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19 April 2014
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Doctor Who
Jabe the Tree

Doctor Who

Press pack - phase two

Monsters, aliens, classic facts and the Doctors

Monsters and aliens in the new series include:


The Autons (shop front dummies) controlled by the Nestene Consciousness - first appeared in Doctor Who in the Seventies, brought up to date for a 21st century audience.


Moxx of Balhoon, a diminutive blue-skinned creative supported by and transported on an antigravity chair.


The Forest of Cheem, a collective of Trees, Jabe, Lute and Coffa - humanoid creatures grown from wood sprouting branches and leaves.


The Face of Boe, an alien head held in a steam-driven, fluidic life-support tank.


Daleks the Doctor's arch-enemies whose fierce cry 'exterminate' strikes fear into the heart of our legendary hero.


Slitheen eight feet tall, a thick tube of solid, wet, green flesh.


The Gelth gaseous aliens.


Classic monsters include:


The Cybermen, the Ice Warriors, the Autons, the Sontarans and the Daleks.


Classic Who facts


The first episode of Doctor Who launched on BBC Television on 23 November 1963. There have been more than 600 episodes, 150 stories and two TV movies.


Verity Lambert was just 27 when she became the first producer of Doctor Who.


William Hartnell became the first Doctor in the first episode of Doctor Who, entitled An Unearthly Child.


There have been eight Doctors (Christopher Eccleston becomes the ninth incarnation) and more than 30 companions.


The last series of Doctor Who was seen in 1989 with Sylvester McCoy in the title role.


The Paul McGann film transmitted on 27 May 1996.


Among the many famous actors appearing in the Doctor Who series were Lynda Bellingham, Martin Clunes, Sheila Hancock, Nicholas Parsons, Alexei Sayle, Helen Worth, Windsor Davies, Brian Blessed and John Cleese.


Celebrity fans of Doctor Who include: Jonathan Ross, Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, Jon Culshaw, Elizabeth Hurley, Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis, Dawn French, Mark Gatiss, Lenny Henry, Mike Gatting, Mark Lamarr, Victor Lewis-Smith, Ken Livingstone, Nick Park, Jennifer Saunders, John Sessions, Toyah Willcox, Robbie Williams, David Tennant and Rob Lowe.


Filmmaker Ridley Scott was the BBC designer originally allocated to design the Daleks. He never carried out the task as Raymond P Cusick, who was able to commit for a longer period, replaced him.


Seven EastEnders stars to date have appeared in Doctor Who. They include: Louise Jameson, Mike Reid, June Brown, Michael Cashman, Tony Caunter and Lucy Benjamin.


TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.


The Doctors


William Hartnell (1963-66)


Patrick Troughton (1966-69)


Jon Pertwee (1970-74)


Tom Baker (1974-81)


Peter Davison (1982-84)


Colin Baker (1984-86)


Sylvester McCoy (1986-89)


Paul McGann (1996).

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