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24 September 2014
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BBC Two Autumn 2007 
The Peter Serafinowicz Show

BBC Two Autumn 2007

Programmes M-S

Nigella Express


The Domestic Goddess is back, and this time it's instant.


Nigella Lawson cooks up fabulous fast food and reveals incredible short cuts and brilliant time-saving ideas, in Nigella Express. She covers every real-life cooking eventuality, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to parties and food on the go. Viewers can hit the kitchen running with these great recipe ideas.


Each episode is different, with some based around one meal and others around themes ranging from "speedy suppers" to "razzle dazzle", delivering recipes with a wow factor for when there’s no time to slave over a hot stove.


With delicious, yet simple, recipes, this is a new generation of fast food that everyone will want to cook and eat.



Nureyev – From Russia With Love 
Rudolf Nureyev


Nureyev – From Russia With Love


This feature-length performance documentary breaks new ground in exploring the formative years of Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most glamorous icons of the 20th century, who brought classical ballet centre stage.


This intimate psychological portrait uses previously unseen footage of Nureyev's performances at the Kirov Theatre in Leningrad to reveal him as a breathtaking star in Russia long before he became famous in the West.


With the help of his friends and colleagues at the time, this moving and often funny film by John Bridcut (who directed the acclaimed Britten's Children for BBC Two in 2004) shows how Nureyev's rebellious temperament and fanatical devotion to his art made his defection from the Soviet Union in 1961 inevitable.




Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure – The New World


Wine expert Oz Clarke and Top Gear's James May team up once again as they head across the Pond for an unforgettable road trip through America's wine regions.


Oz still faces an uphill struggle trying to convert unrepentant beer drinker James into a wine aficionado as they motor their way around some of the New World’s most stunning vineyards.


The odd couple travel across this vast and varied country in their all-American Winnebago, though they ditch the mobile home on arrival at each base in favour of more fitting vehicles, including a classic Cadillac in which they cruise the Pacific Coast Highway.


Oz And James's Big Wine Adventure aims to entertain while giving viewers a fascinating array of information and takeout tips along the way.




The Peter Serafinowicz Show


Comic actor Peter Serafinowicz (Look Around You, Hardware, Spaced) morphs into a visual cacophony of characters in this off the wall comedy sketch show.


Through his impressions of familiar faces, Serafinowicz creates a wacky world in which the likes of Al Pacino mingle with his own quirky creations, such as impressively incompetent private investigator Brian Butterfield.


Taking a satirical look at the best and worst of today's TV, The Peter Serafinowicz Show also hosts television’s most futile game shows, including Heads Or Tails and Which Hand Is It In?, and offers "celebrity" interviews on O! News that can't be seen anywhere else.



The Restaurant 
Lee Cash, Sarah Willingham, Raymond Blanc and John Lederer in The Restaurant


The Restaurant


Raymond Blanc – flamboyant Frenchman, king of cookery and Michelin-starred restaurateur – turns the heat up on nine hopeful couples as he challenges them to run their own restaurant, in a brand-new television event.


Married couples, siblings or best friends, the twosomes face the toughest of all business challenges – managing a successful restaurant. Every decision, every mistake and every argument they have is caught on camera.


They must work and live together 24 hours a day. Each week, one of the restaurants is eliminated from the competition by Raymond Blanc and his panel of "inspectors" – Lee Cash, Sarah Willingham and John Lederer.


Only one couple can win the dream prize – their own restaurant financially backed and personally supported by Raymond with a six-figure sum of his own money.


The series is an uncompromising, but entertaining, insight into the business of restaurant management, bringing with it the incredible pressure of living and working with a partner, learning how to cook, managing staff and a reminder that the customer is always right!



Steve Coogan in Saxondale




Steve Coogan returns for a new series as Tommy Saxondale, the world-travelled ex-roadie with anger-management issues and his own pest control business in Stevenage.


Still living with his girlfriend Magz (Ruth Jones), proprietress of an anarchic T-shirt shop, and still with his naïve assistant Raymond (Rasmus Hardiker), Tommy continues to wage war on pests large and small.


But, more importantly, Tommy is more determined than ever to carry on his one-man mission to smash the "system", confront "The Man" and bring him to his knees.


Throughout the series, Tommy continues to be antagonised by Vicky (Morwenna Banks); defends the rights of squatters on his housing estate; takes care of a suicidal man; represents himself in court over an unpaid fine; and gets his bottom stuck to a chair in a private school.



Stephen Fry – HIV & Me 
Stephen Fry


Stephen Fry – HIV & Me


Following on from his widely acclaimed series, the secret life of the manic depressive, Stephen Fry tackles the largely forgotten world of HIV and Aids.


In the early Eighties, little was known about Aids or how to treat it. The focus was restricted to certain groups, including gay men, and Stephen watched as friends became infected and died.


On a personal journey, Stephen explores the situation today and finds that, although effective medication is now available, a third of those infected don't know they are positive. He also finds new infections are rising.


To illustrate the changing face of the virus, Stephen meets up with an HIV-positive grandmother, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who has had HIV since birth and HIV-positive couples who have given birth to HIV-negative children.


He also meets celebrities Andy Bell, George Michael and Scissor Sister Ana Matronic to hear their personal stories about HIV.






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