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24 September 2014
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Say No To The Knife

BBC THREE Autumn 2006


Say No To The Knife


Each week, this new factual entertainment series follows two young people committed to the idea of going under the knife. They are looking to transform their lives and looks and have all signed up for major cosmetic surgery.


These people think a nip/tuck is the only option, but will the show's confidence and style experts convince them that there is life without surgery?


Cosmetic surgery has reached record levels in this country. Girls as young as eight are already considering what surgery they'll have when they get older.


As makeover-TV mania sweeps the UK, with more shows attempting to convert ugly ducklings into elegant swans, Say No To The Knife gives young men and women considering surgery the opportunity to make an informed decision about their choice.


A Silver River production


The Indestructibles


The Indestructibles is an action-packed show exploring the greatest machine ever created... the human body.


Four bodily reporters – Doc Damage, a tough-guy in the Clint Eastwood mould, Tesla Girl, a fearless biological reporter, and the identical self-experimenters the Petri Twins – will perform death-defying stunts, conduct insane experiments (on themselves), and meet unbelievable people from around the world.


Along the way they meet the man with snake venom running through his veins and the parachutist who was saved by ants, and they get to the bottom of the Kung Fu Death Grip.


They seek to explain the mysterious workings of the human body and discover the amazing feats of which it's capable.


An Objective Productions production









Eataholics (working title)


Eataholics gets to the heart of the nation's disordered eating habits. Nutritionist Nathalie Savona and psychological coach Benjamin Fry aim to solve the nutritional nightmares of six individuals.


Each programme takes a person with a bizarre and extreme psychological eating problem so out of control that food has taken over normal life.


Featured in the series is a 37-year-old businessman who has only been able to eat pizza and chips since childhood, and a 29-year-old mother who has eaten only puréed food since the birth of her baby.


Viewers can see how the individuals change as they overcome their phobias, face their food demons and work out the reason for their odd eating habits.


A Betty TV production









Sixteen (working title)


This five-part series looks at the lives of teenagers in a tough North London school – children who are on the edge of adulthood. It follows their rite of passage as they prepare to leave school behind and step into the outside world.


These teenagers face the normal challenges of looming exams and unrequited love.


But in this area where young people are more likely to end up in prison than at university, the temptations and dangers of crime are ever present and teenage pregnancy is common.


Sixteen takes viewers inside their adolescent fears and dreams.


A BBC production




Grime Scene Investigation


Your body is a breeding place for millions of creatures which live on you and in you and most are invisible to the human eye – until now.


Using cutting-edge technology, Grime Scene Investigation reveals a hidden world of organisms living all over our bodies. Specialist cameras film close-up footage of the billions of bacteria, fungi and parasites that live on us.


Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and flushing the toilet will never be the same again after Grime Scene Investigation brings viewers face to face with some of the horrific creatures we share our bodies with.


Scientists will examine how these critters survive, what impact they have on us and what purpose, if any, they serve.


An RDF Bristol production







The Real Hustle


The Real Hustle


Hustlers Jess, Paul and Alex are back. Inspired by BBC ONE's Hustle, this series keeps viewers up to date with the very latest scams.


This time the team sets up even more elaborate stings, targeting businesses and people on the street.


Always on the side of the unsuspecting consumer, they expose new hustles and reveal the ingenuity, guile and bare-faced lies that con men use to separate people from their cash and belongings.


As technology progresses, so do the con tricks. This series is at the cutting edge, bringing viewers the information they need to stay clued up.


After showing the hustles in action, the team details how the public can protect themselves, with valuable advice from the police, the Office of Fair Trading and the remarkable Frank Abagnale.


Frank is possibly the most infamous con man of them all, and his scams were recreated for the big screen in the film of his life, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo di Caprio.


An Objective Productions production




Man's First Diet


Man's First Diet is a radical TV experiment in which eight people adopt a hunter-gatherer lifestyle in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth.


For one month, they live among the San people of the Kalahari in Namibia. If they want food, they will have to pick it, dig it up, trap it or kill it.


Western women live according to the strict social rules of the local women, while the men spend days on hunts with their local counterparts.


The four-part series follows their progress to discover if they become lean, mean killing machines or whether they simply go hungry.


A Cheetah Television production (part of Endemol UK)




Anthea Turner – Perfect Housewife


Anthea Turner once again tries to re-educate the nation's self-confessed incompetent housewives.


By her own admission, Anthea is the perfect housewife and ultimate domestic goddess.


In her stunning home, everything is perfectly organised and Anthea believes there is never an excuse for a chaotically run house. Will she be able to help a whole new set of housewives in crisis?


Each week on this light-hearted entertainment show, Anthea mentors two hopeless housewives and invites them to visit her mansion for a three-day housewifery course, in which they are trained to be a domestic goddess – Anthea style.


The two women then return to their homes with their new-found knowledge and put it into practice as they compete to be judged by Anthea as the week's Best Housewife.


At the end of the show, each housewife hosts an event. It's a huge challenge – perhaps a cocktail evening or a children's party – and everything must be perfect.


An RDF Media production





Dog Borstal


Dog Borstal


Tough trainers Mic Martin, Robert Alleyne and Lynne Davies put some of the UK's grumpiest and most disobedient owners and canines through their paces.


The hounds are locked away in a remote Air Force base in Suffolk, where they learn the meaning of "tough love".


To earn their release they have to prove that they're back on the straight and narrow.


But while the trainers believe that these dogs can be taught new tricks, can the same be said of their owners? There'll be tears, tantrums and tails between legs before this lot are let off their leashes.


A BBC production




Binge Britain Season


Some 5.9 million people in the UK drink more than twice the recommended daily guidelines on some occasions. Between 1988 and 2000, the number of women binge drinking in the UK has trebled (more than twice the increase for men).


Binge Britain – a week-long current affairs season on BBC THREE – scratches the surface to see why Britain is so under the grip of booze.


Award-winning Nicky Taylor from the critically-acclaimed Booze Bird exposes the real level of female alcohol-fuelled violence.


Following on from her findings in Booze Bird the season follows Nicky as she finds out the truth about the disturbing trend of women involved in alcohol-related fights.


The season also follows five binge drinkers who refuse even to acknowledge that their drinking might be excessive.The programme shows them on a night out and reveals how they behave when they're drunk.


It then turns the tables on the five and follows them as they take on jobs on the frontline of binge drinking to see if their behaviour can be changed.


Then there's the alarming trend of women who drink heavily while pregnant. Another programme looks at why this happens and examines the harm such behaviour causes to their babies.


A BBC production






This summer, 70,000 people will walk out of their homes and simply vanish.


Runaways is a new current affairs series following those who spend their lives looking for missing persons.


Debt, work stress and family issues are three of the main reasons for people running away from home but this series also focuses on how, with CCTV cameras on every corner, people can still simply disappear.


Featuring the sole investigator with the National Missing Persons Helpline (NMPH), local police units around the country and the traumatised families themselves, each programme also includes the NMPH's pioneering "future progression imagery" which produces an image of what a missing person would look like in reality, years after their disappearance.


A BBC production




Body Image Season


Britain as a nation is completely body obsessed. Every day, we are bombarded with images of the perfect figure to which we should all aspire.


In a season of four programmes, BBC THREE current affairs looks at the different shapes and sizes of bodies in Britain and people's attitudes to them.


The season starts with 34-Stone Teenager looking at the story of Bethany Walton. Trapped in a 34-stone body, Bethany can't wear the latest fashions. She's never had a boyfriend and she hates her body.


In a last-ditch attempt to change her body and her life she has decided to take the drastic action of having weight-loss surgery.


The obsession with obtaining the perfect body has led to many women feeling inadequate about having small breasts. Flat As A Pancake uncovers the complex, poignant and sometimes amusing relationships women have with their tiny breasts.


Too Ugly To Be Loved looks at the pain and anxiety felt by sufferers of Body Dsymorphic Disorder (BDD). People with the illness believe they are grotesquely ugly but, in reality, they look normal.


Viewers follow leading BDD behavioural therapist, Rob Wilson, as he treats sufferers by making them confront the thing they fear most – the way they look.


In the final programme in the season, comedian Ricky Grover looks at how the UK is still designed with thinner people in mind, despite the fact that, in less than five years, fat and obese people are expected to outnumber thin and "desirable weight" people in Britain by three to one.


F**k Off I'm Fat looks at why this is so and whether things need to change.


A BBC / Brighter Pictures production






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