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29 October 2014
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BBC One Autumn 2007 
(L- R) Jessica Hynes and David Tennant in Learners

BBC One Autumn 2007




A heart-warming comedy drama written by, and starring, Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson), Learners follows the trials and tribulations of a group of learner drivers.


Bev is a downtrodden wife who's failed her driving test eight times. She's desperate to pass, yet frustrated by her husband Ian's impatient approach in teaching her how to drive. When Bev is inspired by glamorous driving-school owner Fiona, she's determined to succeed along with a group of other learner drivers.


Chris, a devout Christian with the patience of a saint, is assigned as her instructor and it's not long before Bev develops a crush on him, despite his geeky appearance.


Bev is played by Jessica Hynes (Spaced), Ian by Shaun Dingwall (Doctor Who), Fiona by Sarah Hadland (Confetti) and Chris by David Tennant (Doctor Who).



Mutual Friends 
(L-R) Alexander Armstrong and Marc Warren in Mutual Friends


Mutual Friends


Martin Grantham is happily married to Jen. They have a son, Dan, and a nice house: the works. One day, however, best friend Carl throws himself under a train, setting off a disastrous sequence of events that will change Martin's life for ever…


Into this mess steps Patrick, a friend from way back. Patrick is everything Martin is not: glib, self-confident, popular and pathologically immature. He's the last person Martin needs in his life right now. Or is he?


Mutual Friends is a brand-new comedy drama starring Marc Warren (Hustle, Dracula) as Martin, Keeley Hawes (Spooks, After Thomas) as Jen and Alexander Armstrong (Life Begins, The Armstrong & Miller Show) as Patrick.




The Dinner Party


Set in the green-belt paradise of suburban England, The Dinmer Party is a new comedy drama following three couples who meet to celebrate Roger's birthday.


Taking place over one evening, it perfectly captures the essence of an English dinner party. Roger sits on his throne, surrounded by the finest marble and oak fittings, and holds court, telling the assembled gathering that his son is off to Oxford University.


Jim is a struggling photocopier salesman who feels his life is unravelling. He hasn't sold anything for months, his wife is spending far beyond their means and their 15-year-old daughter, Lucy, is pregnant and locked in her bedroom.


Leo and Jackie, meanwhile, are hoping they've found their idyll, but soon discover the order and hierarchy of "village life". By the time the Polish staff have served the main course, fractures are beginning to appear in their dream and the dinner party begins to unravel into a tragedy of manners...



The Omid Djalili Show 
Omid Djalili


The Omid Djalili Show


"All I've ever wanted to do is to bring world peace through stand-up comedy ... and now that I've done that, I can concentrate on my new BBC One comedy series."


Invoking the spirit of Dave Allen, Omid Djalili, one of Britain's best contemporary comic performers and multi-award-winning stand-up, realises his ambition in his self-penned, self-titled stand-up and sketch show.


The British-Iranian comedian has not only completed UK and US sell-out tours, but has also appeared in numerous Hollywood blockbusters, including Gladiator and The Mummy.


A man whose talent expands way beyond the "perfect ethnic everyman bit-part specialist" he refers to himself as, Omid unleashes an idiosyncratic mix of political and social commentary with the odd belly dance thrown in for good measure.


A unique fusion of Omid's hugely successful and highly energetic stand-up, comedy sketches and characters, the show takes a grown-up swipe at modern-day life in a multicultural society.



After You've Gone 
Nicholas Lyndhurst in After You've Gone


After You've Gone


Nicholas Lyndhurst reprises his role as Jimmy Venables – a divorced father-of-two who finds himself in the distinctly unenviable position of living with his mother-in-law – as After You've Gone returns.


While Jimmy's ex-wife stays in Africa to tend the victims of a natural disaster, domestic calamities continue at home as Jimmy and his patrician mother-in-law, Diana (Celia Imrie), attempt to share both a roof and parental duties.


With a smart-talking daughter, Molly (Dani Harmer, star of Tracy Beaker), alongside a wonderfully eccentric son, Alex (Ryan Sampson), the challenges facing this unlikely duo could hardly be more daunting.


After You've Gone is created by Fred Barron (My Family). The cast also includes Amanda Abbington as Jimmy's girlfriend and Vincent Ebrahim and Lee Oakes as Jimmy's mates, Bobby and Kev.



The Armstrong & Miller Show 
(L-R) Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong


The Armstrong & Miller Show


Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller return with their own particular brand of sketch comedy, joined by Jeremy Dyson from The League Of Gentlemen as "script guru".


Viewers can expect a line-up of new characters including the politically incorrect satnav and its near-the knuckle-instructions; Pru and Miranda, two fat ladies who can neither cook nor run Dandy Lions, their brain-meltingly inefficient vegetarian restaurant in Hampstead; retired Essex gangster and self-appointed guardian of public decency, Mr Foley; and Tony and Dimitri, a Keegan-esque football manager and his Russian oligarch boss.


And that's just a taster – there are nearly 100 other characters in the series, all with a whiff of Armstrong and Miller's exquisite nose for the absurd.



Not Going Out 
(L-R) Tim Vine and Lee Mack in Not Going Out


Not Going Out


Royal Television Society award-winning sitcom Not Going Out returns for a second series.


Happy-go-lucky Lee (Bafta winner Lee Mack) has a problem. His flatmate, Kate, has moved out for good and his best mate and landlord, Tim (fellow Bafta winner and stand-up, Tim Vine), has put the apartment up for sale. Faced with the prospect of being homeless, Lee rents the spare room to Tim's ambitious younger sister, Lucy.


Unfortunately, the arrangement turns out to be far from perfect. Sibling rivalry turns into full-on anxiety as Tim quickly becomes suspicious of Lee's influence on his kid sister, while Lucy grows more and more worried about her brother's inability to get a girlfriend – or a promotion.


And, to complicate matters even further, Lee starts to seriously question the suitability of Lucy's new boyfriend.



Murphy's Law 
Hugh Dennis grappling with child in Outnumbered




Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner and Samantha Bond star in Outnumbered, a new comedy about the daily chaos of family life; about two parents and three young children, locked in an unequal contest.


Viewers will witness an honest portrayal of the well-meaning parental incompetence that happens in most homes, as a beleaguered Mum and Dad attempt to raise their kids with the minimum of emotional damage for all concerned.


Outnumbered is written by the creators of Drop The Dead Donkey, Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton – with elements of improvisation – and will be quite unlike any other family comedy.




The Green Green Grass


Boycie and Marlene are back and now actually enjoying life in the country, in the third series of John Sullivan's hit comedy.


Having longed for the quiet life, they've found it's been anything but. They've survived the wily tricks of nasty neighbour Llewellyn, an ancient curse on Winterdown Farm, an attempt at organic farming, and a visit from Marlene's sister and the dreaded Driscolls.


But life continues to throw up surprises and there's plenty more in store, as Boycie yearns for local grandeur and Marlene refuses to play "the farmer's wife".


Meanwhile, farm staff Elgin, Bryan, Jed and duster-shy Mrs Cakeworthy still run rings around their master, and Tyler and Beth continue their rocky teenage romance. John Challis and Sue Holderness star as Boycie and Marlene.







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