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29 October 2014
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Sherlock Holmes & The Baker Street Irregulars 
Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

The characters

Jonathan Pryce is Sherlock Holmes


The great, unconventional detective is seen in this drama as never before – through the eyes of children.


By nature dispassionate and analytical, Holmes is a man who despises emotion. This ultimately prevents him from understanding the human experience of the victims of the crimes he investigates.


By contrast, the Baker Street Irregulars, with their knowledge of the streets and their ability to empathise, can often see and understand more than the famous detective.


Through the eyes of the Irregulars, Holmes is both a figure of awe and amusement but, surprisingly, he reveals his true feelings of concern for the kids.


Holmes's Achilles' heel is his secret passion for Irene Adler, a true adversary and the only criminal ever to have bettered him, intellectually and emotionally.


Bill Paterson is Dr Watson


The good doctor is conventional and often unsure about Holmes using "vulnerable scoundrels" in their investigations. By contrast with Holmes, Watson is dogmatic and practical, yet beneath his gruff exterior lies a kind heart and it is often him to whom the children go for help.


Anna Chancellor is Irene Adler


Beautiful but lethal, Adler is a criminal mastermind and the only woman ever to have out-witted the great Sherlock Holmes. The pair share a secret past and their paths are about to cross once more...


Michael Maloney is Inspector Stirling


Impatient and highly ambitious, Stirling is an inspector on the fast track. He is determined to solve the latest spate of crimes and claim all the credit for himself.


Though often amazed by Holmes's skills, he is suspicious of his detective methods and motivations.


Aaron Johnson is Finch


Mature for his age at 15, Finch is forced to take on the gang's leadership when Jack goes missing. Finch is the son of a policeman who died in the line of duty, leaving him and his heartbroken mother in poverty.


With a strong sense of justice, he sometimes walks a fine line in acceptable behaviour but is also instrumental in keeping the group safe and together.


Dean Gibbons is Sticks


Sticks doesn't know his age – he's probably 13 but he's small because of malnourishment. The son of a tinker, he is well used to street life and acts as hard as nails.


Sticks prefers life with the gang to being bashed about by his dad and brothers. He is a challenger to Finch as leader of the pack. Has never been to school and has no idea about morality or justice at all. He is also sweet on Jasmine and protects her.


Benjamin Smith is Jack


Until his disappearance, Jack was the oldest and natural leader of the Irregulars. He is Sadie's brother and is devoted to her and to the gang – an inspiration to all of them.


Mia Fernandez is Sadie


Thirteen-year-old Sadie is single-minded and driven by her desire to find her brother, Jack, who has not been seen since he dived into the Thames to avoid pursuit. Though the others are sure he is dead, Sadie refuses to accept this and keeps up her search for him against the odds.


Alice Hewkin is Tealeaf


Just 11-years-old, Tealeaf is the youngest Irregular. He escaped from a virtual slave existence on one of the ships that sailed the tea routes.


When his boat was docked in London, Tealeaf jumped ship and his fear of water is indicative of his dark memories of being at sea.


Being of Chinese origin, Tealeaf offers Holmes a route into London's thriving Chinese community.


Megan Jones is Jasmine


Twelve-year-old Jasmine is beautiful, wily and very cunning. Her mother was in service to a lady, which is how Jasmine learned all she knows about looking and behaving like a little princess.


With her finicky attitude, she can sometimes be a source of irritation to the others but, with her ability to pass for a child of a higher social class, she is also invaluable in their investigations.




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