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24 September 2014
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Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen - series seven

Starts this September on BBC ONE

Rae Hendrie plays Jess

The old adage 'never work with children or animals' is something actress Rae Hendrie can't avoid.


As Glenbogle's ghillie, Rae's character, Jess, is forced to take on more responsibilities running the estate as well as her fair share of babysitting duties with new brother, Cameron.


And Rae admits that - initially at least - she had doubts about being left holding the baby.


She says: "When I first read the script I was thinking 'this is going to be a nightmare', but they are the most chilled-out babies I have ever comes across. As soon as the cameras roll they fall asleep, which is fantastic.


"I wouldn't say they've made me broody at the moment - but then again, if I could be promised babies that were as well- behaved as that I might change my mind," she jokes.


There's a new sense of maturity surrounding Jess this year, both at home and in her work life. And, as Rae explains, when it comes to Jess's relationship with Golly (played by Sandy Morton), baby Cameron brings the once-estranged father and daughter even closer together.


"Golly knows he can rely on Jess and he appreciates all she is doing, which, in turn, pleases her. I suppose Jess - along with Molly - becomes Cameron's surrogate mother figure and I must say I do really enjoy filming with the babies that play him," she adds.


However, Jess's new workload, coupled with being Golly's rock and babysitter, means she has little or no time to meet new people, let alone to find love.


"Jess is under a lot more pressure this series, what with doing the jobs of two people on the estate and worrying about her dad. She doesn't really have a minute for herself, never mind looking elsewhere for a new bloke."


Perhaps it's just as well because Duncan (played by Hamish Clark) is still very much in her thoughts and his return brings bittersweet emotions for Jess.


On one hand, she's delighted to see him back, but on the other she's angry because he hasn't kept in touch with her since he left.


"Initially she's not that chuffed about seeing him, you know, a woman scorned and all that. Duncan left her in the lurch and while she feels she can enjoy him being back eventually, she's going to make him suffer a bit first.


"Then I think she expects them both to fall back into the old routine, but I'm not sure that's really a good idea for either of them," admits Selkirk-born Rae.


"It's so nice that Hamish is coming back and we have a chance to finish the storyline, because last time there weren't any goodbyes or anything like that. He just sneaked off and left her. Typical bloke, eh?"


In between series of Monarch of the Glen, Rae appeared in the classic comedy London Assurance at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, which was swiftly followed by guest roles in BBC dramas Holby City and Murphy's Law.


She says: "I finished the play on the Saturday and I started shooting for Holby - playing a woman pregnant with twins - on the Monday, which was just bizarre because I had to learn the lines so quickly.


"I only got the script dropped off to me at the hairdresser's on the Sunday. Well, I looked a right sight and was so desperate to get my roots done. I just thought, there is no way I'm going on the telly with my hair looking like that."

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