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24 September 2014
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Hotel Babylon

Hotel Babylon – second series coming soon to BBC One

Staff and guest profiles

Staff profiles


Rebecca Mitchell – General Manager of Hotel Babylon, 35, immaculate, loves Prada and Jimmy Choo. She has been dreaming of running a five-star hotel since walking past one for the first time on a shopping trip to London as a child. All her life has been spent on this career path and she's ambitious to the degree that she can't focus on anything else. However now her marriage has fallen apart isn't it time she started directing some energy at her private life?


Charlie Edwards – Deputy Manager of Hotel Babylon, 32, attractive, technically single but has had a fling with Jackie and managed to get himself shot at the end of series one. A Jack of all trades, Charlie is our "everyman" and introduces us to the world of the hotel – giving us all the tips and exposing the secrets we need to know. Likeable, he possesses impressive moral standards, which is surprising considering his complex past. Unlike his boss Rebecca, working in a luxury hotel was never his life plan, he stumbled into it, discovered he had a talent for the job and that the service industry suited him. Now he's got a career he's ambitious, but not in a calculating way. Charlie's management skills and methods might not be as orthodox as Rebecca's, but his ambition and natural charm might just be enough to get him to the top.


Tony Casemore – Concierge, 37, married with children, but with the hours he works, he doesn't get to see much of them. As Concierge, he's a true specialist – he knows everything the guest needs to know – he can get you anything, from anywhere, and always within twenty four hours. An effortless charmer and easy going, he has a different kind of life plan to the managers, his principle aim being to raise enough in tips over the next few years to retire at 44. Has worked in the hotel business for years and knows it inside out. He has almost become part of the fabric of Hotel Babylon itself.


Anna Thornton-Wilton – Head Receptionist Anna is 26 and let's say aspirational! Not aristocratic by any means although she'd like you to think so. She works in the luxury hotel business because she feels completely at home there – but really working there is the only way she can afford to be a part of it. She's gorgeous and knows it and, as far as she's concerned, it's only a matter of time before she bags a wealthy and eligible guest. Her sole ambition is to marry into the lifestyle she believes she deserves. And her nose is severely put out of joint when old pal and colleague from the Chesterton Hotel, Caz shows up with her new husband Lord Stanwood! Horribly insincere, she doesn't need to worry about people liking her because she doesn't seem to care ... or does she? You will love to hate her.


Jackie Clunes – Head of Housekeeping, 28, Australian. Followed an English back-packer over here, had his child, but now they're separated. Jackie took the job because she can keep regular hours and therefore look after her son. Her casual "sex-thing" with Charlie added more than a little excitement to room inspections but since his attack things have cooled off between them. A staunch team player, Jackie is always fiercely protective of the below-stairs staff – those who the guests rarely see but does not like to be made a fool of especially when her maids decide to turn entrepreneurs!


Gino Primirola – Head Barman, 42, half-Italian, half-Spanish. The luxury end of the market is awash with Spanish barmen, but Gino is particularly proud of his dual identity. Whilst his background might be slightly chequered, he's undeniably clean and kind hearted. His strong, unique morality somehow seems to stop with the ladies and when a particular guest catches his eye Gino's big heart is plain for all to see.


Ben Trueman – Receptionist, 23. Loves the luxury hotel world because of its style and inherent campness. He's not ambitious – but then is not sure what he really wants to do. Ben has been at Babylon for about a year, is still quite wide-eyed and gets star struck. He has, however, impeccable moral convictions and is quick to assert them.


James Schofield – Restaurant & Purchasing Manager, 40. Extremely pretentious and rather old school. James knows the value and importance of all things luxurious and gets a huge kick from ordering the finest produce. He just can't help looking down his nose at people who can't pronounce foreign labels but is more guilty of hypocrisy that he likes to admit.


Luke Marwood – New Trainee Concierge, arrogant and cocksure but willing to play the game as long as there is money to be made ... However, Tony's star protégé has a tendency to run before he can walk and finds himself pulled up short by his boss for stepping on his toes. Gorgeous and flirty Luke isn't shy about exposing his physique and gets a bit too close to one guest which could lead to his downfall. His days may be numbered!


Tanya Mihajlov – Chambermaid, 24. Hails from somewhere in the Balkans but nobody quite knows where (or cares). She's sulky and refuses to clean anything beyond her call of duty. Would love to move to a front of house job, but has a long way to go. Her attitude, if nothing else, would have to change!


Guest profiles


Episode 1:


Theresa Evan (40's) – is a prominent, attractive MP who is hiding out in the hotel whilst the scandal of her husband having an affair with a lap dancer dies down. The press, however, have got wind of her whereabouts and are subsequently camped out on the hotel's doorstep. Rebecca forms a bond with Theresa and she is encouraged to leave the bar with a wealthy Texan guest. When it's realised that Theresa has been honey trapped Rebecca tries her best to help – but nothing is ever that straightforward in Hotel Babylon.


Robert Evan (40's) – When Theresa's husband arrives at the hotel pleading for forgiveness after his affair with a lap-dancer, it looks like his words are falling on deaf ears. However, is there another reason behind his very public demonstrations of love to his wife?


Maria Henson (30's) – As Editor of a tabloid newspaper, Maria is a force to be reckoned with – even her employees are terrified of her. Invited to the hotel by Rebecca, Maria will resort to any tactics to ensure she gets the big scoop. Maria doesn't take kindly to be messed around with and ensures she always has the last laugh.


Mrs Poldark (50's) – A frequent guest, Mrs Poldark is staying at the hotel in order to recuperate from recent plastic surgery (rhinoplasty). She is meeting her husband at the hotel in a couple of days time for their 20th wedding anniversary and has had her nose job to ensure she looks her best. Surprisingly she's tempted to try out her new look on someone else before her husband.


Mr Poldark (50's) – Unfortunately for the team, Mr Poldark also checks in early at the hotel, having had plastic surgery (hair transplant) to make himself more appealing to his wife. The team make it their mission to keep husband and wife apart until the day of their anniversary – will they succeed?


Episode 2:


Peter Yardley (50's) – The manager of a premiership football club, Peter and the squad are staying at the hotel prior to a cup match which they should easily win. Once a footballing hero who loved the game, not the dough, Peter is a much put upon man, who's power over the players has somewhat diminished since the arrival of the Head of Public Relations. Tony used to have the utmost admiration for Peter. Now, driven to drink, Peter realises he is just as bad as his team, will he do anything about it?


Marina Stoll (late 20's) – The club's Head of PR. A no-nonsense businesswoman who has complete control over the players. Marina has absolutely no love for the game, to her it is about share prices and how much money she can earn the club. Marina is responsible for the players' welfare, but ode she take that duty a little too far?


Clive Hocker (16) – A football prodigy. Clive is the youngest member of the football squad and most likely the best player. His innocence appeals to Tony and he makes every effort to protect Clive from the more outrageous activities the rest of the squad get up to.


Dave Osbourne (late 20's) – Good looking premiership footballer. Dave is a veteran to the game and loves nothing more than taking complete advantage of all the luxuries that go with the job. A shining example of modern day footballers. Dave absolutely loves himself, treating the staff with little respect. He also sees himself as responsible for showing the teenage prodigy, Clive Hocker the ways of the footballer.


Michael Dovic (60's) – A highly regarded construction entrepreneur and family man from Croatia. Michael set up an orphanage for children with parents killed in the civil war. It is therefore very hard for Charlie to believe Tanya when she claims, this polite man is Dragan Milandrokovic responsible for murdering her friends and neighbours during the Yugoslavian civil war. Michael is surprised when Tanya takes matters into her own hands desperate to prove she's right and make him pay for what he did.


Adrian Tintagel (30's) – Arrives at the hotel dressed in black and carrying little luggage. This in itself would not be weird if there wasn't five other identically dressed people all checking in on the same day. Adrian is the leader of an end of the world cult and has come to the hotel, with his followers, as he believes the end of the world is that very night. When Anna sees what he's doing, Adrian has no option but to hold her hostage in the room and take her with them on their journey. He prepares his followers for the next life, is this really the end of the world?


Episode 3:


Lady Catherine Stanwood (20's) – Newly married Catherine is holding her first charity ball at the hotel and as a result is a bag of nerves. Her arrival comes as a complete shock to Anna as they used to work together at the Chesterton where Catherine was a chambermaid. It seems Catherine has achieved her aim in life, to marry into money and she genuinely seems to love Julian and his world. However, is the grass really all that much greener on the other side?


Lord Julian Henry Cromwell Stanwood (46) – Heir to the 12th Earl of Branscombe. Fifty-seventh richest man in Britain. Julian met and married Catherine this year and seems to genuinely love her. However, when a desperately jealous Anna also tries to impress in order to ensnare a rich husband, Julian shows his true colours.


Terry Lewes aka Switchback (20's) – Switchback is a young, black rapper making headline news as a result of his homophobic lyrics. He is staying at the hotel prior to a gig he is doing in Brixton. When Switchback spots Ben he instantly recognises him as an old friend and hosts a party in his suite to celebrate, but their reunion isn't necessarily a happy one.


Mr Matsui – Loves to watch his room being cleaned by the chambermaids in their lingerie. He pays well for the service but his pleasure quickly comes to a halt when other members of the staff, eager for extra money also get in on the act.


Episode 4:


Robert Kane (40's) – City type, dresses smartly and is not afraid of spending his money when it's needed. Robert brings his girlfriend (Lisa) to the hotel with the intention of proposing, however this is cut short by the ill–timed reminder that actually he's broke and jobless. When Lisa finds this out she dumps Robert and he feels he has nothing else to do but to end his life. Robert is thrown a lifeline in the form of Charlie who uneasily offers him the job as bellboy at the hotel. Initially, things seem to work out however, Robert finds it hard to be at the bottom of the career ladder again. An incident with a guest – which just happens to be his ex, Lisa arriving at the hotel with a new man, gives Charlie no other option but to fire Robert. Already shown to be unstable, how will Robert react to this?


Lisa (20's) – Robert Kane's ex-girlfriend. She is actually quite pleased when Robert gives her a reason not to marry him and end their relationship. It seems to all that she's just a money grabber, but in reality she reveals there is more to Robert than Charlie originally thought.


Estelle (30's) – Naturally pretty, metropolitan, Estelle is Rebecca's best friend from school. Kept busy by her slave driving boss, Estelle works in publishing and is frantically trying to find the next JK Rowling. Estelle has been invited to the hotel, along with her other friends, Louise and Carolyn by Rebecca to attend her divorce party. Rebecca feels she can confide in Estelle, but little does she know, Estelle has her own secrets that Rebecca may be not too pleased about discovering.


Louise (30's) – Looks like she would be at home on a farm and is a little overawed by the sight of the hotel. Louise is more than happy with her life, even though it's the exact opposite from her friends. She's been with her husband Kevin since they were at school and lives on a farm, enjoying the quiet life with her children. Of which, one, Ben, Rebecca is godmother to. As a result Louise has little money and can't help but be lured by the glamour of the hotel. Kevin never lets her drink at home so she intends to take full advantage of the fact that in his absence, courtesy of Rebecca, everything is free.


Carolyn Jones (30's) – Wears the best clothes money can buy, she is gorgeous and she knows it. Carolyn works in New York and can't help but compare the hotel to the ones she stays at in America – she instantly upgrades to a suite. Distinctly unimpressed when she sees the Dirty Dancing paraphernalia and karaoke machine that Rebecca has got in for their weekend. Carolyn doesn't do trips down memory lane, especially as Rebecca has shown little interest in her friends until now. Carolyn loves her men and quickly spots something more appealing to her – Luke. Will he give her what she wants?


Episode 5:


Carrie Cottan (20's) – Five minutes ago Carrie was just an ordinary shop assistant from Manchester doing a bit of phone sex on the side to make some extra cash. TV presenter, Marcus Walker was one of her regulars, and she agreed to meet him. They ended up having an affair and when the press found about it this, he dumped her. In retaliation, Carrie did a kiss and tell and now is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. She is currently doing the lads mag and reality TV circuit and loves using the press for her own benefit. She takes quite a fancy to Charlie, despite it being Gino who is besotted with her. Carrie's not too pleased when her press–hungry behaviour backfires on her.


Francis Levington (40's) – A Booker prize nominee, Francis is at the hotel for his book launch. A quiet, unassuming man, who for all his literary fame does not crave the limelight and largely goes unnoticed by everyone except Jackie. Never thinking someone as attractive as Jackie could possibly be interested in him, he is taken aback when she tries to kiss him. How does a man who is unused to such actions, respond?


Mrs Dickinson – With her clumpy mascara, pan make–up and hair sprayed yellow hair, Mrs Dickinson enters the hotel with her miniature dog, Petal. A shareholder's wife, Mrs Dickinson gets everything she wants and obviously has little time for the likes of Carrie Cottan. Petal is her baby and feels she is bestowing Anna a great joy by allowing her to look after her little dog when Petal shows a liking to her – is this a decision to will live to regret?


Episode 6:


Aiden Spencer (early 40's) – a British Oscar-winning actor staying at the hotel to promote his new film. A leading man with a whiff of sleaze, speculation surrounds Aiden over the fact of whether he is a sex addict – something which seems to be supported by the fact that one of his demands is that a chambermaid shows him around. Aiden treats Elizabeth like rubbish. He gets more than he bargained for when he is confronted by Anna in full journalist mode. Will he get his comeuppance?


Elizabeth Scott (30's) – Aiden's posh, pretty and neurotic PR lady. She is treated appallingly by Aiden and pours her heart out to Anna. She is only nice to Aiden because he is the best client the company has, she loves her job just not looking after him. With Anna's help, will this be the last time Aiden treats her so appallingly? Can Anna help her by providing her with ample ammunition against Aiden – should she need it.


Eugene (early 30's) – Slick, handsome and cool. Eugene is Russian, though he speaks with an American accent. He exudes charm, but is this just an act? Accompanied at all times by his bodyguards, Eugene runs a series of top hotels all of which have become very prosperous. He intends to make Hotel Babylon the same by installing his guys to run certain areas. When one of Eugene's so called friends turns out to be a drug dealer, Babylon's Concierge, Tony has no option but to terminate his dealings with him. Eugene is a proud man. Will he let Tony get away so easily with his dismissal?


Episode 7:


Dan Edwards (20's) – Charlie's younger brother, Dan, arrives at the hotel, needing somewhere to hide. Dan and his best friend (John) have been selling forged artwork, only the person that bought it has subsequently found out and if he doesn't get his money back, he will take it out on Dan. This buyer has already put John in hospital. Initially, Dan tries to be cool, but when not only the police but the buyer's heavies pay Charlie a visit wanting to find Dan, he gets scared. Charlie tries his best to hide him in the hotel, but ultimately Dan knows he needs an escape plan. Will Dan leave the hotel, before he is found?


Mrs Klein – Is a wealthy American widow who has a case of Petrus '82 at £3000 per bottle wine for sale to the highest bidder. However, Mrs Klein likes to play games and makes James and his rival for the wine, Neville work hard for it! Babylon's Restaurant & Purchasing Manager, James has always had a crush on Mrs Klein but will she let that influence her decision?


Neville Bellingham-Thomas – James' rival since they both trained at the same hotel (Le Roi Soleil) together. Even though there was suspicion upon how Neville got the job, it was Neville who Le Roi Soleil took on so James had to return to England. Neville is at Babylon having being invited for lunch by Mrs Klein. It is clear Neville knows about the Petrus and wants it for his hotel just as much as James – will he succeed?


Episode 8:


Donovan Credo (early 40's) – A sleek businessman who is in the final throws of buying Babylon. Donovan does not mince his words and tells people exactly what he thinks. He demands the utmost professionalism from his staff and as a result intends to oust the current team at Babylon in favour of his own – who are incredibly similar in both looks and dress. It is clear Donovan intends to completely gut the current hotel and only those at the top of the A-list will be admitted.


Myra And Ronnie Walmsely (60's) – Arrive at the hotel after winning a one night stay via a competition. They are down to earth, working class people and not the sort that Babylon usually attracts. As a result they are as far away from the clientele that Donovan will be admitting as possible. The Walmsely's are in awe of the hotel and its luxuries, favouring a night in their room as opposed to the theatre tickets also included in the prize.


Paul Walmsely (30's) – Son of Myra and Ronnie. Paul is more streetwise than his parents and knows exactly what the hotel can provide for its guests. He too opts to stay in his room as opposed to go to the theatre but for different reasons.






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