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23 September 2014
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Sherlock Holmes & The Baker Street Irregulars 
Bill Paterson and Jonathan Pryce in Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

The story

Set amidst the sinister and foggy streets of late Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars tells a tale of murder, mystery and intrigue.


When the famous detective Sherlock Holmes is called in by the police to investigate the mysterious deaths of some of Scotland Yard's finest, he enlists the help of the Baker Street Irregulars – a rag-tag group of street kids, masters of disguise and mischief, who have learnt to fend for themselves on the harsh streets of London.


Under Holmes's instructions, the Irregulars must scour London for clues to help solve the mystery. Does someone have a grudge against police officers so deep that they are poisoning them one by one? Or is someone clearing away all opposition in order to carry out an even more ambitious crime?


When Sherlock Holmes is framed and finds himself placed under house arrest, it falls to the Irregulars to take on the investigation.


Their adventures take them deep into the Chinese community of 1880s London, into the London Mint, over rooftops and beyond. They must dig deep to find the courage to prevent a master criminal from getting away with the crime of the century.


But the Irregulars face an even greater challenge: two of their own gang have gone missing. They are determined to have Holmes investigate the disappearances of their friend and leader, Jack, and his sister, Sadie.


With Holmes totally dependent upon the work of the Irregulars to catch the policemen's murderer, he has no choice but to agree to look into what happened to the missing gang members and soon begins to suspect that the two mysteries are connected.


As the Baker Street Irregulars take to the streets in a series of disguises, they come upon their prime suspect: the master criminal Irene Adler. Across the streets of London, they stake out and follow their suspect into ever more dangerous situations.


Irene Adler is about to pull off the most audacious crime of the century: a robbery of the London Mint. Will the clues provided by the Irregulars, combined with the intuitive and deductive brilliance of Holmes's mind, manage to save the day?


In the end, there is an emotional reunion for brother and sister and a knife-edge duel of wits between the criminal genius of Irene Adler and the greatest of detective minds, Sherlock Holmes.




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