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29 October 2014
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Eurovision Song Contest 2007

Eurovision Song Contest 2007


Interview with Scooch


Since their controversial win on 17 March 2007, Scooch's feet haven't touched the ground.


Sitting in the Concord Room at Duxford Imperial War Museum getting ready to shoot their promo pictures, the band explain in their own words what it felt like to win and their hopes for Eurovision 2007.


What were your initial thoughts when you found out you had won?


Russ: "I'm not an overly confident person but I just knew we had won despite all the confusion. I suppose once Justin, Brian and Liz had gone then I thought we were in with a chance and we got such a great reaction from the crowd I felt so positive."


David: "When we found out we won I was in shock. I didn't believe we would get that far. After all the media before the show everyone thought it would be Justin or Brian who won.

We didn't think we stood a chance but not because we didn't believe in the song just because of who we were up against.


"It took me a few days to realise and when I thought about it I felt so happy. I genuinely thought I would be taking part in the show (Making Your Mind Up) then going back to university the next day!"


Natalie: "I don't think any of us could quite believe it. We didn't expect to win but I think we were just really concentrating on doing our best performance and really anything after that was a bonus.


"To be given that kind of exposure was strange compared to our lives now. I'm a mum and I sing in my local area but my life has really calmed down. But winning was amazing. I certainly didn't take it in for a few days."


Caroline: "I don't think I believed it – I don't believe it now! From the first phone call from Russ saying that the BBC really liked the song and we were on the shortlist I still thought it wouldn't happen.


"You only have to watch it to see our reactions. It was an amazing feeling though. None of us thought we'd win because of the competition. I never dreamt it would happen but it was wonderful."


What has the response been like to you winning?


Russ: "The response from people has been amazing – we have had so much press including our first front page on The Mirror! I'm going to frame that and put it in my loo.


"We've had a lot of controversy as well but that's only made people want to talk to us more so it couldn't have gone any better for us really."


David: "What's been nice and most touching is the reaction on the street. I've been shopping in Tesco and people have been coming up to me and saying 'oh, well done, I voted for you.' All the kids at my stage school are so behind me it's fantastic."


Natalie: "It's been really, really good, really positive. Obviously some people remember us from the first time round but a lot of people didn't know us. We're not a serious act but I think we all feel more comfortable now."


Caroline: "It's been amazing. The first time round in Scooch I never got recognised. But I've started getting recognised loads in the supermarket it's great though."


Why do you think the public chose you to send to Helsinki?


Russ: "I think we're a Eurovision act and it's a Eurovision song. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we are serious about the competition. But we have no disillusions that we're the next Beatles! We got back together for this competition. We did a lot of rehearsals for Making Your Mind Up and we've given it our all."


David: "Probably because we tick all the boxes. It's fun and there's definitely a lack of pop music in the charts today – it's very Indie and guitar based. But maybe it's time for a change. We put a smile on people's faces."


Natalie: "I think the public get the whole fun factor about us. We put on a good performance and the song is very catchy and that's what the public saw. Our song was written especially for Eurovision and I think that went in our favour."


Caroline: "Because we're the best! I think we're the most fun and I think the first time when we did the press launch and I heard all the other songs I thought ours was the most Eurovision. At that point I actually thought we had a chance."


There was a bit of a backlash after your win with some of the other Making Your Mind Up contestants claiming you were miming. What would you like to say to that?


Russ: "It's just ridiculous – the BBC wouldn't have allowed us to mime. At the end of the day the British public voted for us."


David: "The miming thing is crazy. There was no miming going on. Why would we lie about it? We wouldn't be allowed to mime, anyway. Maybe the reason some of the others said we mimed was because they were disappointed to have lost out to us."


Natalie: "All the other acts were so nice we'd spent so much time together so I'm surprised by it. But we would never have been allowed to mime it's in the rules and they were made clear to all the acts. It doesn't bother me."


Caroline: "I don't believe they said that. Justin storming off – I think he did it for a laugh not because he was really annoyed.


"At the end of the day, we know we didn't mime, everyone there knows we didn't mime, the BBC knows we didn't mime, but for us it's been great publicity and in fact I have the front page of the Mirror framed in my flat – so bring it on!


Do you think this will spell a come back for Scooch?


Russ: "Who knows? We've signed a deal with Warner's now which we're really pleased about but at the moment we just really want to win the contest for the UK. But our single is out on 7 May so we'll see how that goes. If anything comes of it that would be fantastic."


David: "I honestly don't know. It's very nice to be together again – we all get on so well and we have so much fun. But we're not too serious. We're just concentrating on going to Helsinki now.


"But if the single does well then yes maybe we'll do more but we're just taking each step at a time and we all have so many other things going on in our lives."


Natalie: "I hope so! We're just concentrating now on the song contest and the release of the single. I think the thing to do is to take every day as it comes and focus on the job in hand rather than thinking too much about the future."


Caroline: "I do hope so, it would be wonderful and you can't really say no to an opportunity like this. It would be fabulous to record an album and because we're older now that means we're more confident so we have more control. I'm enjoying it more and can relax. I also love singing the song as it's a bit cheeky and naughty."


Will you be doing anything differently for your performance at Eurovision?


Russ: "We do want to raise our game a bit but with only 40 seconds between each act there's only so much you can pull off. You'll have to wait and see!"


David: "We'll have new costumes and there will be different things as well so we'll be making a few changes and hopefully it will be even bigger, better and camper!"


Natalie: "We haven't confirmed everything yet but we might have some different ideas – it won't be exactly the same as Making Your Mind Up."


Caroline: "I think so. I don't want to give too much away as it will be a surprise, but maybe we'll have some bizarre props or something."


You are totally the opposite of last year's winners, Lordi. What are your hopes for Eurovision victory?


Russ: "We've had such a positive reaction from people from the UK and Europe. Even though everyone says it's about politics we just hope it's about the best performance and it's done on a phone vote so if we put on a good performance then hopefully we will win."


David: "I don't know – we're just going to do our very best. For us this is a win win situation. We didn't even expect to be doing this, we didn't expect to have this opportunity and if it all ends on the 12 May we can go back to our lives and our day jobs as we're hugely successful and happy with that.


"But our song is really catchy and I think people will like it. You just never know. We will just be the best we can be."


Natalie: "Everybody's response has been so good. People have been coming up to us saying 'you know what the UK has got a really good chance of winning' and I think we've got a good chance.


"I know about the political side of things but we're just going out there to give it our best. The formula of two girls and two boys has worked well in the past so you never know this could be our time."


Caroline: "I think that Lordi were not a typical rock band, they were dressed up. It's more about good performance than someone singing a beautiful ballad. It's going to be such a good laugh."


Do you fear getting "nul points"?


Russ: "That's not going to happen! We have got past the first hurdle despite being the outsider so I hope we can do it again."


David: "Well obviously nobody wants to come last but I have had success and failure in my life and if we do then I still think we've achieved a lot to get here."


Natalie: "We're not going to get nul points!"


Caroline: "Not gonna happen. It's too much fun to get nul points and, if we do, we'll blame the politics!"


Are you looking forward to going to Helsinki?


Russ: "Yeah, we're really looking forward to it. There are loads of things we'll be doing – parties and seeing the city. We get a day off on the Wednesday so we'd love to get out and see the sights."


David: "Yes, we got our itinerary the other day. It's all very busy but loads of fun. I can't wait. We get a day-off so we'll be having a sight-seeing tour definitely."


Natalie: "Definitely, it should be great fun. I hope we get to see the sights. But we will be very busy."


Caroline: "Yes! I tend to go on summery holidays so probably wouldn't have gone before. I will try to go on some day trips. We spoke to Daz's school girls and they said that when you get out there it's amazing.


"You get treated really well like royalty as it's such a big deal in Europe. We hope to get out and about and it sounds like an amazing place. It was my birthday the other week and my friend gave me a Helsinki guide book, so I intend to read that."


Have you had any crazy moments since you won?


Russ: "It's weird that people know our schedule. It's like we're at a radio station for an interview and fans know about it and they're outside – how do they know?!! We get messages from people saying good luck for shooting the video and we don't even know when we're shooting a video!"


David: "Well our MySpace has suddenly got very popular. We've gone from having 14 friends to having thousands! But not really I've had a lot of references to my lines in the song. It's strange being recognised again and people talk about you in shops as if you're not there – I'm like I can hear you!


"But they say hello and well done. The funniest thing happened to me though. We were doing a gig a few weeks ago and I asked one of the ladies where the toilets were. She was outside knocking on the door saying would you like something to suck on for landing sir?! It's really nice and positive."


Natalie: "The whole thing has been crazy! On Making Your Mind Up some of our old fans were in the front row which was really bizarre – it was like seven years ago."


Caroline: "Sometimes I can be in completely normal mode in the supermarket wandering around and the cashier will go 'good luck for Eurovision!' It's still all a bit crazy to be honest!"


Other than your moment of glory on Making Your Mind Up, what has been your favourite moment so far?


Russ: "Probably going on Richard And Judy! Meeting them was great! Sitting in the green room after with them was brilliant. I never thought I would be doing that."


David: "I really enjoyed Richard And Judy! I got to kiss Judy and have a glass of wine with her which was surreal. And making the video was great fun so that was brilliant. The whole experience has been great."


Natalie: "It's difficult to top that but I really loved shooting the video – I can't wait to see it!"


Caroline: "There are two – Valentines Day when we got the call from Russ saying that we'd been picked for the Making Your Mind Up live show. And also almost not the winning but getting into the last two – that was amazing! Then winning was really unexpected but unreal."






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