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29 October 2014
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CBBC Autumn 2007 
Shaun The Sheep: The flock play football

CBBC Autumn 2007

CBBC shows

Adventure Rock


A new online game and play environment for children which allows children to inhabit a virtual online world. It features seven design studios encouraging kids to make movies, music, animation, cartoons and draw.


The Revenge Files Of Alistair Fury


This brand new show is adapted from the best selling Jamie Rix books. It's a series of funny stories centred around the wild and immoderate revenge missions of an embittered boy as he takes on his family, friends and immediate surroundings in the outside world. The world does not play fair with Alistair Fury because he is little and a kid. The series will also boast an ingenious mix of live action and CGI which will bring Alistair's revenge fantasies to life.


Blue Peter


The world's longest-running children's television series returns with hosts Konnie Huq, Andy Akinwolere, Gethin Jones and Zoe Salman this autumn. Blue Peter is one of CBBC's best-loved shows and will return to screens this September broadcasting from a new studio with a great new set, a new theme tune and more exciting content including traditional favourites such as the annual Blue Peter charity appeal plus games, books, pets and reports from the team on the summer trip.


Escape From Scorpion Island


A real life adventure game, set on an exotic island off the coast of Brazil. Ten children aged between 11 and 14 will compete to conquer Scorpion Island and escape from it. The Scorpion Island adventurers undertake a series of extreme challenges devised by a team of specialists, including sky diving, river crossing, fire walking and even helicopter abseiling! The show will run three times a day, every weekday for three weeks across BBC One, BBC Two and CBBC and will be hosted by Reggie Yates and Caroline Flack.




A reality show in which six boys and six girls from cities around the UK are taken on an adventure back to wartime Britain – to live life as members of the household of a manor house.


M.I. High II


High–ranking MI9 agent Lenny Bicknall heads a ring of undercover agents in a place the enemy will never suspect – an inner city high school. Daisy, Blane and Rose are highly–trained spies who juggle school work with saving the world from the villainous Grand Master and his mob of outlandish rogues.


Daisy possesses chameleon–like skills, scientific expert Rose has an IQ off the scale and enigmatic Blane is unsurpassed in his athletic prowess and rapid response abilities. But with the pressures of such a responsible job and the danger of discovery at school, will the spy team be able to protect Britain and hand their homework in on time?




Iconic children's programme Newsround was the first, and is still, the only dedicated daily news service for children. Ellie Crisell and the rest of the Newsround presenters bring children news, reviews, entertainment and sports updates from around the world every weekday at 5.25pm. Kids can also stay up to date with news online at


Prank Patrol


Prank Patrol features CBBC presenter Barney Harwood and his Ninjas who set out to help a joker pull off the prank of a lifetime on an unsuspecting friend or relative. Hidden cameras capture the hilarious results.


Shaun The Sheep


Shaun The Sheep, from Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave, follows the adventures of Shaun and the rest of his flock as they join in his madcap schemes, from synchronised swimming in the sheep–dip to disguising themselves in the scarecrow's clothes.




Imagine a school where you don't have to go to lessons, you make all the rules yourself and climbing trees and building boats are definitely part of the curriculum. That school exists. It's called Summerhill and it has been there for 70 years.


Maddie (11) and Ryan (14) attend Summerhill and find it changes them in ways they would never imagine. But then when Ofsted Inspectors decide the school must close, Maddie and Ryan join forces with staff and pupils in a battle that goes to the very heart of the Government. Based on a true story, Summerhill is an enchanting drama that will captivate the whole family.


The Sarah Jane Adventures


A brand new children's drama from the makers of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures stars one of The Doctor's most famous former companions – investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.


Having travelled the universe with The Doctor, Sarah Jane is used to dealing with alien encounters. But when her young companions Maria, Luke and Clyde become embroiled in a mysterious world of chases, danger, and monsters from outer space, they soon discover that life on earth can be an adventure too.


The ten-part series features Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith along with some familiar alien enemies from Doctor Who.


The Secret Show


The Secret Show is about secret people doing secret things. Special agents Victor Volt and Anita Knight work for U.Z.Z, protecting the world against the evil forces of T.H.E.M. Managed by a boss whose name is quite literally "change daily", and assisted on their madcap missions by insane scientist Professor Professor, Victor and Anita manage to save the world – or large parts of it – once or sometimes even twice a week.




TMi is an exciting entertainment show hosted by two of CBBC's favourite stars – Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes (aka Sam and Mark) and Caroline Flack. Whether Sam and Mark are answering the door to surprise celebrity guests, going head–to–head to complete tasks set by Caroline and the viewers, or coming up with games for the show itself, they are always in for a hectic and unpredictable week!


Young Dracula


A new take on one of the most popular literary figures will be what to expect of Young Dracula when a single dad Count Dracula moves to modern-day Britain from Transylvania with his two children, Vlad and Ingrid. To his father's horror, Vlad – the show's eponymous hero – wants not to bite, but rather to fit in with his new-found British friends, but it's not easy when you are one of the undead.



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