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29 October 2014
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The Street 

Lee Ingleby as Sean

The Street - a new drama for BBC ONE

Key Character Biographies

  • Angela Quinn (late 30s) has been married to Arthur long enough to know what's in store for her should he clean his teeth before bedtime.


    A mum of three, passion left her marriage long ago but for the first time in years the fire is back, all thanks to Peter being a little more than neighbourly.


  • Arthur Quinn (40s) is the disciplinarian of the household. A man of great pride, Arthur works hard to ensure his family don't go without.


    He's put more in than he's ever taken out and the injustice he feels when an accident in The Street affect his family can not be underestimated.


  • Peter Harper (40s) is a family man who adores his wife, Eileen, and their three children. A travelling sweets salesman by trade, Peter has an air of charm about him.


    He is used to having his Mars bar and eating it and if that means sleeping with his best mate's wife then so be it.


  • Eileen Harper (30s) hasn't lost her sparkle; perhaps it's Peter pressing all the right buttons that keeps her young. She doesn't know what he gets up to when he's away and she doesn't want to know as long as he doesn't bring his 'work' home with him.


    Eileen isn't shy when it comes to having a good time. When Peter's at his weakest she remains strong, but just how much can her resolve take?


  • Stan McDermott (65), married for 46 years, believes his wife's only mission in life is to drown out anything he's remotely interested in. A man who is easily ignored, his only escape is work.


    A warehouse foreman for over forty years, he lives for the job he loves. With his 65 birthday fast approaching Stan's workdays are almost over.


    He's done his sums and knows he has to live to one hundred and twelve to get back what he's put in to his pension. With nothing to get up for in the mornings and barely a bean to live on Stan decides to take matters into his own hands...


  • Brenda McDermott (60s) is Stan's long-suffering wife. You can't beat the love of a good woman and, despite their ups and downs, Brenda has always been there for Stan; sending him off with a hearty lunch box each morning for the last forty odd years.


    A devoted mother and grandmother, Brenda is devastated to learn of Stan's plans.


  • Brian Peterson always wanted to teach, inspired by his own school days, he hopes that in some small way he might just make a difference.


    Most teachers want to get away when that school bell rings, but not Brian.


    He's chosen to live in the community in which he teaches, his only release being a daily run in the park before teatime. When Brian is accused of flashing his world is destroyed and he soon discovers who is real friends are.


  • Ann Peterson has seen Brian through his teacher training and watched him get where he is today, whilst bringing up their three children.


    The youngest now at school, Ann is in no rush to rejoin the workforce. She spends most of her hours engrossed in daytime TV and gossiping to her best mate, Stella. But how will she cope when she discovers her


  • Billy Roberts (18) isn't like some of the other teenagers his age. He has ambition, talent and dreams of becoming a premiership footballer – he's already secured a place on City's youth team.


    He lives at home with his blind dad and has a maturity and level of respect that can only be attributed to his father's good work. When temptation rears its head Billy doesn't have the strength to walk away and his dreams are torn apart. With no goal in life Billy choses the wrong path.


  • John Roberts - Billy's Dad (50's) is a typical proud father and has every reason to be. Despite the fact that he is blind, he lives for match days and gets a running commentary from the sidelines.


    He is heartbroken when Billy is dropped from the youth team but agrees to stand by him, until he learns what Billy's new pastime is.


  • Eddie McEvoy is an honest, down to earth taxi driver who will go that extra mile rather than leave anyone out in the cold.


    However, his generosity is tested when he picks up asylum seeker, Ojo whose accommodation has closed for the night.


    He takes Ojo under his wing and puts the welfare of a stranger before the feelings of his own family much to the vexation of his wife.


  • Margie McEvoy, Eddie's wife, could just about cope with the stray Doberman he once brought home. But an asylum seeker? Now, that really takes the biscuit!


  • Ojo has escaped the civil unrest in his home country, Nigeria. His wife and children murdered, he is doing his best not to be sent back there. He is therefore happy to let Eddie and the authorities believe he is Liberian.


    Physically, he is striking and can't fail to catch Yvonne's eye. He barely speaks English, but nothing is lost in translation.


  • Sean O'Neill (Early 30s) One of life's bullies, Sean thinks the world owes him a favour. He doesn't believe in working for a living and why should he when he can make more than enough selling stolen goods.


  • Yvonne O'Neill (20s) married young and despite Sean's failings as a husband and father it's not that easy for her to walk away.


    She'd love for things to have worked out differently with Sean, if only to prove her older sister wrong. But Sean isn't about to change and Yvonne knows that more than anyone.


    Black and blue, this time there's no turning back but it's not long before Yvonne discovers exactly what she's been missing out on.


  • Kerry is Yvonne's older, wiser and, in Yvonne's eyes, smug sister. Not the easiest footsteps for a girl to follow in. She's lived in London where she met Alex and has now returned North to marry him and settle down.


    Kerry can't bear to stand by and watch Sean ruin her sister's life, so Kerry decides that they must join forces to get Yvonne out of her abusive marriage once and for all.




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