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27 November 2014
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Charlie and Lola
I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed

Charlie and Lola


Episode synopses


I Am Not Sleepy And I Will Not Go To Bed

Will Lola ever be sleepy enough to go to bed, Charlie wonders? She drinks pink milk with tigers, cleans her teeth with a lion, shoos whales down the plughole and has a pyjama party with some dancing dogs. When, at last, Charlie manages to get his little sister to feel sleepy, there's a surprise waiting for him in his bed.

Charlie & Lola We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog


We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog

Lola and her friend Lotta know everything there is to know about dogs. So they're really pleased when Marv lets them look after his dog Sizzles in the park. They stroke him, they pat him, they groom him. It's all going well until Sizzles disappears. And when they find him – there isn't just one Sizzles but two! How will they tell them apart?

Charlie & Lola


I Am Hurrying I'm Almost Nearly Ready

Charlie wants Lola to hurry or they'll be late for school. But there are so many exciting things to do on the way that Lola keeps getting distracted. There's colouring, and dancing with clouds, playing hopscotch on musical pavements and giggling with hysterical hedgehogs. Charlie has to come up with a cunning ruse to get his little sister to hurry up… You wouldn't want to miss Dragon Day at school, would you?

Charlie & Lola Lola as the Sun


There Is Only One Sun And That Is Me

It's the school play and Lola is determined to be The Sun. She knows the part will be hers because yellow is her favourite colour. She was born to play the sun! Imagine her disappointment when she finds out that she's a leaf. And not only that, she's a boring brown autumn leaf. But with Charlie's help, Lola discovers how leaves are far from boring. And when the big day arrives, Lola is the best leaf in the whole wide forest.

Charlie & Lola Lola and a tomato


I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato

Lola is a very fussy eater; she won't eat mushrooms, or peas or fishfingers and she will never ever eat a tomato! Charlie helps her to discover that peas are really green drops from Green Land and mashed potato is cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji. But will she eat that tiny weeny tomato? Never! But she might just eat a moonsquirter.

Charlie & Lola Lola in the library


But That Is My Book

You have to be quiet when you're in a library. But that's very hard for Lola when she can't find her absolutely most favourite book - "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies." Charlie introduces her to books about dinosaurs and books about Romans and he even talks her into a beautiful Chinese pop-up book. But nothing matches "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies." Or does it?

Charlie & Lola Lola's ill in bed


I'm Really Ever Not So Well

Charlie has promised Marv that he'll play football with him but poor Lola has a very nasty cold and is stuck in bed. She begs Charlie to stay with her. Charlie tries all sorts of ways of making her feel better and a butterfly chase, Flutterby Mountain, finally does the trick. Will Charlie ever make it to his football match?

Charlie & Lola Lola's hair needs a cut


I Like My Hair Completely The Way It Is

It's that time when Charlie and Lola have to get their hair cut. But something's bothering Lola and she doesn't want to tell us what it is. She just wants to keep her hair completely the way it is. Lola wants her hair long so that she can sit on it and look like a princess. Then Charlie wonders if she's scared. Absolutely not! She's not scared of the snippy scissors, of hairdressers… of anything! But don't let that hairbrush get near her knots…

Charlie & Lola Lola is independent


I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own

Today Lola wants to do everything that's anything all on her own. In the park, Charlie and his friend Marv persuade her that a see-saw won't "see" or "saw" with only one person. When the boys get on the other end up goes Lola, high in the sky, where she sees things she could only dream of. And, what's more, she saves Marv and Charlie from the ever-so-evil pirates. All on her own.

Charlie & Lola Boo! Made you jump!


Boo! Made You Jump!

It's ever so easy for Charlie to make Lola jump. But what Lola wants more than anything is to make Charlie jump. This proves quite tricky. Lola tries everything. She asks her best friend Lotta and Marv to help her make Charlie jump. They try hiding, ghosts and really, really scary stories. Soon Charlie, too, is longing to jump. Will nothing work?

Charlie & Lola Picnic for Lola and Charlie


The Most Wonderfullest Picnic In The Whole Wide World

You can't have a picnic without swirly tennis and boildy eggs and of course sunshine. Lola, Lotta, Charlie and Marv are really excited because they have all of those things. But just as the fun is about to begin, the storm clouds gather. Luckily, Charlie knows how the desert people have picnics indoors and a potential disaster turns into the most wonderfullest picnic ever.

Charlie & Lola Charlie's rocket


It Wasn't Me!

Charlie wins first prize at school for his fantastic homemade rocket, which he made from ten yoghurt pots and some extra wide tin foil. As he puts his rocket safely away on the top shelf, he explains to Lola that the rocket really isn't a toy and she must absolutely promise not to touch it or play with it. Then Lola and her imaginary friend, Soren Lorenson, find that they have to transport an elephant back to the jungle; Soren persuades Lola that the rocket is a really good idea. But it isn't. Whoops!

Charlie & Lola It's a secret


It's A Secret

Lola has to keep Charlie's birthday surprise a big secret. And it's really, really hard to keep secrets. To stop Lola from telling him, Charlie decides to try to "guess" the surprise by coming up with the most extraordinary suggestions. Through this, he discovers it is old and big and scary. But nothing could ever have prepared Charlie for the best birthday surprise ever.

Charlie & Lola On holiday at Granny and Grandpa's


I Love Going To Granny And Grandpa's … It's Just That… Granny and Grandpa's house is by the sea where there are pony rides and lovely things to eat, a big dressing up box and Caspar the Cat. But Lola is worried that Soren Lorenson, her imaginary friend, might miss her while she's away. Charlie solves that problem. Then she says she can't go away because Mum and Dad might miss her. Charlie comes up with another solution. But Lola still doesn't want to go to Granny and Grandpa's… why? Ohhh, it's because she might miss Mum and Dad. Can Charlie put her little troubled mind at rest?

Charlie & Lola Wobbly tooth


I Do Not Ever Never Want My Wobbly Tooth To Fall Out

Lola is horrified because she has her first ever wobbly tooth and she does not ever, never want her wobbly tooth to fall out. She doesn't want a big gap in her teeth even if Charlie does say that she'll grow another one which is stronger and better. No, Lola's tooth is absolutely not going to fall out… not until she discovers there's a Tooth Fairy! Who brings PRESENTS! Suddenly she can't get that tooth out fast enough.

Charlie & Lola Say cheese


Say Cheese

To please Mum, Lola is determined to stay clean and tidy for her very first school photograph. And Lola's not very good at staying clean and tidy. What makes it even harder to achieve is that there's a water-tray, school lunch and painting class before the school photograph happens. But, as ever, Charlie and Lola find a way of producing a really absolutely very special photo of Lola after all.

Charlie & Lola Lola and the spider


I'm Just Not Keen On Spiders

Lola likes all sorts of creepy crawlies, she's just not keen on spiders. Charlie tries to show Lola that spiders aren't bad at all, in fact they're really quite clever. He shows her that spiders can walk upside down, and build fantastic webs that are bouncy like trampolines. Soon Lola gets very attached to a little spider they've found in the house and, before we know it, she's given him a name, made him his own house, found him a friend and is throwing a spider tea party.

Charlie & Lola Lotta gets her present from Lola


You Won't Like This Present As Much As I Do

It's Lotta's birthday and of course Lola wants to buy her friend the very best present in the whole wide world. She is over the moon when she finds the very thing… a doctor's kit! But it's really hard to give your best friend the best present ever when you really, really like the present yourself!

Charlie & Lola Charlie and Marv with their race track


I Must Take Completely Everything

Lola is packing to go to Lotta's for the night. And she is packing everything because her and Lotta are going to play Cinderella! This means that Charlie and Marv can have the whole bedroom to themselves to set up an enormous race track of their own. Disaster strikes when Lola realises she has left her suitcase at home and Charlie and Marv find they are missing a really important piece of track. Imagination comes to the rescue in the form of a teaspoon and an intergalactic space race. But where exactly did that missing bit of track go?

Charlie & Lola Charlie and Lola the musicians


I Want To Play Music Too!

Introducing Charlie on clarinet and Marv on keyboards! The boys are presenting a piece all about Outer Space, accompanied with music in front of the whole school tomorrow in assembly. Lola is desperate to join in. But it takes a lot of time and hard work to learn how to play an instrument. Lola is not deterred. Improvising instruments is much more fun and, what's more, Lola's makeshift band turns out to be just what's needed.

Charlie & Lola Lola's always busy


I'm Far Too Extremely Busy

Lola simply doesn't have time to play today; she's far too extremely busy organising her office full of mermaids and running her own café, dentist and library. She's far too busy to play with Charlie, or Lotta, or even her imaginary friend Soren Lorensen. So she couldn't possibly find the time to play Charlie's new card game – Flip Flop. However, when Marv comes round to play cards, Lola isn't sure that being extremely busy all the time is quite such a good idea.

Charlie & Lola Lola wants to be big like Charlie


I Want To Be Much More Bigger Like You

Life's just not fair when you're always the smaller one… you can't go to bed late, you can't get your own pink milk and you can't go on the Super Dooper Loop the Looper ride at the fair. Lola does everything she can to make herself taller - imagining she's a sunflower, a skyscraper and even the tallest mountain in the world. Charlie tries to point out all the advantages of being small… and they even swap places. But Lola remains unconvinced. Only the sight and noise of the really scary Loop the Looper makes her change her mind.

Charlie & Lola Lola plays with Soren


My Little Town

Sharing the "My Little Town" play set that Granny and Grandpa gave them proves a bit of a challenge for Charlie and Lola. Lola wants big flowers and trees and butterflies and a zoo house. While Charlie wants an airport with a control tower and a huge runway. Before long, Charlie gets quite carried away, hogs the whole game and is intent on saving his little world. Lola is understandably very upset. Can she forgive Charlie and help him out with the Martian invasion?

Charlie & Lola


But I Am An Alligator

Dressing up is one of Lola's absolutely favourite things to do and now she's got this fabulous new alligator costume, she's not ever going to take it off… not ever! Snap! Snap! Snap! And to Charlie's embarrassment Lola wears her alligator costume everywhere… the supermarket, the park and she even plans to wear it for her school talk called "All about Me!". Oh no! What is Charlie going to do to stop her making a fool of herself?

Charlie & Lola Charlie and Lola get competitive


I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won

Lola simply has to win all of the time. She can run faster than a cheetah, she can bounce higher than a kangaroo and she can stand on one leg for longer than a flamingo. She beats Charlie at snakes and ladders by climbing up a slippery snake. Could this be cheating? But when Charlie wins the race round the park, a tired little Lola points out that you don't have to win all the time… or maybe you do.

Charlie & Lola It's snowing!


Snow Is My Favourite And Is My Best

Snow is on the way and Lola is bursting with excitement. Lola just loves snow. After she finally gets to sleep, she wakes up the next morning to find that everything has gone completely, extremely white! Charlie, Lola, Marv, Sizzles and Lotta have a wonderful time in the park. They make snow angels and have snow races and Lotta and Lola even make a snow dog. Snow really is the best thing ever!...until it melts. Charlie helps a very disappointed Lola see that snow is even more special because it isn't there all of the time.




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