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24 September 2014
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Sam and Ben

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Episode One: Rubbish


Rick Spleen fronts a lame Government TV recycling campaign which backfires spectacularly. Meanwhile, Rick and his partner, Mel, are invited to the christening of a remarkably ugly baby.


Rick is sent off to buy a christening present from dangerously unhinged shopkeeper Maureen and local cafe owner Michael forces Rick to try his new home-made fruitcake.


Episode Two: Wayne


The Spleen household has a teaspoon shortage and Rick decides to take matters into his own hands by stealing some from Michael's café, with unfortunate consequences. Rick is also forced to take the toaster back to the local electrical shop, where he has a run-in with the exceptionally sarcastic electrician.


At work, Rick has agreed to present a You've Been Framed-style DVD, but neither he nor his writing partner, Marty, can come up with any decent links.


All of this is compounded by Rick's insomnia, caused by the paperboy, Wayne, who is very punctual, very noisy and (according to the stroppy newsagent) has a brain the size of a walnut.


Episode Three: £5000


Rick gets in a punch-up at an awards ceremony and ends up with a black eye.


Back at home, he fails to find sympathy from Madga - who recommends putting vodka on it - or from Marty (who is more worried about a show they are pitching to the BBC).


Meanwhile, his partner Mel points out that Rick has mistakenly pledged a vast amount of money to café-owner Michael for a forthcoming sponsored charity event.


Rick tries to wangle his way out of the sponsorship with various ploys, and ends up succeeding – but in an unintended and catastrophic way.


Episode Four: Allergic


Rick confides in Mel and Marty that he may have inadvertently killed one of Britain's best-loved entertainers, Bob Fairchild.


Rick is equally concerned that the free shoe-organiser he's ordered from the Bargain Channel has not arrived, and asks Magda to help him track it down.


Meanwhile, Marty and Rick are busy writing for Rick's upcoming appearance on topical news panel show Bullet In The News, but café-owner Michael has his own thoughts about what stories might work on the show, much to Rick's fury.


Episode Five: Pistachio


Rick buys himself a scooter. His initial excitement about the purchase turns to dismay, however, as he starts to worry that it makes him look gay, and Mel is doubtful that his solution of buying a leather jacket will have the desired effect.


Rick's work isn't going too well either – his spot hosting the Air Conditioning and Climate Control Awards didn't go as well as planned, and his paranoia about being gay leads him to write a series of homophobic jokes for the Annual Hairdresser Awards.


Meanwhile, Rick has a spectacular row about 'invisible' mending with local dry cleaner Mr Tilak.


Episode Six: Fatty


Rick decides to take up exercise, having been publicly humiliated on TV by daytime chat-show host Adam Green, who suggests he's put on weight.


At home, Magda and Marty do their best to wind Rick up about his increasing waistline, much to his anger, and in an unfortunate encounter with an acquaintance at the gym, Rick finally explodes in fury.


Meanwhile, the neighbour's cat has gone missing and Rick is asked to look for it; and Ben manages to destroy Rick's brand-new DVD player by taking the back off.


All in all, this may be the worst week of Rick's life…






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