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29 October 2014
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Adrian Lester plays Mickey 'Bricks' Stone

The Hustle team are back

Adrian Lester plays Mickey 'Bricks' Stone

Adrian Lester is an established figure in both the UK and Hollywood having had critical acclaim in film, TV and theatre roles.

His film credits include The Day After Tomorrow, Primary Colors, Born Romantic and Loves Labours Lost.

Other credits include the award-winning BBC TWO drama Storm Damage and his lauded performance in the title role of Henry V at the National Theatre.

How has Mickey developed from the last series?

He has managed to chill out a bit and he and Danny have finally sorted out their differences… well almost!

When Danny first came along, there was a bit of a shuffle in the individual roles because Mickey didn't know how they would fit together.

However, Danny has proved to be a great asset to the team.

There is still a bit of rivalry between them especially in the first episode where they challenge each other's methodology - but it's much friendlier; they are sharpening their wits against each other.

How has the Mickey/Stacie/ Danny love triangle developed? Have they managed to get over the sexually charged atmosphere of the last series?

There's a real understanding between Stacie and Mickey - it's like a game, although Mickey would never openly say, "Let's be together".

As far as he's concerned, he and Stacie are already together - they live and work together, just without the sexual element.

They're already as close as they need to be. He's scared that if they get any closer, it would break the bond of the team.

There is a time when Mickey feels threatened - Stacie's estranged husband makes an appearance. He's a threat because he's the complete double of Mickey in age, look, style.

Jake is a very experienced con man, he's very cool, dresses very sharply and he takes no nonsense.

However, the sexually charged atmosphere belonged to Stacie and Danny really. I think they've reached an understanding now - Danny knows that he won't get anywhere, but will always keep trying!

At one point in this series, Stacie tells Albert that she'd be disappointed if he stopped trying!

There are some great guest artists again in this series, like Fay Ripley, Max Beesley and Charlie Creed-Miles - what were they like to work with?

They were all fantastic! We had so much fun when Fay came along - she was just hilarious and there was so much banter the whole time!

We did the first take of her first scene and it was perfect. She turned to us and said: "What I'm bringing to you gentlemen is like a lesson. If you want to get a notepad, that's fine, but I'm bringing you a level of professionalism that is Hustle-esque and that you should aspire to."

We just wet ourselves, she was so much fun.

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