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24 September 2014
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Drop Dead Gorgeous 

Pauline (Kathryn Hunt), Murray (Lee Boardman) and Ashley (Sinead Moynihan), look on at an annoyed Jade (Linzey Cocker)

Drop Dead Gorgeous - brand new comedy for BBC THREE


Ashley Webb (Sinead Moynihan)


Ashley is a quiet, pretty, slightly geeky school girl, content with her family, friends and quiet life in Runcorn. She's constantly peripheral to her outgoing twin sister Jade - but happily so.


In her eyes Jade is the one who gets all the attention – especially from boys – so she is dumbstruck and slightly appalled when she is approached one afternoon to be a model herself.


But her excitement at the way her life is rapidly changing is constantly eclipsed by her guilt at Jade's obvious unhappiness, catty comments and increasingly spiteful behaviour.


Despite this, the giddy life of Paris catwalks and catalogue modelling starts to become the norm and her awkwardness and embarrassment slowly disappear to uncover a sensationally confident and stunning model.


Pauline Webb (Kathryn Hunt)


Pauline is a dinner lady in Runcorn. A mum of three, comfy in her civvies, ploughing through mounds of ironing, hot and sweaty in the school canteen in the thick of serving ladles full of lunch.


Evenings see her half-cut and joyful surrounded by her best mates down the local pub.


All of a sudden Ashley's journey takes Pauline to places she's only ever read about in Heat Magazine – she's sipping champagne cocktails in Paris, having her picture taken for the local papers and as she drinks this seductive, exciting new world in she starts to like it rather more than her cosy, dull, old life in Runcorn.


Murray Priestman (Lee Boardman)


Murray is a brilliant model agent from Manchester. An acid queen schmoozer never far from his Bluetooth and Blackberry, he identifies the potential in 15-year-old school girl Ashley and the millions she's likely to make him.


Although fully motivated by financial gain, he has a soft spot for Ashley and truly believes she could be The Next Big Thing. The only obstacle in his way is her increasingly savvy Mum Pauline and their power struggle for control of Ashley's future.


Jade Webb (Linzey Cocker)


Jade is Ashley's caustic, confident and stunningly beautiful - albeit shorter - twin sister.


All the boys fancy her and she's just waiting for the day when she will be model scouted. When it's gawky twin Ashley instead who's approached, Jade's world is turned upside down.


She's constantly wrestling with the green eyed monster – fiercely jealous yet fiercely proud. As she's pushed out of everyone's radar she puts more and more obstacles in Ashley's way whilst trying to get love and attention from anyone at all - in any way she can.


Terry Webb (Connor McIntyre)


Terry is a kind, loving father and husband who adores his family. When Ashley begins modelling he is as excited and proud as the rest, until it becomes apparent that their previously perfect family life is in danger of being destroyed.


Terry desperately wants his old wife back – the ordinary girl that he married rather than this crazed woman that Pauline has become.


As his past comes back to haunt him and his world starts to cave in, Terry frantically tries to salvage the happy closeness the Webb family enjoyed before the modelling whirlwind took over.


Mikey Webb (Lee Worswick)


Mikey is 14–year-old smart-arse younger brother to the twins. His aim in life is to torment his sisters – teasing them over boys, make up and generally being 'mingers'.


Mikey, along with Jade and their Dad Terry, is shoved to one side by Mum Pauline's determination to push Ashley to the top of her game.


Kerry Willis (Jennifer Hennessy)


Kerry is Pauline's partner in crime in the canteen. She loves nothing more than a pint and a gossip at their local with her husband Tiggsy and best mates Pauline and Terry.


She's happy with her deal as a dinner lady and sees the best in everyone. She understands Pauline and knows she is still a kind-hearted person deep down, regardless of her transformation.


Tiggsy Willis (Dominic Carter)


Kerry's husband Tiggsy is Terry's best mate. He's a happy-go-lucky Scouser with a heart of gold who loves the Webb family to bits.


Despite receiving the fantastic news that he's got the all-clear for cancer, Tiggsy can only watch from the sidelines as friendships and relationships start to fall apart.


Val Sinclair (Elizabeth Berrington)


Val is Pauline's straight talking, no-nonsense boss at the school canteen. She's not exactly jealous of Pauline but is more irritated by her frivolous and flash attitude.


As Pauline's priorities and attendance levels decrease, Val is left serving lunch to hundreds of children on her own once too often and she wastes no time in telling Pauline exactly what she thinks of her.


Hardeep (Sushil Chudasama)


Hardeep works at the Webbs' local newsagent at the top of the hill. He's had his eye on Ashley for a while and finally they get together as her modelling begins to take off.


Their relationship is affected along with everything else in Ashley's life, as one drunken night Jade's jealousy takes over and she sleeps with him on her path to destruct everything that Ashley's got.




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