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24 September 2014
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BBC FOUR Autumn 2006
Janice Hadlow

BBC FOUR Autumn 2006

BBC FOUR finds itself in a tight spot

BBC FOUR gets into a tight spot in the New Year, with four exciting new comedies in which the central characters are all stuck in very different situations.


Janice Hadlow, Controller, BBC FOUR, says: "This is a brilliant chance to showcase both new and established acting, production and writing talent on the channel, with four stand-out comedies that have a distinctive BBC FOUR flavour.


"Single dramas have worked fantastically well on the channel - now it's comedy's turn."


Janice Hadlow and Lucy Lumsden, Controller, Comedy Commissioning, have commissioned four one-off, half-hour comedies, from BBC in-house comedy and from independents.


The season will run on BBC FOUR in the New Year.


Tight Spot Season




Freezing is a modern, urban comedy about what happens when fame and promise start to fade away.


Elizabeth is American and an Oscar-nominated actress who was discovered by Robert Redford. She's acted in numerous successful films with people like Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Robert de Niro. That was then.


Now she lives in a West London suburb with her publishing husband Matt. She spends a lot of time worrying about where the next job will come from.


So does Matt, because he's just been replaced by his assistant at the publishing firm where he worked for 15 years.


As a result – and for the first time in their marriage - Matt and Elizabeth now have to spend their days together at home - two freelancers seeking work.


Written by James Wood, directed by Simon Curtis and produced by Kenton Allen and Simon Curtis.


Freezing is a BBC production.




Written by Nigel Williams and executive produced by Jon Plowman, HR is the story of two white middle-aged men: one is a middle manager, the other is his HR person.


Both of them are under threat from the brave new world of management consultancy.


HR is a piece about the "tight spot" many employees find themselves in when working in modern, faceless corporations. The madness going on in offices, by water coolers, at away days - all over the country.


A BBC production.




On the edge of meltdown, businessman Paul is late for a make-or-break meeting.


Sunita will not shut up about her inappropriate life experiences.


Rocco is a 17-year-old with seven different, very evident major phobias.


Christabel is dangerously jolly and is challenged in the bladder area.


Four ill-fitting people who want to be as far away as possible from one another. Unfortunately this isn't possible. They're stuck in a lift.


Will they ever get out? If they do, will there still be four of them alive?


It's like Lost, only more cramped.


Lift is a Hartswood Films Production, written by the Edinburgh 2006 if.comeddie Panel Award winner Mark Watson, executive produced by Beryl Vertue and Sue Vertue and produced by Mark Freeland.




Adrian (forty-something, well groomed, sharp-suited ad executive) is driving. He's pompous, pernickety and tense.


Simon (late twenties, creative-looking in his hip-casual clothes) is in the passenger seat. He's laid-back and doesn't want to be there.


The two have nothing in common except work. Simon's on the way up the career path, Adrian is on the way down.


On the back seat is a laptop and some presentation portfolios. All very neatly stacked. The car is stationary.


Stuck is a Baby Cow production written by Mark Warren. Executive producers are Henry Normal and Lindsay Hughes.





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