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29 October 2014
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BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007 
Dr Alice Roberts in Don't Die Young

BBC Two Winter/Spring 2007

Programmes I-M

The Invasion Of Islington


In the first of three daring documentaries, presenter Tim Samuels leads an entire Cornish village as they arrive en masse in London and annex Islington.


The village of Lanreath in Cornwall is on the brink of extinction, they've lost their post office, shop and pub, the bus service has ended, farmers are selling up and now their school is under threat.


So they invaded the heartland of New Labour and brought their sheep and cows with them.


Viewers can watch out for two more chutzpah-based mass stunts to come, as the disenfranchised up and down the country fight back.



It's Not Easy Being Green


Following an overwhelming number of requests from viewers asking for help on green living, Dick Strawbridge returns to the screen. His efforts in It's Not Easy Being Green to create the green dream in a dilapidated farmhouse – a sustainable lifestyle with all mod cons – have inspired many.


So inventor Dick and his son, James, now turn their hand to helping some of these viewers around the country follow their own eco-lifestyle dreams. Dick uses his military skills to take on the role of green project manager, aided by his young apprentice.


Projects range from the low-key to the large-scale, from questions on organic livestock to growing veg in window boxes.


Budding "greens" include a doctor in the North who is building an eco-mansion on a seven-acre plot; a jobless man in London who wants to minimise his bills; and a 26-year-old nuclear engineer who wants to run her first house on solar and wind power.



The Last Days Of The Raj


The Last Days Of The Raj and Partition detail two separate, but inextricably linked, episodes in Indian history.


The programmes form a prelude to BBC Two's special summer season of programming to mark the 60th anniversary of the partition of India, which created two new sovereign states – India and Pakistan.


The Last Days Of The Raj shows how British expatriates tried to recreate an idyllic version of British life in India. Using previously unseen home-movie footage, testimony from people living in India at the time and dramatisation, the series marks the 60th anniversary of the British Raj in India.


The programmes include interviews from both Indian and British contributors and give a sense of what life was like living under, or as part of, the Raj.



The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle


Vivienne Vyle is Jennifer Saunders's latest comic creation and the star of this new comedy, written by Dr Tanya Byron with Jennifer Saunders.


Vivienne Vyle is a daytime TV presenter and agony aunt; the woman Britain turns to for real-life confessions and shocking revelations. Every day, before a live audience, Vivienne addresses the big issues such as: "My Son Calls The Wrong Man Daddy" and "I Want A Vagina..."


Vivienne's mission is to resolve dilemmas and personal and family relationships, but what about her own issues? And who's really helping who get through a sad and pathetic life?


Vivienne is egged on by her manic producer, Helena (Miranda Richardson), who believes that on-air rows and punch-ups are the only way to keep the ratings up, and real-life psychotherapist Jason Watkins, who plays Jonathan.


Dysfunctionality rules in the studio, behind the scenes and in Vivienne's home life, where partner Jared (Conleth Hill) is called upon time and again to be her emotional prop.


BBC Entertainment Publicity

Louis & The Casino


Bafta award-winning film-maker Louis Theroux returns to BBC Two in Spring 2007 in the first of two films which take him across the pond to the USA.


With a long-held love for the City of Sin, Louis Theroux heads to Las Vegas, the fastest-growing city in America, to meet the people prepared to bet their bottom dollar.


From the casino moguls to the slot slaves, Louis finds the gamblers who are building the "New" Las Vegas.


Based in the famous Las Vegas Hilton – once the biggest hotel in the world, where Elvis used to play – Louis immerses himself in the otherworldly glamour and gambling excitement of a major Vegas resort. Needless to say, nothing is quite what it seems...


In a separate special programme to mark his return to BBC Two, Louis relives ten years of weird situations and amazing characters as he looks back at some of the best moments from his 25 films.


Viewers can once again live through that amazing sex scandal that embroiled the Hamiltons, peer inside Sir Jimmy Savile's closet, watch Louis being forced by professional wrestlers to train until he vomits, and see him try to persuade a vulnerable male porn star to leave the profession.



The Madness Of Modern Parenting


All parents want the best for their children but more people than ever seem to be turning into panic-stricken obsessives in their over-zealous attempts to get it all absolutely right.


As this series shows, the madness can descend on many fronts – from competing against other parents to plan the most elaborate birthday party for their precious offspring, to the quest for the perfect family holiday.


Then there are the lengths parents will go to to get the very best for their child, whether faking church attendance for the sake of a decent school entry or spending all weekend doing their child's complicated school project, alone.


A selection of bemused mums and dads reflect on their madder moments in this entertaining, witty and affectionate look at the absurd behaviour being displayed by parents all over Britain.





Maxwell tells the story of the dramatic final months of media tycoon Robert Maxwell's life.


In this one-off drama-documentary, Maxwell's world is collapsing. Cracks are appearing in his multi-billion-pound business empire, his marriage is on the rocks and his weight has ballooned dangerously.


He owns some of the world's best-known media companies – Macmillan Publishing; the New York Daily News; MTV; and the Daily Mirror – but his obsession with both power and his great rival, Rupert Murdoch, is causing his downfall.


With time running out, he retreats to the heart of his web and sets about saving his skin. He is trapped and paranoid. His attempts to stem the tide of debts culminate in his stealing a billion pounds from his companies and their pension funds. But he is still hurtling towards disaster and, ultimately, death.


Maxwell is a gripping account of how greed and ambition destroyed a man and led him to commit one of the world's biggest-ever frauds.


The film is written by Craig Warner, who was Bafta-nominated for The Queen's Sister. It is produced and directed by Colin Barr, who made The Secretary Who Stole £4 Million and The Lavender List.



The Million Dollar Pigeon And Other Tales Of Competitive People


From championship pigeon racers to the battle of the Elvis impersonators to high-profile hairdressing, this series delves into the world of unconventional, international competitions where passion is paramount and the stakes are high.


This series of three films is directed by Morgan Matthews, whose previous works include the acclaimed Taxidermy – Stuff The World and Rudegirls.


The lucrative world of international pigeon racing is the focus of The Million Dollar Pigeon, which follows obsessive British players from Barnsley to the biggest contest of them all – the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa.


Blue Suede Jew tells the story of Gilles Elmalih as he travels from Jerusalem to Memphis for the ultimate Elvis impersonation showdown.


Hair Wars! meets ex-world champion hairdresser John Phelps. Previously banned from competition, and with trouble at home, he tries to pull his family together with a return to the cut and thrust world of competitive hairdressing.



Moira Stuart ... In Search Of William Wilberforce


William Wilberforce's name has become synonymous with the ending of the slave trade (in 1807) and of slavery (1833). Yet few people in modern Britain know the true and gripping story of this country's moral, economic and political struggle to abolish the slave trade.


Moira Stuart takes viewers on a journey of discovery across three continents in a quest to uncover the truth about Wilberforce. In doing so, she reveals how the myth of this one man has overshadowed the great work done by many others – including Thomas Clarkson and the enslaved Africans themselves.





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