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24 September 2014
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Sherlock Holmes & The Baker Street Irregulars 
Aaron Johnson in Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars

The rest of the cast

Aaron Johnson is Finch


Aaron Johnson trained at the Jackie Palmer Stage School and has been working as an actor since 1996.


He has already won three ACEA (Annual Children in Entertainment Awards) and his television work includes 99,100 for Channel 4. He can currently be seen in cinemas as the young Edward Norton in The Illusionist.


Aaron Johnson on playing Finch:


Tell us about your character.


"Finch is quite a shy guy. He's used to looking after himself, so when he ends up having to become a bit of a leader for the gang it's a real challenge for him.


"He gets some grief from the other Irregulars and finds it hard to gain their confidence. But he works for Holmes and begins to win the trust of the others. They become a really close group and work together to solve the mysteries."


Do you have anything in common with Finch?


"Finch has to step up to a challenge and needs to be confident – I can relate to him myself because, with acting, you have to be quite confident and I do get shy around big groups.


"I can understand the situation Finch gets into where he has to become the leader of the group – almost like a father figure. He really does grow up through the story."


Does Finch have a close relationship with Holmes?


"Finch idolises Sherlock Holmes. With his spare change, he'll go and buy a magnifying glass, just so he can help out with the detective work."


What was it like working with Jonathan Pryce and the rest of the cast?


"Everyone was really lovely. I'm lucky because Finch and Holmes have a lot of scenes together, so Jonathan and I got a chance to bond. It's been fantastic working with him. I had to do a close-up with Jonathan and I was watching him so closely that I completely forgot to come in with my line – he's that mesmerising.


"Michael Maloney's really great and it's a shame I didn't have more scenes with Bill Paterson, because he's really great, too. He's very funny and has some great scenes in the library with a lady friend that will make everyone giggle!"


Alice Hewkin is Tealeaf


Alice trains at the Whizz Kids Drama School. She has appeared on stage in Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as in BBC dramas and documentaries.


How did you feel when you found out you would be working on Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Irregulars?


"I was really amazed and I phoned all my friends and they were really pleased for me. I was really pleased for myself as well, as this was only my second ever audition."


How did you prepare to work on such a famous story?


"My mum and dad read the book [in which the Irregulars first appeared] and I asked them loads of questions about my character, about the gang and about Sherlock, so I was a bit more prepared and I really got the feel of it.


"When I first read the script, I just got into it so much. I had studied The Hound Of The Baskervilles at school, so that was quite helpful."


In the story, you and the others are a real gang. Do you feel like the cast became that close as well?


"Yes. I'm especially close to Megan Jones who plays Jasmine. We get on really well and the rest of the cast do, too."


Does Tealeaf get on with Holmes?


"Tealeaf is the one who stands up to Holmes and is not really scared of him, so all of the others are taken aback. I think my character is closer to Dr Watson because he knows my big secret and he keeps it..."


Jonathan Pryce plays Holmes. What was it like working with him?


"Jonathan is great – when we were acting he gave us fantastic tips because he's done so much stuff. Generally, when we were on set, we just had a fun time but when there was action, we knuckled down to it."


What does the future hold for you now?


"Ideally, I'd love to be an actress and a dancer, but my Plan B is to be a journalist. We'll have to see what lies ahead."


Megan Jones is Jasmine


Megan attends the Sylvia Young Theatre School and is a member of the Young 'uns casting agency. She has already appeared on TV's Law Of The Playground and Ministry Of Mayhem.


Tell us about your character.


"Well, she's a bit of an actress, really – and a drama queen, too! She can get into different parts quite easily; with the click of a finger she can turn from a street urchin to a posh lady."


Was it a challenge to play her?


"It was a challenge to switch characters but the great costumes helped. As soon as I had the costume on, I felt the character but it took a bit of practice."


How did you get on with the rest of the cast?


"I'm really close with everyone and I'll keep in touch with everyone. Bill Paterson and Jonathan Pryce were really nice and friendly and helped you out and made you feel very welcome. I was glad to meet everyone."


Did you relate to your character at all?


"Well, I think it can be fun not having anyone to tell you what to do but sometimes I think you need someone to do that – otherwise, kids will become tearaways.


"I'm staying here [in Dublin] away from my family, although they did come to see me. I have missed them but we've had such fun. Alice and I – she plays Tealeaf – are staying together, so that's fun."


What does the future hold for you?


"At the moment I go to the Sylvia Young Theatre School and it's a really exciting place to be. I'd like to be an actor or a dancer – whatever comes my way, really."


Anna Chancellor is Irene Adler


Anna Chancellor most recently played Questular Rontok in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and, in 2005, joined the cast of the popular BBC One television drama series Spooks as a new regular character, Juliet Shaw. Chancellor rose to fame following her performances as "Duckface" in Four Weddings And A Funeral and as Caroline Bingley in the BBC adaptation of Pride And Prejudice.


Mia Fernandez is Sadie


Mia Fernandez has studied Drama to A-level standard at Godalming College in Surrey and has also attained a RADA Gold Certificate in Shakespearean acting. She has extensive stage experience, playing diverse parts in everything from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde.


Dean Gibbons is Sticks


Dean Gibbons attends the Adele King Theatre School (AKTS). He has won the Feis Matthew for poetry and has also performed in Aktsravaganza. He has been the Dublin champion in Irish dancing for two consecutive years. He has also appeared in two productions of Oliver! and took the role of Leroy, the boxer, in Bugsy Malone last year.


Benjamin Smith is Jack


Benjamin Smith has an impressive list of TV credits behind him, including the BBC's Doctor Who, Teachers (Channel 4) and Help I'm A Teenage Outlaw (ITV).




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