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24 September 2014
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George Gamble, Andrea Windors, Saira Khan, Andy Wheel, Sam Smith, Ali Farzad and Nina Franklin from Beat the Boss

Saira Khan to front new CBBC series Beat the Boss

In her first television series presenter role businesswoman and former star of The Apprentice Saira Khan is set to uncover the next generation of young entrepreneurial talent in brand new BBC series Beat the Boss.


Beat the Boss will pit a team of three children against a team of three adult business-people.


The teams will have to come up with a brand new product for this children's market, the adults using their experience of the business world, and the kids using their imagination and ingenuity.


But will the adults' experience necessarily give them the edge?


In each programme Saira delivers the brief to both teams and the clock starts ticking. First they must do some vital market research, then its time to brainstorm and try to come up with a winning product.


Our teams meet for the first time at a leading company and present their product ideas one after the other. The company's experts help them to improve their designs and at the end of the day take them away to turn them into real products.


A judging panel of 25 kids will then cast votes in a secret ballot to decide whose product wins.


The winners will leave the Beat the Boss HQ to party in their limo, clutching their Beat The Boss trophy. The losers have no choice but to catch the bus home.


Saira said: "I'm thrilled to be working on this project, and filming so far has proved what I already knew - that if you give kids the tools they need for business, they have just as much energy, enthusiasm and passion as adults and they aren't afraid to think bold and big.


"The teams of adults from the business world have been impressed and utterly amazed by what the kids have come up with so far."


Head of News, Factual and Learning for BBC Children's, Reem Nouss, said: "This is new and exciting ground for CBBC.


"We know that kids have been interested and intrigued by formats like The Apprentice and Dragons' Den, so wanted to provide something tailor-made for them which explores the same territory but with a unique child-focused perspective."


Each team will be given the brief to come up with a prototype for one of the following:

  • A new generation fruit drink
  • A portable pooch pack
  • The ultimate leisure inflatable
  • A dream sleepover kit
  • A new practical joke product


The kids teams will be made up of children from schools in Doncaster, Bridgend, London, Newquay and Coventry.


The producer of Beat the Boss is Nicola Bungey and the Executive Producer is Gillian Scothern.


Beat the Boss will go out every weekday from Monday 22 May 2006 on BBC ONE.






Category: Children's
Date: 26.04.2006
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