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24 September 2014
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Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola


Character outlines




Lola is four, nearly five. She knows her mind. She likes swimming with whales in the bath and she LOVES pink milk and her best friend Lotta.


She loves bouncing, scribbling and colouring. She also likes Sizzles, Marv's dog.


And don't forget Soren Lorensen, her imaginary friend. No one can see him except Lola.


She knows what she likes, and feels extremely, ever-so strongly about it.


She doesn't like mushrooms, numbers bigger than ten or itchy jumpers. She will not ever, NEVER eat a tomato.


She's not deliberately difficult…..she's innocent and imaginative. And she loves her brother Charlie.

Charlie & Lola Charlie




Charlie is seven years old. He likes playing football, making racing cars and rockets.


He also likes Lola, his younger sister. Lola makes him laugh a lot, she's illogically logical and very, very funny.


Together they can go anywhere and be anything. Charlie looks out for Lola and inspires her.


As well as being with Lola, Charlie likes to hang out with his best friend Marv – who isn't imaginary.

Charlie & Lola Soren


Soren Lorenson


Soren Lorenson is Lola's imaginary friend, her confidante, her security blanket.


Sometimes, he acts as Lola's true voice and speaks Lola's thoughts: should she be naughty or should she be good?


When someone else is in the room, he's transparent and only Lola can communicate with him. However, when they are left alone they can talk openly and put the world to rights, in a way only a little person can.

Charlie & Lola Lotta




Lotta lives down the road, in a little house. She is the same age as Lola, although smaller.


They met on their first day at school. They have a giggly, over-excited relationship, chatting and holding hands a lot.


They copy each other the whole time, and they think they're whispering when in fact they are talking very LOUDLY indeed.


Lotta is a little bit in awe of Lola and usually led by her suggestion. She's a LOT in awe of Charlie and Marv, and Sizzles, the dog.

Charlie & Lola Marv




Marv and Charlie are the same age and the best of friends. They go to the same school and they live in the same block of flats.


Marv lives downstairs and has a very stupid sausage dog called Sizzles.


Marv and Charlie love playing football in the park and making things together, assault courses for dog training, castles and outer space music.



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