan Parker, Pete Postlethwaite, Stephen Tompkinson, Jamie Bell, Gary Lewis, John Gordon Sinclair, Clare Grogan, Alex Norton, Joseph Fiennes and Geoffrey Rush, amongst others.




Na Daoine Beaga (The Little People)
BBC Two Alba


Magical pre-school children's series Na Daoine Beaga (The Little People) follows the adventures of three enchanting fairy-like characters from a mystical, colourful subterranean world.


Possessing special powers which help them explore a new theme from the land above, Criostag, Leòraidh and Sìtheag experience an abundance of imaginative fun and plenty of really catchy songs along the way.


Torcuil Toilichte, the friendly wizard, is always nearby offering some worldly words of advice and a gripping story related to the topic of the day. These tales are all enhanced with bright, vibrant illustrations.


Also playing their part in the fun are youngsters from throughout Scotland who participate in the activity of the day. Contributions range from dancing, playing instruments to the joy of giving and receiving presents. Gaelic with English subtitles.




Nina And The Neurons


Full of fun and laughter, Nina And The Neurons brings science centre stage and makes exploring the senses great fun.


A neuroscientist who presents a children's show in a Science Centre, Nina is fun and bubbly, but has the presence and authenticity of a real scientist who knows her stuff. The Neurons are animated characters who live in Nina's brain and – like real sensory neurons – send messages from her brain to the parts of her body which control her senses.


Aimed at four to six-year-olds, the CBeebies series has become a firm favourite with children, with the first series regularly featured in the top three most-viewed programmes on CBeebies digital channel. Series two is set to tx later in the year.


Front Desk


On The Road With Russell Brand
BBC Four and BBC Two


Jack Kerouac's On The Road is a literary classic and it's 50 this year. This semi-auto-biographical account, of Kerouac's crazy hedonistic travels across America, has inspired countless hipsters and restless souls to "hit the road".


Kerouac-devotee, Russell Brand embarks on his own coast-to-coast adventure in homage to his literary hero. Quirky and spontaneous, Russell Brand's stream of consciousness style is the comedic equivalent of Jack Kerouac's spontaneous prose.


Travelling with his Radio 2 colleague, Matt Morgan, Russell will visit many of Kerouac's old haunts and soak up the spirit of the Beat Generation.


Front Desk


One Life: Coma – The Miracle Awakenings (working title)


In 1995, Joanne Douglas suffered a seizure and lapsed into a coma. For more than a decade Joanne's parents, Robert and Jeanette, have been left wondering if she'll ever speak to them again.


Thelma Pickard's daughter, Amy, has been in a similar state of consciousness since 2001. The idea seemed unlikely, but last year a national newspaper published a story with a one word title – Reborn. It spoke of patients in South Africa, who'd been in a similar state to Amy and Joanne, waking up "as if a switch had been flicked".


For Joanne and Amy's parents a meaningful movement of a finger would, in their minds, signal a sea change in their daughters' condition. Now desperate to know more, both families journey to South Africa to meet the patients who are being treated. The families want to know if this is just another false hope, or whether it really could lead to their daughters being "reborn".


Front Desk




The number of children on powerful medication to control their behaviour has more than doubled in the last seven years. A Panorama investigation has found that at least 50,000 children across the UK – some as young as three years old – are now taking these drugs.


The programme reveals new research which questions whether it's safe or effective to keep kids on these pills for anything other than short periods. The author of the most influential study ever done on this subject, Professor William Pelham, says: "The science is absolutely clear now. Medication has no long term benefits and may even do harm. This is something parents need to know."


But Panorama has learned that some doctors are feeling under pressure to prescribe. One child psychiatrist who uses medication only as a last resort says colleagues have even suggested he should be struck off for his stance.




Phoo Action
BBC Three


The year is 2012 and London is in the grip of mutant criminals. Only Terry Phoo, a hapless Buddhist Kung Fu cop, and Whitey Action, an unruly teenage heroine, can save the nation. Together they form an unlikely, but effective, crime-fighting team who bring together chaos and comedy, mischief and mayhem, to become heroes for a future generation. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonderfully warped world of Phoo Action.


This live action drama is based on characters created by Jamie Hewlett for the comic strip Get The Freebies, which first appeared in The Face magazine. Written by Matthew Enriquez Wakeham, Peter Martin and Jessica Hynes, Phoo Action is directed by Euros Lyn and produced by Matthew Read for BBC Scotland.




QE2 – The Last Great Liner
BBC Two Scotland


In September 1967 amid a frenzy of press attention, the Queen came to Clydeside to launch a vessel. Ever since that day, the QE2 has been a flagship for the nation – a pioneering emblem of Britannia ruling the waves, leading the line as a liner as well as serving as a troop ship during the Falklands.


Now, to commemorate the return of this majestic vessel to her birthplace on the Clyde, IWC Media tells the story of how the great ship was built, and what the QE2's tale means to the people of Glasgow, Scotland and Great Britain.




Rapal TV
BBC Two Alba


Showcasing the hottest new music in Scotland, Rapal returns for a new series. Having become a favourite with listeners on BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, Rapal earned itself a cult audience when it made its TV debut last year, and has now been expanded to a 30-minute show.


Fronted by Niall Iain MacDonald, Andrew Robertson and Joanna MacMinn, the new eight-part music series features performances from the likes of Amy MacDonald, Drive-By Argument, Jyrojets and The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, amongst others. The series will also be showcasing brand new contemporary Gaelic songs for the first time.


In addition to the TV series, extra music exclusives including interviews with the featured bands can be heard on the weekly Rapal radio show on BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal and online at, offering a truly multi-media experience for everyone. Gaelic with English subtitles.






Double BAFTA award-winning Raven returns for its seventh series. After travelling east in Raven: The Secret Temple, Raven is back on familiar ground, guiding 18 warriors on their quest to become the Ultimate Champion.


The new series of Raven will feature 20 new games including Demon Army, Lava Pit, Skull Cage, Cliff Face, Boulder Run, Fire Water and The Chasm. It will also include a huge underground set where the warriors will face difficult and dangerous challenges deep beneath the Blasted Mountain.


And viewers will be given a scenic insight into Scotland with games played on Loch Fyne, Loch Eck and in the grounds of the stunning Benmore Botanical Gardens.


Front Desk


Reported Scotland: 50 Years Of TV News
BBC One Scotland


On 30 August 1957, BBC Scotland broadcast its first Scottish news programme. It lasted less than ten minutes but marked a major turning point in the BBC's attitude to broadcasting in Scotland. Reported Scotland: 50 Years Of TV News takes a behind-the-scenes look at how the reporting of Scotland has evolved over the last half century.


Archive-rich with a wealth of insight from the journalists and the presenters who were at the sharp end of the big breaking stories, this one-off documentary celebrates a memorable milestone of broadcasting in Scotland. Among the contributors who give the inside track behind the news which reverberated around the country and the probing interviews which created headlines, are Kirsty Wark, Mary Marquis and Jackie Bird.


From the Bible John murders through to the North Sea oil boom to the Lockerbie disaster, the documentary recaptures the drama of the stories and incidents which have left their mark. It also looks at the way the advance of technology is shaping the delivery of television news. The stories, the technology, the people, the stress, the fights, the newsroom ... they all come under the spotlight in Reported Scotland:50 Years Of TV News.




The Revenge Files Of Alistair Fury


"Sometimes, when poor little me is tortured by the vicious half-Nelsons, dead legs and ear-twists of my big brother ... and the poisonous tongue and towel slaps of my big sister ... I am forced to get even in any way I can."


Alistair Fury is the smallest in a family of five, last in line for everything good and first in line for everything bad. Hilarious children's series The Revenge Files Of Alistair Fury centres around the wild and immoderate revenge missions of an 11-year-old boy as he takes on his family, friends and everyone else in the world.


It's about brothers and sisters getting more pocket money, having the smallest bedroom in the house, always getting the littlest portion at supper, being ignored and being the youngest – it's about getting revenge for all that and more.


Based on the popular children's books, The War Diaries Of Alistair Fury by Jamie Rix, the series is a Little Brother Production for CBBC/BBC Scotland.


Front Desk


River City
BBC One Scotland


Approaching its fifth anniversary at the end of September, River City has become something of a national treasure and sits confidently under the title of Scotland’s much-loved soap.


This year has already seen the Shieldinch residents provide gripping drama in the form of murder, bigamy, child snatching, a siege and a serious car accident, to name but a few lead plotlines.


Fasten those seatbelts and hold on tight as 2007 draws to an end and the drama accelerates. Viewers will be gripped to their seats as things go from bad to worse for recently-widowed Tina as she tries to keep her wayward son Paul on the rails.


Meanwhile, crooked lawyer Archie Buchanan has already drugged his mother Liz, embezzled money from his clients and cheated on his wife Gina. The high octane drama surrounding 'Evil Archie' in the coming months will provide the most powerful scenes the soap has experienced, bringing its mustwatch level to a higher plateau than ever before.


Tina is played by Jenny Ryan, Paul by Sean Brown, Archie by Gilly Gilchrist, Liz by Eileen McCallum, and Gina by Libby McArthur.





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