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29 October 2014
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Monarch of the Glen
Martin Compston plays Ewan Brodie

Monarch of the Glen - series seven

Starts this September on BBC ONE

Martin Compston plays Ewan Brodie

It's every teenage boy's dream to have more than one woman chasing after him - but when fantasy becomes reality for Monarch's cheeky chappie young chef Ewan, he realises finding true love can be a very complicated business indeed.


He's still going steady with flirty barmaid Zoe (played by Kari Corbett) from the Ghillie's Rest pub - and, even though she leads him a merry dance, like the hapless teenager that he is he can't get enough of her.


However, when Paul's sparky goddaughter Amy (played by Kellyanne Farquhar) arrives, Ewan is immediately captivated by her.


His head is telling him sophisticated barmaid Zoe is the right girl for him, but his heart has other ideas. Will he able to resist?


"In one way Ewan can't believe his luck having two girls after him. Then, on the other hand, he's thinking: 'I've got to make a decision but I don't have a clue what to do'.


"He's only a young lad, he's certainly never been in this situation before and to be honest I think he's a bit out of his depth - the poor wee guy," sympathises Martin, flashing his trademark big grin.


"Zoe has everything he thinks he wants - she's flirty, sexy and quite grown up - and then along comes Amy who kind of knocks him for six. Ewan is caught in the middle of both of them and has to try and work it out for himself.


" It's a cracking wee love triangle. In many ways Amy is the female equivalent of Ewan - they've got the same personality, she likes to have a lot of fun and they both know how to get into a lot of trouble.


"But it's a very difficult decision for him to make, because don't forget Amy is Paul's goddaughter. Ewan is very loyal to the MacDonalds and he wouldn't want to do anything to upset them."


Meanwhile, Greenock-born Martin - who shot to fame in Ken Loach's Sweet Sixteen - has nothing but praise for his new co-star Kellyanne Farquhar, who plays Amy: "It takes a lot to 'out-cheeky' me, but Kellyanne can do it.


"She's got the cheekiest face I've ever seen and I think it was Tom Baker who gave the best description of her - he called her 'a little bundle of dynamite', which is spot on. The energy she brings to the screen is just incredible."


Having just turned 21 ("I'm getting old, I keep panicking about finding grey hairs..." he jokes) Martin is planning to spend more time on the big screen when Monarch finishes.


He has a couple of Hollywood projects in the pipeline and later this year can be seen in the Scottish horror flick Wild Country, alongside Peter Capaldi.


Despite his film career going from strength to strength, Martin insists he has spent the happiest days of his life on the Monarch set at Ardverikie House, Newtonmore.


He says: "Ewan is more like me than any of the other characters I've played. He's just a happy-go-lucky wee guy and I've really loved being him. I am so happy to be a part of Monarch's grand finale because this show, the character and the whole cast and crew mean so much to me.


"I've been incredibly lucky as a young actor to work with these people as, effectively, my apprenticeship."


In particular, Martin heaps praise on his co-stars for making the Monarch experience so enjoyable.


He says: "I owe such a lot to Lloyd Owen because he really looked out for me when I got here; Sandy Morton is the nicest man you'll ever met; Tom Baker is a legend and Susan Hampshire is a friend for life.


"The experiences I've had on this series are better than any drama school you could ever get into - so hey, God bless Monarch and all who sail in her."

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