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24 September 2014
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Strictly Come Dancing
Erin and Colin

Strictly Come Dancing

The dancers


Erin Boag - Strictly Come Dancing partner to Colin Jackson CBE

The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) Classic Champion for 2003, Erin is a strong, vivacious Kiwi who specialises in ballroom dancing.

Her professional dance partner is Anton Du Beke, also part of Strictly Come Dancing.

Erin came fourth in series one dancing with Martin Offiah, and third in series two dancing with Julian Clary.


Doing Strictly Come Dancing has changed Erin's life: "The show has opened new paths for me and given me opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.


It's great to be respected as a dancer outside of the industry. "

Strictly Come Dancing Anton and Patsy

Anton Du Beke - Strictly Come Dancing partner to Patsy Palmer

Anton is a typical English gentleman with a naughty sense of humour who specialises in ballroom dancing.


He is IDTA Classic Champion 2003. His professional dance partner is Erin Boag, who also appears in Strictly Come Dancing.


Anton finished third in series one dancing with Lesley Garrett, but in series two he and Esther Rantzen were the third couple to be voted off.


Anton says: "I can't walk down the street without women throwing themselves at me. I usually wouldn't mind but they are of a certain age - hopefully after this series, they will bring their daughters!"

Strictly Come Dancing Camilla and James


Camilla Dallerup (Strictly Come Dancing partner to James Martin)


Camilla is a blonde, Danish beauty with huge charisma, who specialises in Latin American dancing.


She is Asian Pacific Latin American Champion and New Zealand Latin American Champion.


Her professional dance partner is Ian Waite, who also appears in Strictly Come Dancing.


In series one Camilla and David Dickinson were the second couple to be voted off, but she did better in series two - Camilla danced with Roger Black and they were the sixth couple to be voted off.


Camilla is looking forward to this series: "I hope the girl dancers get celebrity guys with really good rhythm and that the guy dancers get really bad female celebrity dancers - maybe then we'll finally see a female professional winner!"

Strictly Come Dancing Brendan and Fiona


Brendan Cole (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Fiona Phillips)


Brendan is a strapping Kiwi who used to be a builder and specialises in Latin American dancing.


He is Asian Pacific Latin American Champion and New Zealand Latin American Champion.


Brendan, partnered with Natasha Kaplinsky, won series one of Strictly Come Dancing. In series two Brendan was knocked out after failing to gel with his dance partner, Sarah Manners.


He is very excited about the forthcoming series: "I think this series will be more competitive than any of the previous shows… I can be sure of one thing though, I'll be the best!"

Strictly Come Dancing Ian and Zoe


Ian Waite (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Zoe Ball)


Ian's speciality is Latin American. He's a genuinely warm and charming person who is constantly smiling and who made it to the European Professional Latin Championships finals in 2003.


Ian has recently teamed up with professional dance partner Camilla Dallerup, who is also appearing in Strictly Come Dancing.


In series two Ian and his celebrity partner, Denise Lewis, were runners-up.


As for his chances of going one better this year and winning, Ian says: "I would love to think I had a chance to win but it is all down to the luck of the celebrity draw!"

Strictly Come Dancing Lilia and Darren


Lilia Kopylova (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Darren Gough)


Lilia is gentle and softly spoken, but below the surface lies a cheeky Russian minx.


Her speciality is Latin American, and together with her partner and husband Darren Bennett (also appearing in Strictly Come Dancing), they are ranked the number one Latin American couple in Britain.


Lilia's favourite dances are the rumba and the foxtrot, and she did very well in series two with her partner Aled Jones.


Her ideal celebrity dancer is "a man who is ready for a challenge and has a sense of humour".

Strictly Come Dancing Darren and Gloria


Darren Bennett (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Gloria Hunniford)


Darren is a down to earth, cheeky guy who loves his Northern roots and can often be found down the pub with a pint of Best.


Darren and his partner and wife Lilia Kopylova (also appearing in Strictly Come Dancing) are currently ranked the number one British Latin American Couple, and he won series two with Jill Halfpenny.


Darren's favourite dances are the samba and the foxtrot.


He says: "I'm really looking forward to series three as it will be a completely new challenge. The music is different, the outfits are different and of course the celebrities are different."

Strictly Come Dancing Karen and Bill


Karen Hardy (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Bill Turnbull)


Karen is extremely bubbly and flirty, and is one of the most highly regarded women in dancing today.


Before her retirement from the competitive world of dance in March 1999, Karen's successful partnership with Bryan Watson saw them as undefeated United Kingdom, International, British National, World Masters, Open Italian, Yankie Classic, London Open and Osaka World Trophy Champions of Latin American dance.


She has a six-month-old son called Callum, and says her biggest challenge will be "putting my dancing heels back on. It's been five years since I have moved in a pair of three inch heels. That in itself is going to be crippling!"

Strictly Come Dancing Dennis and Izabella


Izabela Hannah (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Dennis Taylor)


Polish Amateur Ballroom Champion in 2001 and 2002, Izabela is passionate, vibrant, colourful and dynamic.


Izabela's speciality is Ballroom and, although she doesn't have a partner in professional competitions, she regularly dances in shows with her husband Stephen Hannah, former UK Professional Champion.


She says: "Strictly Come Dancing is fabulous and does so much for my profession. I'm looking forward to bringing my passion and excitement to the show."

Strictly Come Dancing Will and Hanna


Hanna Haarala (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Will Thorp)


Hanna is a petite Scandinavian beauty who specialises in Latin American Dancing.


She has a sweet and endearing manner, but can be serious and intense when the need arises. She and her dance partner, Andrew Cuerden, turned professional in February 2005.


Andrew calls her 'Mrs Competitive' because she always wants to win.


"Of course I am going to win! Whatever happens, I will make sure that my partner and I will impress both audience and judges."

Strictly Come Dancing Jaye and Andrew


Andrew Cuerden (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Jaye Jacobs)


Andrew is an outgoing South African who is confident yet reserved.


He is very passionate and intense when he dances and describes himself as complex and mysterious.


He specialises in Latin American dancing with his dance partner Hannah Haarala, also appearing in Strictly Come Dancing.


Of his celebrity pairing, he says: "An essential ingredient to a successful partnership is mutual respect. I will obviously respect her for who she is, but I also expect that she respects that I am deadly serious about my career. I will do the very best to make us both look and feel fantastic!"

Strictly Come Dancing Siobhan and Matthew


Matthew Cutler (Strictly Come Dancing partner to Siobhan Hayes)


Matthew is polite, friendly, approachable and down to earth, but admits he can also be a bit aloof.


Specialising in Latin American dancing, Matthew is the current UK Latin American Champion.


He was married to and danced with Nicole Cutler (Strictly Come Dancing series two) before they spilt in 2003.


He says: "I'm quite competitive and hate to lose. When you're dancing well and the audience is screaming your number, it's an amazing feeling. I can't wait!"

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