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27 November 2014
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BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 
Jennifer Saunders in The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle

BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007

Programmes N-R

Nuclear Secrets


There are currently 27,000 nuclear warheads in existence and most are far more powerful than those used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nine countries possess, or are suspected of possessing, nuclear weapons; dozens more have access to nuclear materials and the technology to turn them into weapons.


Through five spy thriller programmes, Nuclear Secrets charts the true story of the race for nuclear supremacy – from the creation of the A-Bomb to the present-day market in nuclear secrets across the world.


In the Forties, Klaus Fuchs betrayed Britain by passing secrets to the Soviets. By the Sixties, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky had become one of the Soviet Union's greatest traitors. In the Eighties, Mordechai Va'anunu blew the whistle on the Israeli bomb, highlighting the spread of nuclear weapons to the Middle East, and in the 21st century, AQ Khan, "father" of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, was caught selling nuclear technology to Libya and Iran.


The series reveals that, once opened, the Pandora's Box of atomic secrets can never be closed.





A sumptuous new series is set to tempt viewers to fall in love with Paris this spring.


Parisian art historian Sandrine Voillet reveals the tempestuous history, immortal beauty and Bohemian soul of the city she adores. Guiding viewers through more than 400 years of Paris' history, she celebrates the art, literature, music, films and design that have combined to create the spectacular "City of Lights".


This is the tale of the lavish court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, and the sexual decadence of revolutionary Paris; the crazy years of the early 1900s, played out in the Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergère; the jazz explosion of the Thirties; and the Sixties heyday of hedonism, expressed through film noir, music and literature.


Sandrine also discovers the cast of extraordinary characters who were inspired by the city, including Catherine de Medici, Voltaire, the Marquis de Sade, Victor Hugo, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel and Miles Davis.





A separate, one-off drama-documentary, Partition recounts the final, crucial days leading to the partition of India and the creation of two sovereign states, India and Pakistan, on 15 August 1947.


The partition of India led to the biggest migration in history as the subcontinent was carved up to create Pakistan.


The programme explores the untold stories of the civil servants charged by the British Government with the enormous task of working out the most complex "divorce" in history, and examines how they went about dividing a country of 400 million people.



BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 

Matt Smith and Andrea Riseborough in Party Animals


Party Animals


Power, politics and sexual intrigue collide in this new warm and witty drama series from the makers of this life.


Like most twenty-somethings, Scott, Danny, Ashika and Kirsty spend much of their day worrying about love, sex, friendship and paying the rent. Unlike most twentysomethings, the rest of the time they're worrying about running the country...


Drawing on a wealth of first-hand research, Party Animals presents Westminster from the ground up. Danny is the devoted researcher of a Home Office Junior Minister, but times are tough.


The government is in crisis, Danny's boss is struggling with a difficult home life and he's caught in the crossfire. Add to this the distracting presence of scheming intern Kirsty, and Danny is about to make an almighty blunder...


His mistake and a scurrilous rumour set in motion a chain of events that binds all four characters together – and changes their lives for ever.


Scott is played by Andrew Buchan, Danny by Matt Smith, Ashika by Shelley Conn and Kirsty by Andrea Riseborough.



BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 

The Retreat


The Retreat


Exploring Islamic faith, tradition and culture, this series follows six people as they spend a month at a remote Islamic retreat.


Away from the pressures of modern life, the participants pray daily, reflect and study. The three men and three women include both non-Muslims who are looking for spiritual enlightenment and Muslims who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith.


The final week at the retreat is a real test of their strength and commitment as the volunteers are expected to fast between sunrise and sunset to mark the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.


By the makers of the ground-breaking The Monastery And The Convent, the series offers an invaluable insight into Islam and explores the personal spiritual journeys of those taking part.





Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, James Purefoy, Polly Walker, Tobias Menzies, Lindsay Duncan and Kerry Condon return for a second series of the BBC and HBO's Rome, the epic tale of the rise of one of the world's most powerful Empires told through the stories of masters and slaves alike.


Having lost his wife, and played an integral part in Caesar's death, Vorenus begins the series a broken man. However, with the ever-loyal Pullo alongside him, Vorenus soon becomes a key player in Mark Antony's fight for control of Rome.


In the wake of Caesar's death, a vicious struggle for power and supremacy erupts, with Brutus and Servilia pitted against Mark Antony and Atia. With so much to play for, who will ultimately triumph?


Simon Woods joins the cast as Atia's son, Octavian, who turns against Mark Antony and Atia, leaving the city in order to raise an army and make his own bid for power.



Rough Crossings


Rough Crossings, presented by Simon Schama, tells the story of Britain, the slave trade and the American War of Independence. It focuses on the little-known, heroic story of three incredible men: freed slaves Thomas Peters and David George and English Naval Officer John Clarkson.


Clarkson was the younger brother of Thomas Clarkson, arguably Britain's greatest abolitionist and the great influence on William Wilberforce.


Combining Schama's trademark compelling storytelling with reconstruction and dramatisation, Rough Crossings follows the fortunes of Peters and George – who fought on the side of the British during the American War of Independence.


Their dream of being free leads them first to Nova Scotia, Canada, where they are met with nothing more than broken promises, unrelenting racism and hardship. Then they hear of The Sierra Leone Company's plan to offer hundreds of former slaves free passage to Africa.


Peters, George and Clarkson lead the convoy of ships to Sierra Leone. But will they all make it? And even if they do ... will they all survive?





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