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29 October 2014
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BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 
Colin Jackson in The Truth About Food

BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007

Programmes S-W

The Seven Ages Of Rock


Rock is the music that refuses to go away. It is now enjoying a renaissance via bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, who are reviving the sound of guitar-based rock.


With incredible exclusive access and interviews and rare performance archive, The Seven Ages Of Rock charts the definitive history of the emergence and rebirth of rock as a global force.


Made by the team which produced the critically acclaimed and award-winning Soul Deep and Lost Highway, the series explores seven eras of musicians who have shaped rock.


The journey goes from the blues-based guitar rock of Jimi Hendrix> to Oasis and beyond, stopping en route to delve into progressive rock, punk, heavy metal, stadium, grunge and indie.



Slave Children


In a remarkable journey across five continents, six Slave Children tell their stories in This World.


Using the acclaimed format pioneered by One Day Of War, Coming Of Age and Living Positive, This World presents an extraordinary snapshot of a booming business as Britain marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. In an industry worth around £17bn a year, children are bought and sold like bags of sugar.


They labour 16 hours a day in sweatshops, break stones deep underground in mines, are mutilated to work as street beggars or service brothels around the world. They are not paid for their labours, are often beaten or abused, and cannot return to the families who sold them in the first place.





BBC Two viewers are transported back to Seventies London, the age of the supergrass – and the men who "ran" them – in this feature-length docu-drama.


With insight from real-life major players, Supergrass illuminates a world that seems a million miles away, yet is in fact near history.


It explores the grey area that existed between the underworld and Scotland Yard, where supergrasses were the only way to crack the gangs who were causing havoc in Sweeney London.


From 1972, through its heyday years, to the chaos that ensued when the system fell foul of different agendas, Supergrass tells the stories of dramatic crimes and outrageous criminals.


It features figures such as Bertie Smalls and Maurice O'Maloney, as well as the detectives who "ran" the grasses, such as Tony Lundy – the supergrass master who kept grasses under control but was always under suspicion of having a too cosy relationship with the villains.


Supergrass is the story of policing at a time when rules were sketchy and frequently broken.



Sweet Baby James


It's time for viewers to forget their figures as handsome TV chef James Martin returns to his first love – desserts – and cooks up the most scrumptious sweets from today and yesterday in a brand-new series. Everything from sticky toffee pudding to croquembouche is lovingly created with James's passion and panache.


His recipes are influenced by the people and places that inspired his life-long dedication to desserts, starting out at Castle Howard where he grew up and first learnt to cook at the age of five.


Each location provides the theme for his delicious desserts and also inspires James to get out of the kitchen and on to the foodie front line, meeting fellow dessert devotees, campaigning for puddings and digging deeper into the world of sweets. If your mouth isn't watering by the time the credits roll, you might want to check you've still got a pulse!



BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 

Television The Opera


Television The Opera


Television The Opera presents... is a new series of contemporary musical comedies based on television shows, written by Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee, the team behind Jerry Springer – The Opera.


The series takes landmark TV programmes, including Wife Swap and Question Time, and gives them a full operatic interpretation.


The series features an ensemble cast from the worlds of opera and West End theatre, backed by a 45-piece BBC orchestra and central comedy performances portraying well known television personalities.



The Truth About Food


This Winter BBC Two reveals the truth about food. Cutting through the spin, and featuring original experiments on volunteers, this series uncovers the science behind the food people eat and just what it does to their bodies.


Each week, well-known personalities join viewers on a journey of discovery to find out what food can do for them. Using innovative methods and the latest technology, the foods that can help people slim, improve their skin and even aid a man in getting an erection, are revealed.


With more than 500 volunteers and over 50 worldwide nutritionists, doctors and experts taking part, the results are astonishing.


The presenters are: Colin Jackson, Jan Ravens, Andrea Oliver, Fiona Bruce, Vic Reeves and Liza Tarbuck.



The Verdict


Twelve well-known personalities ... one decision.


The Verdict is an exciting multi-media event that sees 12 high profile people sit in judgement on a complete trial. The programmes focus on a highly contemporary and controversial case, improvised by actors and contested by real barristers and a real judge.


As on a real jury, the 12 personalities come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of often conflicting opinions.


The Verdict is a timely examination of the jury system, with viewers actually able to see how a jury reaches its conclusions. The series shows the daily highlights from the courtroom, building from the prosecution case to the moment when the jury has to retire and reach its judgement.


There will be a switch-over programme on BBC Three and a full interactive service, ensuring that viewers can fully engage with The Verdict.



What Makes Britain Rich?


To find out what makes Britain's money and who gets it, Peter and Dan Snow probe the workings of the British economy. With a gross domestic product of over £1trillion, the UK economy is the fifth largest in the world and Peter and Dan reveal who controls it.


In the same way in which they tackled the question of land ownership in the popular Whose Britain Is It Anyway?, the pair build up a surprising picture of the economy and pose the fundamental questions about wealth in Britain.


They meet the economic winners and losers – from billionaire hedge-fund mogul Michael Hintze and self-made publishing millionaire Felix Dennis, to Cornish fishermen who can't afford to buy homes in their own villages, as rich weekenders price them out of the market.



Wild Caribbean


The magic and drama of the Caribbean is brought to life in this new series from the BBC's Natural History Unit.


Wild Caribbean promises to be a glorious spectacle of sun, sand and warm blue seas – spiced with the area's remarkable and diverse wildlife, culture and history.


To many, it is simply the ideal holiday destination – crystal blue waters, sandy beaches and magical coral reefs abound. But this enthralling series reveals that there is far more to the Caribbean than this.


Beyond its tropical beauty, the Caribbean conceals many dark and mysterious secrets. Its violent past is manifested in volcanic eruptions, dangerous reefs and powerful hurricanes – all of them both destructive and creative for its wildlife, its landscape and its people.


Wild Caribbean uncovers the secrets of the Caribbean, from the islands to the shores of Central America.





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