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29 October 2014
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BBC FOUR Autumn 2006
The Haunted Airman

BBC FOUR Autumn 2006

Programmes: A to H



To mark the 70th anniversary of the shocking abdication of King Edward VIII in December 1936, this fascinating and revealing documentary uncovers the truth behind the constitutional crisis that rocked both the British Establishment and the world.


Based on recently-released information such as Cabinet minutes, Prime Minister's correspondence and Special Branch monitoring, in addition to archive media reports and actual Royal correspondence, Abdication illustrates the intricate series of events that led to Edward VIII's painful decision to renounce the throne.


The film also exposes the secret roles many politicians and diarists played in blackening Wallace Simpson's name and tarnishing Edward VIII's reputation, uncovering just how the British public were manipulated into turning against their once loved monarch-to-be.


A Blakeway production.




California Dreaming


It was the distinctive sound of West Coast rock that provided the soundtrack to the Seventies and placed LA at the epicentre of the musical world.


This film tells the story of how the cool, sophisticated smooth sound that characterised the work of The Eagles, Jackson Browne, David Crosby and Graham Nash evolved from the socially-conscious songs of boys and girls with acoustic guitars, and turned into the unique easy-listening rock that conquered the world.


Musicians and performers, industry heavyweights, fans and LA scenesters tell their stories and describe how it all ended in coked-out stadium superstardom at the end of the decade.


This is an epic tale of smooth guitar sound, inspired genius, denim, drugs and greed.


A BBC production.




Fear Of Fanny


Television chefs today dominate our screens and have sometimes even changed legislation but, in the Sixties, one name was sure to send chills down the spines of housewives everywhere: Fanny Cradock – arguably Britain's most terrifying TV chef!


This at times hilarious yet poignant drama is about an ostensibly successful career woman who is haunted by the demons of her past.


The doyenne of housewives during the Sixties and Seventies, Fanny's diet-defying dishes, withering put-downs and pancake make-up made her the scourge of traditional British cooking.


Writer and actress Julia Davis stars as Fanny and is joined by Nighty Night co-star Mark Gatiss (League Of Gentlemen), who plays Fanny's much-maligned husband, Johnnie.


Devised from interviews with Fanny's colleagues, family and critics, Fear Of Fanny is written and adapted by Brian Fillis, making his debut television adaptation from the critically-acclaimed stage play of the same name.


A BBC production.




The Haunted Airman


The Haunted Airman is a tense and suspenseful adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's horror story about the terrifying experiences of a combat veteran who has come home from the war.


It has been written for the screen by Chris Durlacher (Kenneth Tynan – In Praise Of Hardcore; and George Orwell – A Life In Pictures), who has also produced and directed the drama.


In 1943, Flight Lieutenant Toby Jugg (Robert Pattinson – Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire), confined to a wheelchair after being wounded in action, arrives at Llanferdach, a remote mansion in Wales, to recuperate.


Owing to what might be post-traumatic stress, Toby suffers nightmares and hallucinations. An unexplained noise or the movement of a shadow makes his flesh creep.


Llanferdach is overseen by psychiatrist Dr Hal Burns (Julian Sands: Kenneth Tynan – In Praise Of Hardcore, 24, Boxing Helena), but Toby is a reluctant patient, and instead craves the familiar love of his Aunt Julia (Rachael Stirling: Tipping The Velvet, Riot At The Rite).


However, Julia is not answering Toby's letters. Suddenly, Julia arrives at Llanferdach but, instead of bringing comfort, we begin to suspect an unsettling love triangle between Toby, his aunt and his doctor.


Like many Wheatley novels, the ending is sudden, unexpected and unforgettable.


A BBC production.





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