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24 September 2014
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The Innocence Project 
Adam, played by Luke Treadaway

The Innocence Project

Episode synopses

Episode One


Fact: the British justice system sometimes gets it wrong. Under the guidance of inspirational Professor Jon Ford (Lloyd Owen), The Innocence Project team – Beth (Ruth Bradley), Adam (Luke Treadaway), Nick (Oliver James), Andrew (Stephen Graham) and Sarah (Christine Bottomley), a group of dynamic, first-year law students – investigates possible miscarriages of justice.


A convicted killer, Luke Talbot (Steve Evets), has always proclaimed his innocence and the team start to review the case against him, which appears uncertain.


While still going through the serious business of growing up at university, the students search for new evidence which could set him free.


Nick also finds himself on the wrong side of the criminal justice system – which could mean the end of his legal career before it's even started.


Supporting Cast Episode One


Jodie Winters ... Fiona Clark

Luke Talbot ... Steve Evets

Rena Farooq ... Louisa Eyo

Desmond Mathers ... Richard Heap

Ronald Locke ... Derek Hicks

Francis Hurst ... Andy Hockley

Karen Wylie ... Denise Kennedy

Roy Allen ... James Lauren

Preacher ... Seamus O'Neil

David Cullen ... Jason Pitt

Police Officer ... James Stapleton

Angela Jarrett ... Saira Todd


Episode Two


Beth (Ruth Bradley) tries to convince an apparently unenthusiastic Ford (Lloyd Owen) about the merits of a case in which the infallibility of fingerprint evidence comes under scrutiny.


Vulnerable Martin Toal (Henry Miller) retracted a confession of murder, even though his fingerprints were found at the crime scene. He's now serving life. Beth believes the system has let Toal down.


Adam is mentoring a young boy, Dizzy (Thomas Turgoose) – but trying to overturn his ASBO is loaded with difficulty.


With her mother (played by the actress's real-life mother, Charlotte Bradley) putting extra pressure on her, Beth finds herself with more on her plate than she can handle.


Supporting Cast Episode Two


Mylene ... Michelle Bateman

Hazel McNair ... Charlotte Bradley

Emmett Brogan ... Jason Furnival

Martin Toal ... Henry Miller

Clinton Jowett ... Martin Walsh

Morris Toal ... Alan Williams


Episode Three


Adam (Luke Treadaway) tries to understand how a murder conviction can be beyond reasonable doubt – when there is no body.


John McKenna (James Foster) may have been convicted of murdering his common-law wife, but her body has never been found.


Meanwhile, Ford (Lloyd Owen) makes Nick (Oliver James) struggle with a case that is over 300 years old – an attempt to prove the innocence of a woman who was executed as a witch.


Sarah (Christine Bottomley) is caught off-guard when her boyfriend from home, Craig (Liam Boyle), turns up with an unexpected proposal.


Supporting Cast Episode Three


Fiona Kinsella ... Dorothy Atkinson

Louise Williams ... Gillian Baskeyfield

Craig ... Liam Boyle

John McKenna ... James Foster

Della Doyle ... Daryl Fishwick

Letitia Bathurst ... Mary Sheen

Abigail Kinsella ... Tylah Tomkins-Simpson


Episode Four


The students tackle the complex ramifications of a joint trial: co-defendants who were tried together and both convicted of murder.


But they hit a wall when they attempt to analyse upon what evidence the jury ultimately based their guilty verdict.


Beth (Ruth Bradley) is appalled by the injustice and wants to approach the jury. But Ford (Lloyd Owen) lays down the law – such an approach would be illegal.


Meanwhile, Sarah (Christine Bottomley) and Nick (Oliver James) get sidetracked by a case involving an adult website and the question of just what obscenity means in this day and age.


Supporting Cast Episode Four


Adrian Gale ... Chris Finch

Ricky Latif ... Moey Hassan

Alice Raikes ... Donna Lythgoe

Daniel Lucas ... Connor Marsh

Spiteri ... Tony Mooney

Hotel Guest ... Eddie Riley

Claire Waite ... Meriel Scholfield

Hotel Clerk ... Marc Silcock

Dominic Wells ... Darren Southworth

Rachel ... Paula Wolfenden

Louise Christie ... Gillian Waugh


Episode Five


An old face appears from Ford's (Lloyd Owen) past, asking for help, but Ford's not so sure he wants to get involved.


The students attempt to help a convicted drug dealer get her sentence reduced.


Rhiannon Hayes (Linzey Cocker) was convicted of selling drugs to an undercover policeman – but were the police more than just a willing buyer?


Adam (Luke Treadaway) is forced to question his idealistic viewpoint when he fears Dizzy (Thomas Turgoose) may have betrayed him.


Supporting Cast Episode Five


Mylene ... Michelle Bateman

Adrian Kerr ... Nick Brimble

Rhiannon Hayes ... Linzey Cocker

Di Gwyn James ... Tim Dantay

Maxwell Gittings ... Ian Kilgannon


Episode Six


A convicted murderer claims that, rather than killing the victim, all he actually did was try to help. The students put expert evidence under the microscope.


When Sarah (Christine Bottomley) and Beth (Ruth Bradley) get involved in a case the Crown Prosecution Service passed over, Beth finds herself working for the other side with PC Todd (Jamie Belman), with unexpected rewards.


Ford (Lloyd Owen) can't seem to shift the piles of work on his desk but has a good reason for taking so much on.


Supporting Cast Episode Six


PC Luke Todd ... Jamie Belman

Julie Poppat ... Kelly Condron

Dr Andy Wilson ... Craig Parkinson

George Griffiths ... Paul Simpson


Episode Seven


The students are put to the test by the different claims and counter-claims in a rape case.


Rape is a notoriously difficult offence to get a conviction for and they wonder if it's something they should even be looking at.


Ford (Lloyd Owen) is stumped when Sarah (Christine Bottomley) and Andrew (Stephen Graham) want to discuss how to prove a retired police dog was an unreliable witness.


Supporting Cast Episode Seven


Hotel Employee ... Dan Atkinson

Pete Marston ... Gary Cargill

Tanya Jackson ... Sarah Jayne Dunn

Graham Little ... Steve Garti

Martin Carey ... Andrew Mcnair

Caroline Kirsop ... Jacqueline Pilton

Colette Givray ... Gabriella Wright


Episode Eight


The team struggles to prove that a murder case was, in fact, a suicide.


Adam (Luke Treadaway) gets involved in the mechanics, while the others investigate the victim's state of mind.


Ford (Lloyd Owen) may know more about the drugs which might have contributed to the victim's death than he's letting on. So he finds himself with several difficult decisions to make – both personally and professionally.


Supporting Cast Episode Eight


Pawlicki ... Mark Arends

Rachel ... Emily Beecham

Michael Starkey ... John Branwell

Alistair Henderson... Louis Dower

Professor David Goddard ... David Fleeshman

Cameron Harris... Andy Quine

Gail Henderson ... Joanna Swain




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