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24 September 2014
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Interactive drama and online adventure experience


Interactive drama and online adventure experience


To coincide with BBC ONE's six-part series, Egypt, audiences will be able to go on their own archaeological adventure through the first broadband drama ever on the BBC, a state-of-the-art online experience and a Red button interactive adventure.


Following in the footsteps of the great explorers and scholars featured in the Egypt series – Howard Carter, The Great Belzoni and Champollion - BBC Egypt Interactive is a quest that plays out across all platforms after each episode, through the Red button, and expands on the story of Lord Carnarvon, Tutankhamun and the now infamous curse.


Digital viewers enter Lord Carnarvon's world, where Tut-mania is taking Britain by storm.


On the quest, viewers meet real-life Count Louis Hamon, self-professed mystic and curse obsessive, and are set a number of challenges to help him lift the curse. They involve tracing the origins of a mystical mummified hand and reuniting the ashes of the hand with a sacred mummy.


But all is not what it seems. Is the Count a genuine mystic or a charlatan out for a quick buck?


Using the number keys on their digital remote, viewers choose various options throughout the journey in order to unlock the next stage of the narrative.


By the end, they will either succeed or be booted out to try another day.


Successful adventurers can even win an exclusive scarab if they dare to take on 'the curse'.


Non-digital viewers with a broadband connection can also try their hand at the adventure through, testing their skills and expertise as many times as they like.


This interactive drama is running in conjunction with a new type of interactive museum experience, creating an adventure installation with the same themes.


Partnering with the Birmingham Museum, the BBC is piloting the exhibition at the BBC Mailbox, allowing visitors to explore the facts behind the series through video and artefacts.


Death In Sakkara


Aside from the impressive historical content on Ancient Egypt, the BBC's History website ( will host a spectacular and factually accurate new online adventure game that lets players live out the life of a daring explorer.


The original story and concept has been developed with Preloaded, an independent New Media company*.


In Death In Sakkara the swashbuckling Thirties comic-book graphic novel has been brought to life as never before. The four-part series allows players to follow and become the hero – Charles Fox - as he travels to Egypt on an archaeological adventure and rescue mission.


Every detail of the game has been carefully researched and was created with a consultant Egyptologist to make it the most in-depth and accurate Egyptian gaming experience ever.


The story begins in 1929 in Hull Museum... Elizabeth Armstrong, the grand-daughter of the curator, has gone missing in Egypt.


She has been searching for the mummy of Khamwese, Crown Prince and court magician to Ramesses II. But she is not the only one… Others with less honourable intentions are also on the trail.


Elizabeth's grandfather, Dr Mortimer Armstrong, suspects foul play and, in desperation, calls on Fox - a rookie journalist with a need to make a name for himself - to go to her rescue.


The player as Charles Fox - a real Indiana Jones character - must fill his all-important journal with the clues at every step.


To discover the truth, the player must not only risk life and limb by motorcycling across the desert, but must also decipher code, collect artefacts and chase mysterious villains while finding missing maps and tombs.


However, things are more sinister than Fox first thought. Who is the stranger on the train? What is the strange figurine he finds in his knapsack? And who put it there?


By accepting the mission, Charles is pitched into a world of kidnap, mystery and murder. Will he find Elizabeth in time? Will he find Khamwese and make his fortune? Will he even make it home alive?


High on gaming, the adventure delivers real learning by osmosis and, by the end, has turned into a full educational experience for the player, with a journal full of compelling history and artefacts.


Not specifically aimed at children or gamers, Death In Sakkara should appeal to all daring explorers who enjoy getting right in amidst the action.


Egypt is part of the BBC's TV Plus pilots, offering audiences a new way of engaging with BBC TV programmes to enhance their viewing experience.


The pilots include preview clips on mobile phones, programme premières on broadband a week ahead of their TV transmission, and a rich interactive experience on demand through broadband and digital TV.


*Preloaded is a digital creative agency specialising in interactive storytelling, entertainment and learning. Previous work with BBC includes the award winning Spooks season two and three games, and the recently launched Jamie Kane online mystery. More about Preloaded and their work can be found at




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